Sunday, March 9, 2014

FL - More Sex Sting Backlash

Video Description:
Visit these sites to learn more about how the Internet Crimes Against Children task forces are more concerned about Federal funding than they are about protecting children.

Details the shoddy accounting practices of the Polk County Sheriff's Office when it come to grant expenditures and most alarmingly points out how they failed to investigate Cybertips involving real children, real victims for up to 30 days!!!

WI - Oshkosh Police Dept. Sex Offender Public Meeting March 5, 2014

Experts? They are all law enforcement. Where are the sex offender treatment providers / therapists?

You say reintegation into the community, but residency restrictions and the online hit-list doesn't help!

And the public has harsh reactions because you, the media and others continue to make them all look like child molesting, predator pedophiles, which they are not!

Education in schools and by the parents is the key to putting a dent in sexual abuse not hysteria and disinformation.