Monday, February 23, 2015


Advocates of sex offender registry reform will gather in a peaceful protest at the Florida State House in Tallahassee FL on April 22, 2015 during the annual Lauren Book's 'Walk In My Shoes' event. The Rally in Tally is a joint collaboration among civil rights activists; we seek to raise awareness of the sex offender law reform movement, provide educational material, and garner attention to our plights at a high-profile event that brings politicians, celebrity advocates, and the news media together.

The intent of the Rally in Tally is not to attack, dispute, or criticize the efforts of Lauren's Kids as it relates to raising awareness and the prevention of sexual abuse in America. However, we are taking a stand against the policies of the Lauren's Kids foundation in its efforts to promote and lobby for Florida's "scorched Earth" policies. Lauren Book and her powerful lobbyist father, Ron Book, have pushed a number of harmful policies under the Lauren's Kids banner, including tough residency restrictions that forced registered citizens in Miami-Dade County to sleep under bridges, in abandoned parking lots, and even along train tracks and warehouses. In the past year Lauren's Kids supported a law marking the state-issued ID cards of some registrants with a scarlet letter, creating "pocket parks" to expand exclusion zones against registrants, and is currently supporting a lifetime GPS bill for all registered persons. In addition, Lauren Book has referred to all registered citizens as "monsters," "incurable," a "clear and imminent danger," and "ticking time bombs."

We cannot make the Rally in Tally a success without you, our fellow activists. We need people willing to travel to Tallahassee to present the Book family, Florida Legislature and ill-informed public with a visual representation of the unconsidered consequences of hastily-devised legislation. Registered citizens, civil rights activist and registrant families are strongly encouraged to attend. Our hope is that anyone reading this will realize each person is needed at this rally to stand publicly for our rights. If you cannot attend the event, then we encourage you to support the rally movement by making a donation to assist in paying for supplies or sponsor someone who otherwise would not be able to participate.

Please send us an email at for more information and to receive periodic updates about this exciting event!

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UK - Facebook case: Sex offender is awarded £20,000 in damages

Facebook lawsuit
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Damages of £20,000 have been awarded to a convicted sex offender who sued Facebook, the operator of a page called Keeping our Kids Safe from Predators 2.

Facebook Ireland Limited, hosted the page, operated by Joseph McCloskey.

The High Court in Belfast said the information published by Mr McCloskey "harmed the public interest, creating a risk of reoffending".

The plaintiff, CG, was convicted in 2007 of a number of sex offences.

He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and released on licence in 2012.

CG brought an action seeking damages and an injunction on the basis that Facebook and Mr McCloskey misused private information, are in breach of Articles 2, 3 and 8 of the European Court of Human Rights, and are guilty of actionable negligence.

He also sued Facebook over separate postings by the father of one of his victims.

The judge found that Mr McCloskey was liable to CG for misuse of private information and for unlawful harassment.

The judge also made an injunction against Mr McCloskey preventing him from harassing, pestering, annoying or molesting CG whether by publishing, distributing, broadcasting or transmitting any information on Facebook or otherwise.

He also ordered Facebook to close the profile/page Keeping our Kids Safe from Predators 2.
- Well, if they closed it, a new page has popped up.  Not sure if it's ran by the same person or not though.

The judge awarded CG damages of £20,000.

This relates to £15,000 against Facebook and Mr McCloskey in respect of the postings by Mr McCloskey.

The judge also awarded £5,000 against Facebook over the postings by the father of one of CG's victims, who operated a separate page.

Lawyers for the sex offender who issued proceedings have predicted it could pave the way for compensation claims by many others who feel similarly aggrieved.