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RUSSIA - Letter from Russia

The following was sent to us via email and has not been verified for validity.

Also, we are not an organization, just normal citizens of the US who are fed up with the draconian laws.

By Y.E.:
Hello dear representatives of the organization Sex Offender Issues,

Writing to you on behalf of a small group of Russian activists. We deal with the problem of pedophile hysteria in Russia, the situation in the Russian Federation is terrible, this is what we want to tell you about the situation in Russia. Pedophile hysteria in 2014 led to the elimination of most of the constitutional rights and freedoms in Russia, censorship on the Internet, there is terror against the LGBT community. There has been tremendous growth of neo-Nazi and ultra- orthodox religious organizations, Russia struck fascism. And this fascism in most cases spread through pedophile hysteria. On the years 2015-2016, the Russian government is preparing a program of introducing a system registry of sex offenders throughout the Russian Federation. And that's not all, are very likely to raise the age of consent for sex from 16 to 18 years. Also they are going to criminalize the possession of child pornography. They're going to put people in jail for possession of a photo - video materials that will even remotely resemble child pornography. Crime will be deposited and cartoon pictures, and even simple texts. Russia has already introduced laws which touched with the child under 12 years is equivalent to murder, and they are going to extend the age limit is 16-18 years of age. We conducted a study and found whence come all these neo-Nazi anti- constitutional laws. Most of these laws come from the neo-Nazi organizations that have already established the lobby in our government, these neo-Nazi organizations call themselves defenders of children and even parents' committees. Thus, neo-Nazis have captured almost the whole of Russia, they infiltrated all levels of government, as well as in the media. They invented this ideology on which 15 and even 17 year olds at the legislative level equate to 5-7 year old young children. Their ideology is based on the fact that any sex can be equated with serious crimes such as murder. We do not understand where the international community is looking ? United States, European Union, United Nations? Why are U.S. and European governments stubbornly refuse to notice how through pedophile hysteria worldwide spreading neo-Nazism ? Neo-Nazism is dangerous for the whole world, as countries such as the United States and Russia are nuclear powers. We Cchitaetsya for pedophile hysteria in the United States as well as in Russia there are neo-Nazi organizations and religious orthodoxy. We believe that the Nazis, neo-Nazis call themselves defenders need to expose children to the international community. Pedophile hysteria is a new form of fascism on the ground and it should be condemned by the whole world and is prohibited.

Sorry for not very good English.

WI - He was tortured for two days and left in the woods for wolves to eat by Raymond Jones, April Jones, Justin Bey & Samantha McClellan

Raymond Jones, April Jones, Justin Bey & Samantha McClellan
Original Article


By Dave Urbanski

Two ATV riders were making their way through the woods about two hours northwest of Green Bay, Wis. a couple of weeks ago when they saw what they thought was a suitcase in the trail near Bug Lake.

But it was a man, beaten and covered in blood.

The riders thought he was dead, but then the 40-year-old started speaking.

So the riders loaded him on the back of the ATV, took him to a nearby business, and called 911.

Hospital personnel made more unsettling discoveries: The man had multiple fractures to his head and face, including a broken jaw, and two broken ribs.

And after spending the night laying alone in the woods, the man had frostbite all over his body, and it was feared he would need a leg and foot amputated, according to WSAW-TV in Wausau, Wis., citing county court records.

Given the severity of how badly beaten he was, the amount of blood loss, and the degree of hypothermia, including the solidification of his one limbs, and the extensive frostbite throughout, I don’t think he had much longer,” Forest County District Attorney Charles Simono told WLUK-TV in Green Bay.

Police believe the culprits are Raymond Jones, 45, April Jones, 38, Justin Bey, 21, and Samantha McClellan, 18, all who’ve been charged with multiple crimes, including attempted first-degree intentional homicide, and made initial appearances Wednesday in court.

All four also are charged with false imprisonment, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child, kidnapping, and aggravated battery; Raymond Jones is also charged with strangulation.

Two juveniles were also arrested as result of the incident, WSAW initially reported, but no additional information was disclosed regarding them.

Here’s where things get even more bizarre.

Court documents show the alleged victim met one of the accused on a dating website. Then Raymond and April Jones brought the man to their house — where Bey also lives — in Wabeno, about 25 minutes southeast of where he was found in the woods by the ATV riders.

The man had been at the house for three weeks when a minor child of Raymond and April Jones said the man “touched her behind on the way back from the store. You’ll see in the complaint that it was with an open hand — nothing of a grab — and that she took off running,” Simono said.

That’s when the four adults allegedly went to work on him.

According to the criminal complaint, during a two-day period the man was beaten with sticks and punched and kicked in the head and groin, urinated upon, and had feces wiped on his head.

While in custody, Samantha McClellan told investigators they had tied up the man, and she and her boyfriend, Bey — who is identified in some reports as a son of the Joneses — were kicking him.

When McClellan heard that the target of their beating was found alive, she reportedly became upset.

Indeed prosecutors said the defendants admitted wanting to kill the man — who tried at one point to escape — but decided to leave him in the woods, assuming wolves would finish the deed due the amount of blood he lost.

Raymond Jones commented that the man’s condition was “the worst he had ever seen anyone beat,” the criminal complaint said.

Simono concurred: “I haven’t seen a crime to this degree of heinousness throughout all my years as a defense lawyer or as a prosecutor,” he told WLUK. “He was beat for two days.”

MN - Ex-Salvation Army staffer (Amy Andrea Horsfield) gets 6 months for abusing sex offender

Amy Andrea Horsfield
Amy Andrea Horsfield
Original Article


By David Hanners

The former head of a Salvation Army addiction-recovery program was sentenced Wednesday to six months in the workhouse after she was convicted of having sex with a man in the program.

Amy Andrea Horsfield, 39, of St. Paul said little at sentencing, but Hennepin County District Judge Mark Wernick had plenty to say, telling her she had manipulated her victim, himself a registered sex offender who had sought treatment in the program she oversaw.

Horsfield's actions were "as cruel, mean and as criminal as it gets," the judge said.

Wernick said the woman had preyed upon her victim, who had been "struggling with sex addiction for at least 20 years" and she had "manipulated him by talking to him about her dark side and her rape fantasies."

An assistant Minneapolis city attorney had asked for a 365-day sentence, the maximum for the gross misdemeanor. Wernick, after adjourning the hearing for a few minutes to mull his decision, said he was sentencing her to a year, but was staying 185 days of that for two years.

She'll get credit for the 28 days she's spent in jail since a jury found her guilty of the crime Feb. 20 after a six-day trial.

He placed conditions on the married mother of one. Among them: She has to get mental-health and sex-offender counseling, she can't have contact with her victim or any "vulnerable" adult and she can't work as a chemical-dependency counselor.

She also must register as a predatory sex offender.

Horsfield had been the program director/coordinator of the Beacon substance abuse recovery program at the Salvation Army's Harbor Light Center, just west of downtown Minneapolis.

Given the chance to speak before sentencing, Horsfield -- wearing a bright orange jail anti-bacterial garment, her hair wadded in a bun -- only denied a prosecutor's claim that she had sent a letter to another former Beacon client with whom the state says she had a relationship.

Wernick asked her if she had anything else to say. No, she said.

Before the hearing, defense attorney Robert Paule had given Wernick 17 letters from people asking for leniency. Among the correspondents: Horsfield's husband, her 12-year-old son ("She only wants to help people and provide comfort for them," the youth wrote), former co-workers and classmates at St. Catherine University and even former Beacon clients who said Horsfield had given them hope in their darkest hours.

At the time the crime was occurring, her husband also worked at the Harbor Light Center.

The Minneapolis city attorney's office charged her last May with criminal sexual abuse, claiming that in her capacity as a caregiver, she had preyed upon a "vulnerable" adult.

Police reports said she and a client in the program, identified in court documents by his initials, A.M.B., engaged in a consensual sexual relationship from November 2010 until April 2011.

Evidence indicated they'd had sex in several locations, including her vehicle, Beacon's housing area and at the Midway Motel in St. Paul.

Investigators found that Horsfield had talked to the man about maintaining a sexual relationship and that she "confided to A.M.B. that she had a 'rape fantasy' and said she wanted to fulfill that fantasy with A.M.B.," Assistant City Attorney Lisa Godon wrote in one court document.

The relationship continued after the man left the Beacon program.

Horsfield didn't testify at her trial last month, and Paule offered no witnesses, arguing to the jury that prosecutors failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Jurors disagreed.

In court Wednesday, Godon asked Wernick to sentence the woman to the maximum time behind bars and to ignore a probation officer's presentence report that recommended a couple of months.

"The defendant continues to minimize and deny what happened in this case," she told the judge. "The defendant continues to maintain that nothing happened."

She said Horsfield had been in therapy for 10 years, and it appeared she'd gained little from it.

"She has failed to accept responsibility for her actions," Godon said. She also said there was evidence Horsfield had had three similar inappropriate relationships while at the Salvation Army.

Paule told the judge that acceptance of responsibility "is a term of art in the legal community" and that, all things considered, his client "has been following the court's orders" and she could be released without endangering the community.

At one point, Wernick seemed incredulous at the defense argument, jumping in to say that Horsfield had told the probation officer doing the pre-sentencing report "not only did I not have sex, but there were no sexual communications."

Among the evidence prosecutors gathered were sexually explicit text messages between Horsfield and the man. At one point, she mailed him a pair of panties.

A.M.B., now 43, is serving a 366-day sentence at the prison in Stillwater for failing to register as a predatory sex offender. In January, he filed a civil suit against the Salvation Army and Horsfield, claiming negligence, maltreatment, sexual exploitation and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other things.

The court docket doesn't indicate that Horsfield has filed an answer, but the Salvation Army did, denying wrongdoing.

The Salvation Army said the man "comes before this court with unclean hands because plaintiff's own conduct and actions have caused any alleged damages or loss of personal freedom."

IL - Search warrant for former Elgin lawmaker's (Keith Farnham) office sought child porn

Keith Farnham
Keith Farnham
Original Article


By Ray Long and Maura Zurick

SPRINGFIELD - Federal agents sought evidence of child pornography last week when they seized computers from the Elgin district office of former state Rep. Keith Farnham, who resigned Wednesday, according to a search warrant released Friday.

In addition, a federal agent on Thursday took a laptop computer that Farnham used in the Illinois House chamber, and last week agents removed a computer from a legislative office building next to the Capitol, according to the documents and an interview with a state technology official.

Asked about the child pornography matter, Farnham, 66, said Friday in a phone interview: “I can’t comment about any of it.”

Farnham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Randall Samborn, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago, said no charges have been filed and refused further comment.

Farnham handed in his resignation on Wednesday, saying he was “battling serious health issues for a number of years.” He had won the Democratic primary on Tuesday, running unopposed.

Democratic leaders from the area will choose Farnham’s replacement.

The federal investigation came to light last week when authorities acknowledged search warrants were executed at Farnham’s Elgin district office and home. Several computers and equipment were seized at Farnham’s district office, as well as a computer from his office near the Capitol, according to federal records obtained by the Tribune using the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

An attachment to the March 7 warrant to search Farnham’s district office indicated agents were searching for “documents in any format and medium pertaining to the possession, receipt or distribution of child pornography” as well as computer files, copies and negatives of child pornography or any documents that depicted minors “engaged in sexually explicit conduct.” Agents also sought accounts tied to any Internet service provider or computer file sharing, according to the records.

The Thursday request for the laptop Farnham used in the House chamber came from an agent with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the federal Department of Homeland Security, said Tim Rice, who oversees information technology for the General Assembly.

They basically made a request, and I consented to it,” said Rice, executive director of the Legislative Information System, which oversees electronics in the House.

Farnham took office in 2009 and received $74,569 in pay in 2013, according to comptroller records.