Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sentence Extended

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By No Chance:
I was sentenced to 8 months for "Sexual Assault of a Child" 15 years ago. Since then I have had many people give me a chance. Even with being a Registered Sex Offender.

On here it says How the offenders and their families are persecuted. Will, they are not the only ones. All my friends have come to me saying how they are being harassed by people for being friends with me. Luckily enough they have hung in there for me.

I know I did a terrible thing. I have been paying for what I did for over a decade and sincerely believe I will be paying for it for the rest of my life.

I just wish my friends, family, and girlfriend didn't have to go through this too. The only thing they did was trust me. Why should they have to pay for that.


Justin said...

Dear 'UserSubmitted,"
Throughout our country people have been taught to be judgmental and condemning, especially when it comes to people accused or convicted of a sexual offense. It's a tough scenario, and I doubt the people doing all of the judging would do or say what they do if they went through the same injustice. Here in America, I see our Justice system rivaling 'taliban' style justice more and more each day. Some people will never understand, but those people aren't worth having as friends, and in fact, I don't consider judgmental people worth having as friends, and I consider any public figure or even neighbor who uses the SO label to alleviate their frustration or to hide their own deviant behaviors. Hang in there, good things are beginning to happen!

collateral damage said...

Been in similar situation .has had custody joint for twins 5 years. .from baby to 5 was a normal family life .working and being mom and my fiance to be was helping me .well we got married .life went on and each year the twins would have to go see their bio dad .my ex bf..then come back a mth later.hmm.the thing that got me was he was all about wanting them as to get govt benefits .taxes when I told him he is Not going to use those kids for taxes long as they with us .we won't allow him to claim the kids .since he didn't support them.
So each year went .by .then another .well my hub was convicted in 2009 .and put on probation lplus registry .the attorney said take the plea and instead going to trial facing 25 years .he took the plea and got 18 years probation..but then another thing happens .CPS shows up one day saying they coming to check the walefare of one the boys ..wasn't asking about our bio son .wasn't concerned .so she took pictures the child .One the twins .and then I told her they are twins. And she took picture of the other .and asked them are they OK .and then left ..come to find out it was my ex bf whom called them .anyways .there was non problems of any kind ..but later mth later I get a court paper .starring ex bf wants full costody .he's in fear for the kids cause hub was on the registry with him being in NY .I had to find a lawyer in NY which I did .but the lawyer didn't give a hoot what I had to say or anything .he Stated once someone is on registry You have no chance for a judge to give you custody ...and not only that I had to only be allowed supervised visitation in NY not the state I live in .the judge would not allow even visiting me
.so its been 5yrs now and I haven't had the funds to go visit them .I can't fight this .no lawyer wants to help .and in Tenn my hub couldn't be allowed the twins .cause they step children .
So its been very hurtful situation far as bio child .he can be with us thru court order .it was allowed .and my hub is greatful for that .but hurts us all badly that my twin boys .my son brother can't be part each others lives ..our son ask us when he can see them .and I want to run away and cry ..besides seeing our own son my hub his dad not able to be part of his life like he wished he can .to be able to go diff places that normal fMilues can do and go .we can't !.and its punishment forever to our child and our family .love ones .I feel bad for you .wished I can give you good advice
But I fought to get my twins back and I lost due to hub label for the w
World to see and hate ...This is all part of the collateral damage people go thru ..we families go thru ..

avictimspeaks said...

@Justin and "User Submitted"
It will be interesting to note how many of these hysteria-driven persons see any registrant as the stereotypical "dirty old pedophile", falling into the "one size fits all" mode. Justin, you are absolutely on target with your comments. A couple of years ago, a woman in the forefront of my state's efforts to crack down on persons who viewed online child porn as well as anyone suspected of child sexual abuse was in the practice of joining local police when they raided homes to catch the cp viewer, etc., in the act. But one fine day she joined the police on another raid--to her own home! Her own son was caught in the act of viewing and sharing child porn, which he admitted to doing within 5 minutes of being arrested. Her world was turned totally inside out, upside down in a matter of moments. I understand she has still not totally recovered from the shock. There remain far too many people who blithely assume nothing of this nature can or will ever happen to them. (Arguably the only scenario worse than what happened to "User Submitted" is being falsely accused of sexual abuse.) Some people just as blithely assume they will never get caught.
Yes, things are changing. If at all possible, try to attend the National RSOL Conference in Dallas, 25-27 June, and you'll get a very good idea as to what's going on.

Michael said...

Steven, if you move out of SC then they no longer have jurisdiction over you, so they have to take their monitor off of you. Just don't move to another state that will put its own monitor on you. Better yet, leave the US and find a country that respects human rights.

Nina Bartlett said...

VT follows released offenders around.They drag them through the media and they prevent them from getting suitable shelter and employment. VT treats released offenders the worse of many states, not the best. They post your pictures all over TV and the papers warning people where they are, even if they only committed one offense, and did years of time for it. VT does not believe in second chances. They are a very punitive state and can't wait to confine offenders again. That is why they tail them and will lock them for the least little offense. Don't let this article fool you. It is full of bogus Sex offenders don't have problems finding shelter? Nonsense!

Corvus said...

If the law requiring l;ife time monitoring was passed after you completed your probation it shouldn't apply to you. That would be an Ex post facto law and unconstitutional. You can't be required to abide by a law that was passed after the fact.

Kathy said...

I want to sue the state for my son they put that bracelet on him for eight years and then just recently took it off and said sorry you should have never had it

sadnvman36 said...

What good things nv and feds getting tougher on sex offenders. I hardly sleep and cry for my family pain over my actions. Im afraid to do anything anymore.

Justin said...

Dear Sadnvman,
Good things happen when good people take action against injustice or expose those who prey upon the public's emotional sentiments for profit or simply to get into the drama. You can take action to alleviate the turmoil in your life by speaking about it to others individually or even small groups. Speak the truth if you dare, be accountable to earn trust and respect. Show people the human side of you, and you may be surprised with the response. Don't have expectations and never let your guard down.