Thursday, May 7, 2015

FL - ARM Rally In Tally (Tallahassee, FL) April 22, 2015

This is Once Fallen's video and commentary on the Rally In Tally, a collaborative effort between various organizations within the Anti-Registry Movement (ARM).

The purpose of the rally was to bring a bold message to one of the strongholds of the war on Registered Citizens-- The state of Florida. In the past year or so, Florida pushed a "scorched earth" policy against Registered Citizens, a policy endorsed by Ron Book and his daughter, Lauren.

Lauren Book is using the charity "Lauren's Kids" as a front for a pending political campaign. She collected millions from various companies, including GEO Group, the private prison industry.

A dozen brave souls challenged the Books and the Florida Legislature at the finish line of a high-profile march across the state. Lauren Book challenged her critics to meet her face-to-face and when her critics arrived, she ran away like a coward.

Visit the Anti-Registry Movement website. WAR's picture gallery is here.


Mark said...

"The incident happened at Bradenton Beach and apparently there was a number of witnesses including children." And this statement is the key to the disgust by the prosecutor and most likely the judge when the magic word was stated in open court: to wit: CHILDREN. That is it, a done deal. How dare a horny couple do this despicable act in front of children! We will get them! Make sure they register. This is a prime example of the mental illness that permeates the American justice system and the prevailing attitudes about sex. The lines are not just blurred, they are gone. Should the couple have had sex on the beach - no, not really, especially if they "knew" there were "witnesses" to the big event. And of all states, the insane Florida prosecutors are drooling over this case. I might add, if they do not have an aggressive defense lawyer(s), they are going to burn in. . . . .

NH Registrant said...

In this day and age with all the cold hard cash that is made on the sex crime hysteria, this couple should have known better. If you saw the Mug Shots, the female had a sly smirk on her face. I have a feeling she was the initiator. Watch the disparity on how long they serve their sentences. My guess is that she will get out of prison sooner. The IN-Justice system these days is STILL run by womanizing old men.

I'm not a misogynist. I believe in ACTUAL equality - not preferential treatment - no matter the gender.