Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FL - Innocent Victim

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By Sloan44:
It is my wife that is the innocent victim in this case. I was arrested in 2000 for downloading six photos of a minor. My time has been completed,service rendered. I moved from Florida after time completed and met the most wonderful women ever,we married that year. The property we were to share our lives on was set in a small town in Ohio. I followed rules and registered at the local sheriffs office,only to find the property to be 86 feet shy of the 1000 foot rule. I had to find another place,pack and leave. These unjust laws just separated two newlyweds. I located a trailer park two miles away, I then registered it with local police. My wife,when we met,suffered from heart disease with three stints in her heart.She could not tend to chores on the five acre property so I was there to run the tractor and household repairs. I did visit her daily (Ohio law,at the time,could not prevent me from visiting) and she would visit at my place.One day after mowing the lawn the local deputies came to the door asking for me. That is when I was arrested for failing to register my address.The law claimed I was not living at the trailer park I registered under. I got out on bail and then presented proof to the police. I presented them with my rent receipt given to me,and dated,the day prior to my arrest.They would not believe me and would not drop charges. I hired an attorney, we went to the courthouse, and in while speaking with the attorney he would exit a couple times to speak with the prosecuting attorney prior to trial. He returned saying he got the charges down to "Attempted to fail registration" which was a misdemeanor. I said "NO I am innocent". That is when my wife looked at me with tears running and said to me: "Honey,I know your right heart, I cant take much more of this". That is when, for the sake of her health, I bit the bullet and took the offer. I paid my fines and community service in that county of Ohio. There are many eyes and ears in that small town/county and we found it was ones down the road that made the charge. My wife and I spoke,I would leave first and she would follow. I notified the law, then relocated to Florida. My wife's family, property, is in this small town and,from time to time, she must travel there to handle matters. This recent time is when she had health problems. It was found that three arteries were blocked, one was 85%,one 90%. A cardiologist ordered a angioplasty. It was rough but after four hours, and extra attempts, they were cleared. Since we met she had other heart stints placed but this surgery made heart stint #14 and #15. And I could not be there. I could not stay on our property nor do I have the money for a hotel/motel. My wife fears that I may be arrested by the same county sheriff (Whom was out for blood the first time) will cause trouble again. She was released but the next day she was back in for severe pain radiating from shoulder to chest, and she remains there at this time. But again, the fear of being there and problems with the sheriff,( mainly her being in fear of my welfare ) I am unable to be at her side. I am in tears daily as she is as well. I would not doubt that some heart stints,needed to be inserted, were based on the pressure she went through regarding the registry. When we married the words of Matthew 19:6 were spoken. But that does not mean anything to the ones that make these unjust laws that hurt innocent family members of registrants. This sex offender registry must be abolished!

OR - I am ordained and sex offender

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The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Rev. Raymond Eli:
I did six years in Oregon prison system and found God while I was there and the church that ordained me still allowed me to be ordained even after I told them what I did. Next year is my tenth year and I have chance to be removed from the list. I already have a lawyer ready to work with me and I want to tell my story. With my faith I found a way to build a program to help more like me get better. And I want to counsel those of whom could use my help. Because I know I can change these people from being bad to good once more. I did it and I know I can help others do it as well.

WI - Help me

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The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Joey Oneill:
17 years ago I made a horrible decision, so absolutely wrong that to this day it makes me sick just thinking about it. I don’t like to talk about it, I coward when confronted with it. I feel like I have to hide in the shadows and hope no one will recognize me. I’m afraid most of the time. This is how I feel today 17 years later; I pray to god that he takes me away.

17 years ago I had consented sex with a 15 year old girl, her parents didn’t feel the same way. I was convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault of a child. I have never done anything like that before or since. I do not want to get into the circumstances of what happened, I give you permission to get all of my court records. I would like to concentrate on who I’ve become since then.

16 years ago I met my late wife; she was a beautiful and caring person that was my soul mate. We were married in 2002 for 8 years, we were together for 12 and we lived at _____ for them 12 years. She passed away in 2010 of breast cancer. I continued to live at this address for 4 more years; the house was foreclosed on 2014. We add a good marriage and we loved each other very much. For the last four years I have helped run a fundraiser to benefit a local breast cancer victims, we have raised over $15,000. I participate in the dragon boat races which benefits cancer victims, I rock for a reason which is another benefit for cancer, and I grow my hair to donate to locks of love. I have not been in any trouble for over 15 years, not so much as a speeding ticket. I have for the last 17 years done everything they have asked me to do. My sentence was 4 months in jail and 4 years’ probation which was completed in 2001 along with all the groups they had me go to and all of the fines that I had to pay.

I could not afford the house after my wife died and the kids didn’t make it any easier. When I received the letter telling me, I have to vacate the house. I panicked and told the truth on my last report to the sex offender registry; that I was homeless and that I was thinking about moving out of state which is just over the bridge, I didn’t move out of state but I am still homeless. I did not know that I was required to report once a week, once when I became homeless, I stay with family and friends and sometimes in my car, I never stay to long cause I don’t think it’s fair to label my family and friends houses with my label (sex offender). I cannot find a job or a place to live because of this crime I commented 17 years ago. Things were getting bad and I needed help so I contacted the department of correction to see if they could help me with some housing. I had just applied for disability and for low income housing. I was denied housing because of my crime and I could appeal but I needed proof that I was better, and the only proof I thought I could get was from the department of correction that’s why I contacted them. First I contacted them over the phone and the lady in Madison WI, told me that she had sent a referral to the DA, because I was non complaint because I’m supposed to report once a week because I was homeless. So I asked her if I should go and turn myself in, the lady in Madison said no but gave me another number to call so I called and that lady was not going to be in for a couple of days. My phone ran out of minute so I decided to go talk to her directly to straighten this out and ask for help with housing. I went to the probation office to get ahold of the second lady but the police came and arrested me did not read me my rights or let me make a phone call, the next day I went to court and the referral said that I have to report all changes within 10 days and they don’t believe that I am homeless because I have had no contact with the police. Now I am looking at $10,000 fine and or 6 years in prison for something I didn’t know I had to do. For 17 years I reported and if I had known that I had to report once a week once I became homeless I surly would have done so.

I just can’t tell you how much this is affecting my life, how tortured I feel. I know what I did was wrong and I’m very ashamed and sorry for what I did, but it was a mistake and I have paid for that mistake over and over again. I am not suicidal but I am looking for a way out because I cannot live this way for the rest of my life. Every time I have to tell people that I am a sex offender I die a little inside. I have tell people every time I go for job interview, move, or if I want to date. The depressions is getting worse, I can’t seem to focus on anything else. I am normally a happy person but I can’t see the end of this and I have thought about suicide, went so far as to right a suicide note, and found a weapon to do it with. But want to live and fight, but I need help with this fight.

Please help me

MI - From 25 years to life tier 2 to tier 3

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The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Rob Boyd:
Convicted in 1986 of two counts of csc 2 in a two week trial. Sentenced 7 to 15 years. Paroled 1997.

Jury asked judge if touching chest and back of 11 year old was a crime? His reply was quote: "IF THE PARTY TOUCHING HAD SEXUAL THOUGHTS OR INTENT THAT WAS A CRIME." Jury returned their verdict of 2 counts criminal sexual conduct.

In 2011 Michigan changed my tier from 2 to 3 and changed my 25 years to life.