Sunday, July 5, 2015

FL - American Horror

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Mike:
Megan's law is a sickening display of American law. After finding myself "tricked" by the state of Florida into becoming a registered sex offender; now I find myself being raped by the justice system because of a label. First off I took a plea agreement in 1992, when i took my plea, no judge told me about SO registration, nor was it in my plea agreement. They needed faces on the website when it was launched in 1997, so they worded the law so that people still on probation were to register, even though it was not part of their plea agreement. They achieved this by wording it the following way: "convicted on or after Oct 1, 1997, or still currently serving sanctions". The "still serving sanctions" part is the part that did me in, and it is the ONLY law in FL that is worded that way...all other laws say "convicted on or after a certain date". That has been found to be unconstitutional in several states...the last being MD last yr in 2014, when MD was forced to remove people who were convicted before Megan's law became active. Fast forward 22 years, and a lot of suffering and humiliation, and I move to Illinois in 2011. The ISP said I was not required to register in IL., and even faxed me a letter saying I had completed registration requirements. In 2014 I had contact with a rogue cop who decided he wanted to turn my life upside down. I had an apartment, a job, and a girlfriend. When I failed to register timely, he arrested me and seized all my computer equipment while I was in jail. Even though the law states I do not have to register, the DA is sitting on this case for over a year now and doesn't appear to want to let it go. The ISP refused now to talk to me when I called and asked why they aren't backing me up on the letter...after all, THEY have the final say on who registers in their state..not a cop. They want my blood on their hands, even though they are in the wrong....just because of the SO label. U have fewer rights than a murderer, and it shows this country at its most vicious and corrupt. I can only pray.

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