Sunday, July 5, 2015

WI - HELP! I dont know what to do anymore.

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission. 

By Dilly:
At age 20, in Wisconsin (St. Croix county) I received a misdemeanor 4th Degree sexual conviction for having relations with 16 YR old who lied about her age. We dated for about 2 months and I had no earthly idea!! I was told I will not have to register as an offender at all. I later moved back to my hometown in Texas. After a routine traffic stop, I was told if I had a warrant in Minnesota and they wanted to extradite me. At that time I was then charged with failure to comply with offender registration. I was told I was charged for not letting MN know I was moving to TX (didn't know I had to if I wasn't supposed to be a registered offender in Texas or at all!!! Wasn't on any probation or anything). Which was a felony. Couple years later I missed by 2 weeks updating my address and then charged AGAIN felony failure to register. Now I have 2 felonies stemming from the Wisconsin misdemeanor. Is there a way I can get the misdemeanor off my record to put a end to all this madness in Texas? I'm 32 yrs old now. Legal help is needed!! PLEASE! This shouldn't be fair at all!!!!

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