Sunday, July 5, 2015


The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Charles Farabee:
I'm Charles Farabee, and I'm a sex offender in South Carolina. I moved to Clinton South Carolina in 1996 from Thomasville North Carolina. Now before I moved to South Carolina I never been in any serious trouble with the law period. With me being a new face of the Clinton South Carolina population I met new people, new friends & new relatives. In 1998 I dealt with 2 girls that looked very adult like. They were living in a children's home/private school at the time. They told me their ages which they stated legal ages. So I did take their word for it cause again they did look extremely adult like. I dealt with 1 of them for about 4 days and we had sex maybe twice out of the 4 days we seen each other, and the 5th night I ended up having sex with the other female, but soon after that the person who was running that place at the time ended up pressing charges and I ended up getting charged and arrested for 2 counts of CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT W/MINOR. Now the females did admit to everything on their behalf during the questioning, preliminary hearing & at court. So I ended up getting 10 years suspended to 5 years probation. I didn't do no prison time, but come to find out 1 female was 12 and the other female was between 14 or 15 years old which I stated that I didn't know that which I honestly didn't. At the time I had just became 21 in march. I just feel that a person like myself and a few others who may have been tricked and lied to shouldn't have to live life like this. I'm no threat in no manner, but I have to live on with life suffering from this to where it's extremely hard to get a job even in restaurants cause I'm labeled as a sex offender. It's hard to find a place of residence, hard in so many ways in life while the victims of the past get to live on happily ever after and progress in life and I don't think that's right I shouldn't be doing a life sentence out here in the free world. I ran into a trap I did not see and made a mistake by it. Sex offenders in cases like me shouldn't be treated to where we living as the living dead to where we don't deserve anything not even life itself. Now I can't speak on the violent, sick minded & habitual sex offenders. I can only speak of me and those who are like me cause we don't deserve this.... Thanks for reviewing this!!

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