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Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

All you politicians who took an oath to defend the Constitution and the rights of everybody need to watch this, maybe more than once, and also all the others who love trampling on their own, and others rights.

How Courts Failed the Constitution: Clark Neily on "Terms of Engagement"

Expose corruption
Video Description:
"The judge will actually collaborate with the government in coming up with hypothetical justifications for a law in order to bend over backwards and uphold whatever the government is doing," says Clark Neily, attorney at the Institute for Justice and author of the new book, Terms of Engagement: How Our Courts Should Enforce the Constitution's Promise of Limited Government. "You don't get a neutral arbiter."

Neily sat down with Reason TV's Zach Weissmueller to discuss what Neily describes as an ongoing pattern of "judicial abdication" in America.The judiciary, he says, was meant to stand as a bulwark against the tyranny of the majority, a defender of individual rights. Instead, it has become a mere enabler of legislators and government agencies. Neily argues that charges of "judicial activism" are overblown in a time when what's needed is greater "judicial engagement," or, a real grappling with the meaning of the Constitution and its application as a check on government power.

CA - CA RSOL Meeting in Los Angeles – February 8

California RSOL
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The next CA RSOL meeting in Los Angeles will take place on February 8th at 10 am, at the usual location – the ACLU building at 1313 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles.

Registrants, family and friends, supporters and professionals are welcome to attend. Media and Government officials are not invited in order to ensure everyone’s privacy. We will discuss current topics, changes in the laws as well as pending litigation and advocacy strategies.

Please join us on February 8th – Show up, Stand up, Speak up!

WI - Schools test system to identify sex offenders

School bus
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By Jeremy Ross

WAUWATOSA (WITI) - New technology tracks who is inside schools, and can help keep pedophiles out. The system is already in some buildings in Illinois, and it’s being tested in at least two districts locally.
- Sex offender doesn't equal pedophile and we wish the media would stop using the term.

Betty Marks is the first line of defense at Wauwatosa West High School.

I take it very seriously. I’ve got a building full of over 1,000 students and staff members that I care for,” Marks said.

It is part of Marks’ job to screen people who enter the school, and for the past few months, she’s been testing a visitor management system made by Raptor. Each person entering the building must present a state ID.

The card information is scanned, and the visitor’s image, destination and check-in time is printed on a sticker and recorded in a database.

Oconomowoc’s Principal Joseph Moylan is testing the system as well — and says it allows schools to get a real-time snapshot of who is inside the building in the event of a fire.

As the system checks people in, Raptor’s website says the information is checked against the sex offender databases in all 50 states.

Matt Newman manages the buildings in Oconomowoc, and says if a name matches that of a sex offender, administrators are immediately alerted by email or text message.

The total setup costs the district about $12,000, but critics may argue the sex offender database is free of charge to use.

Additionally, even if the Raptor system was in place for years, it wouldn’t have stopped people like 43-year-old _____.

_____ had no prior criminal record before he was convicted of first degree child sexual assault.

In April of 2012, he was volunteering in an Oconomowoc elementary school when he was accused of fondling a young girl.

Nothing is going to catch everybody who did this, but it’s the best effort in making sure kids are safe,” Oconomowoc Principal Joseph Moylan said.

Wauwatosa’s Safety Coordinator Dale Weiss has plans to roll out the system in all 16 schools. He says the district can take advantage of customized alerts — warning staff about problems outside the classroom, such as expelled students trying to get back in.

It’s one more step to let them know we’re watching,” Weiss said.

However, there is no guarantee of complete security.

If someone wants in, they’re going to come in. I’m not sure any of this automation or me are going to stop them,” Marks said.

Educators say the technology helps schools get in line with a new state law demanding sex offenders give schools proper notice if they make a visit.

Both districts say checking for offenders is only a small part of what the total system offers.

UK - Cops threaten Coventry paedophile catcher vigilante Stinson Hunter with legal action

Stinson Hunter
"Stinson Hunter"
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We sure hope they arrest him and throw him in prison for these vigilante tactics. He's not the police and is hampering their potential investigations. If they do not do anything about it, then they are basically condoning it. He is not a "pedophile" catcher, he's a vigilante!


Police have threatened crime fighter Stinson Hunter with legal action if he doesn't stop what he’s doing immediately.

The online paedophile vigilante hunter has been sent a letter warning him he could end up being taken to court himself for taking the law into his own hands.

Warwickshire Police’s assistant chief constable Karen Manners criticises the 32-year-old’s methods, saying he “could be compromising police investigations without knowing that you are doing so”.

The letter, which has been seen by The Telegraph, also says Hunter’s actions pose a serious risk to his targets and their families - and the evidence he provides is not good enough to secure successful prosecutions.

Hunter - who operates from the Coventry and Warwickshire area - has already responded to the letter.

It’s the first time the paedophile vigilante hunter has been threatened with legal action even though he’s carried out several stings in the last few months.

Asked if he was going to stop what he is doing Hunter responded: “No.”

Watch the videos - I’m not doing anything wrong, certainly nothing against the law. There are some where I shout a bit, but they were filmed a long time ago.”
- You are taking the law into your own hands to be a vigilante for your own gain, and if it wasn't a crime then the police wouldn't be warning you.

It’s frustrating. This isn't just about catching people, it’s about making the government and other agencies realize that this is a big problem.”

I don’t want to do this, but I feel that I have to.”

The letter goes on to threaten Hunter with a costs order if Warwickshire Police take him to court, potentially saddling him with a huge legal bill.

If he doesn't hang up his video camera for good the force say it will have no option but to consider “injunctive proceedings” against Hunter “to obtain a court order preventing such future conduct”.

The letter also states: “As you have previously stated that your motivation for undertaking this activity includes financial reward, we are sure that you would not want to risk being ordered to pay significant legal costs.”

But Hunter dismissed that claim, saying he has never been in it for the money.

I don’t make anything from this,” he said. “I got £1,500 from The Sun in February last year, I've never hidden that.”

I’m not being paid for the documentary.”

Warwickshire Police have secured a conviction with evidence provided by Hunter while at least one more case is going through the courts but elsewhere other cases have collapsed.

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FL - Homeless camp found on private property in Fort Myers

Homeless ex-offender camp in Fort Myers Florida
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We knew this would happen. Any time the fire gets hot the police, politicians and others scramble to move the offenders out of site again. You can mark our words, another homeless camp will pop up. Florida has been playing the sex offender shuffle for years now.


By Laura Roberts

FORT MYERS - A homeless camp full of sex offenders was found on private property in a Fort Myers neighborhood. Now, they are being told to leave.

The sex offenders were found living in the woods off Veronica S. Shoemaker.

Police say at least six people were living in the woods. Their tents are still up, but authorities say they can't stay.

The property is private. Therefore, the owner asked police to give them trespass notices.

Authorities did just that on Wednesday – giving them until Tuesday to leave.

In the meantime, Animal Services was called to take in two dogs they say were malnourished and in distress.

We were told they have been living there for months. Some of them are registered sex offenders in an area close to parks and homes.

"The sense of having a sex offender there creates a higher level of awareness and a high level of concern for the residents," said Captain Jim Mulligan with the Fort Myers Police Department.

The Homeless Coalition is working with police to try and find somewhere else for these people to go.

Police say if the group is not off the property by Tuesday, they could be arrested.

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KY - Corrections officer (Samantha Verner) charged with rape, sodomy of parolee

Samantha Verner
Samantha Verner
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By Laurel Mallory

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - A Kentucky corrections officer was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a parolee she met during his incarceration.

The man, who was serving time at a halfway house, reported the relationship after the suspect "threatened to send him back to prison" if he didn't continue, according to an arrest warrant.

Police said the suspect, Samantha Verner, 39, is married and at the time of the crime was a corrections officer at the Kentucky Department of Corrections (DOC), which supervises the halfway house. She has since been fired.

The warrant states the two met while the victim was incarcerated at the Kentucky State Reformatory (KSR), where Verner had worked since September 2013. The victim was paroled on January 2, 2014.

Police allege Verner engaged in a sexual relationship with the victim from January 5 to January 11, based on information from the man. On January 15, the victim notified internal affairs and provided police with nude pictures of the suspect sent to his phone along with threatening text messages to corroborate his accusations.

DOC officials said an investigation into the allegations was started by internal affairs at KSR and then turned over to the Jefferson County Attorney's Office for possible criminal charges, which they do with all cases of this nature.

"The Kentucky Department of Corrections does not tolerate this type of activity from our staff, in any form; it is a Class D felony," said DOC spokesperson Lisa Lamb.

According to police, they spoke with Verner and she gave a taped confession admitting to engaging in sexual intercourse and oral sex with the victim while he was a parolee.

On January 17, the DOC dismissed her from her position, which was still in the initial probationary stage.

She was arrested at her home on February 4 and charged with third degree rape, third degree sodomy and first degree official misconduct.

WV - State Police Receive Grant for Sex Offender Mapping Project

Morning paper and coffee
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By Ciara Brown and Taniya Wright

WEST VIRGINIA - West Virginia State Police have received a $30,000 grant from the WV Technical Assistance Broad Band Grant Program, to develop a Law Enforcement Sex Offender Mapping Program.

State police say this grant will enable them to create a mapping system for registered sex offenders in the state. This will enable troopers a quick method to identify all sex offenders within a given region by making inquires to the mapping system.

Under the current operations, troopers would have to manually search sex offender files on detachments, which are maintained in an alphabetical order. State police say this is a time-consuming effort to identify sex offenders within a given area.

Troopers say this new mapping system will save vital time in instances of child abductions, as one of the first investigative leads conducted is to locate convicted sex offenders within a given area of the abduction.

This mapping system will have the capabilities to search for sex offenders within a given radius of a particular address. Officials say this program will provide troopers with more information that is available on similar public mapping systems.

West Virginia State Police has partnered with West Virginia University through the WV Cyber Crime Cooperative to develop this program. State police say they hope to have a working product available by July 2014.

NY - Orange County Republican leader Robert Krahulik asked to resign over lewd photos

Robert Krahulik
Robert Krahulik
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ALBANY - Call it the Anthony Weiner story — upstate edition.

The Orange County Republican Party chairman is being asked to resign after allegedly texting lewd pictures of himself to his girlfriend’s female pal.

On Tuesday, four officers of the Orange County Republican Committee called on Robert Krahulik to step down.

Sources say Krahulik, 48, a lawyer and a trustee of the county community college, sent the naughty pictures of his anatomy to a friend of the beautiful 26-year-old woman he was dating.

It’s the same problem that Anthony Weiner had,” one source told the Daily News — referring to the ex-congressman caught sexting lewd pictures to women.

The controversy over Krahulik erupted last week when sources said his girlfriend briefly posted the pictures and a message to the creepy lothario on Facebook.

I just want people to know it’s probably a really good idea if you are in politics to take pictures of your weewee and send it to lots of girls,” the sarcastic message, obtained by The News, said.

That’s what you do in a committed relationship with a beautiful and sophisticated girl. Busted.” She ended with three hashtags: “creep,” “dumbass” and “triflingmen.”

The woman told the Times Herald-Record of Middletown she was writing about Krahulik.

But he told The News: “Just because it’s posted on Facebook doesn’t make it true.”

He said he and the woman broke up about a week ago. “I was dating a woman and I ended the relationship,” he said. “Clearly, she is not happy about it.”

Krahulik, who said he separated from his wife six years ago, refused to say whether he sent racy photos to a woman. “I’d have to see the photos, I have no idea,” he said. “This involves my private relationship. I fail to see how it’s the business of the Daily News. I’m not a public official.”

Krahulik, who has only been Orange County GOP chairman for a few months, said his political opponents were trying to embarrass him. “It’s unfortunate they would stoop to this level. At this point, they are embarrassing themselves.”

But a high-level area Republican said it’s expected Krahulik will be gone this week.

In calling for his ouster, the Republican officers said that “although all of the facts are not yet known, we can state without hesitation that we do not condone inappropriate behavior toward women under any circumstances.”

WI - Sex-offender limits debated

Dumping ground
Dumping ground
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By Mark Schaaf


RACINE COUNTY - With restrictions on where sex offenders can live in place in some Racine County communities but not in others, county officials have begun discussions on a residency ordinance that would apply to the entire county.

A few challenges emerged in initial talks, including the fact that every Racine County municipality would have to agree to the ordinance — no easy task if the proposed county restrictions differed with local ordinances already in place.

The county also needs to address who would enforce the ordinance — whether it would be the Sheriff’s Office or local police departments — and the state Department of Corrections has raised concerns that it would drive sex offenders to homelessness, making them more difficult to track.

But Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason, who also serves on the County Board and has pushed for a countywide ordinance, said passing the law would ensure no community becomes a “dumping ground” for sex offenders.

The idea has generated interest among Racine County community leaders, Gleason said, as it would create a “level playing field” across the county.

He and other Mount Pleasant officials spoke Tuesday to the county Government Services Committee. No action was taken as the county’s corporation counsel and other departments continue to examine the issue and compare local ordinances.

We’re at that first stage of finding out whether or not this is an option for the county,” Gleason said.

Mount Pleasant passed an ordinance last month prohibiting sex offenders from living near any place children gather, including schools, parks, day care centers, athletic fields, playgrounds and churches. The minimum distance they must live away from those places is 1,000 feet or 2,500 feet, depending on the category of the offender.

The village approved its rules mostly because Racine, Caledonia and Sturtevant put restrictions in place that were driving sex offenders to Mount Pleasant, police Capt. Brian Smith told the committee.

What we were seeing in Mount Pleasant was the fact that these men, who were sexual predators preying on young kids, all of a sudden being dumped in our community,” Smith said.

Whether a countywide ordinance would prevent that from happening in other communities is still to be determined.

Burlington Mayor Bob Miller said he is leery about countywide restrictions. The city enacted an ordinance a few years ago restricting sex offenders from living near places such as parks, schools and churches, but it would be moot if a countywide ordinance is passed.

I would have to see what the proposal ends up being or somehow be involved. Sometimes these one-size-fits-all laws don’t really work that well for everybody,” Miller said. “If Racine has a lot of offenders and we don’t have that many and we end up with their offenders coming here, I got an issue with something like that.”

Waterford, meanwhile, does not have an ordinance on the books. The village researched and reviewed the issue several years ago, but the Village Board decided not to move forward.

Waterford is only 2-1/2 square miles, which makes it challenging to find parameters for restrictions, Village Administrator Rebecca Ewald said.

She said she couldn’t comment on a possible countywide ordinance until seeing it.

MD - Chief of U.S. Senate staff arrested on child porn charges found dead one month later

Video Description (Excerpt):
Senator Lamar Alexander's Former Chief of Staff has been found dead after committing suicide while awaiting court proceedings on child pornography charges.

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MI - The thought police arrest a Manton man on a sex offender reporting violation for simply thinking?

Thought police
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By Jeff Broddle

CADILLAC - A Manton man has been charged in Wexford County with failing to comply with the sex offender registration act.

_____, 24, has been arraigned in 84th District Court in Wexford County for allegedly failing to comply by not reporting an intent to reside at a residence other than his own for more than seven days, according to court records.

Given a habitual offender, second notice, if convicted, _____ could face a maximum of 10 1/2 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $7,500.

CA - Frustrated and Confused

The following was sent to use via the user story form and posted with the users permission.

By Kevin:
Hello, my name is Kevin and I'm a registered sex offender in California.. My story starts of with love. I fell in love with this pretty girl from the Valley her name was Jenny. We hit it off perfect even though our age difference did bother people, she was 30 and I was 26. We had a lot of stuff in common she liked the same music and I liked going to the beach so did she. She also let me know she had a daughter and she was 5, I also had a daughter and she was 5. They got along great. They played and me and Jen it was perfect. Then she also let me know that her ex-husband which they were only separated for 6 months were actually still married it bother me. Then she asked me to move in. I moved in with Jenny and her daughter. Jen's daughter loved me she thought the world of me. Soon Jen's ex found out that I was living there. He found out that I was living there through Jen's daughter, she was bragging about how I would take her place's Disney land the park , etc. He didn't like that very much that he was being replaced, which that wasn't my intent. So started saying that I was molesting her to my girlfriend, she didn't believe a word of it. Like a month later late 2005, child services came knocking at my door at 1 in the morning accompanied by a police officer, they came several time's in the span of 1 month, I think it was about 4 times they found nothing and the little girl said nothing was happening, a month later the little girl went over her dad's for the weekend and she never came back. I guess it was legal since they weren't legally divorced. So the bastard decided to brainwash her and she told detectives that I touched her. I was outraged that he was saying these things about me that weren't true. So Jenny and her X took her to the doctor's office too make sure I wasn't doing anything they found nothing the little girl told the doctor I wasn't doing anything. He still was trying so hard to get me in trouble for some sick reason. I cooperated with detectives. I went down to the police station with out a lawyer and cooperated and nothing happened, still they pressed on. So I came up with me taking a lie detector test. I'm innocent, so I went downtown. And they grilled me, they were trying to get me to admit that I shoved a sharp object up her rectum, which I thought was odd being as the little girl would be in pain and she would have told her mom, She is very smart little girl. For some reason they said I admitted to fondling her because I said I've taken a bath with her on occasion, which I never did, I told them I'm not pedophile, I like to have relation's with women my age I'm far from being a pedophile. So after 8 months in jail I was convicted of a lewd act with a child under 14. I paid a lawyer and that's what he got me, he said that I admitted to it by telling them I took a bath with her and that I touched her by cleaning her. I'm confused and frustrated. I don't know why this has happened to me sometimes I feel like there is no hope. I'm married now with two boys of my own that I love so much. I've always had the backing of my friends and family which keeps me going everyday. I don't feel like a sex offender but California does. What can I do?

CA - City of Cypress agrees not to enforce residency and presence restrictions

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The City of Cypress, located in Orange County, has agreed not to enforce most of its residency restrictions and all of its presence restrictions as terms of two settlement agreements reached on January 31. The City of Cypress also agreed to pay attorney’s fees and costs for the lawsuits filed against them in federal and state courts. In exchange, the plaintiffs in those cases have agreed to dismiss with prejudice the pending lawsuits.

This is a significant victory for the registered citizens and the family members of registered citizens in Cypress,” stated Janice Bellucci (Video), the attorney who represented the plaintiffs. “Families who were once threatened to be torn apart will now be able to live together in that city.”

The Cypress ordinance severely restricted the locations where a registered citizen could live to only two small segments of that city: in the city’s cemetery and in an industrial park area. The ordinance also prohibited visits by a registered citizen to public areas such as the public library, city parks, and restaurants with recreational areas for children.

The city’s stay of enforcement for residency restrictions will last until the California Supreme Court renders a decision regarding whether or not residency restrictions are constitutional. The city’s stay of enforcement for presence restrictions will last until the same court decides whether to grant review of the Godinez case which deemed the Orange County ordinance to be unenforceable.

The City will continue to enforce a few provisions in its sex offender ordinance — Halloween restrictions and restrictions regarding how many registered citizens can stay in the same hotel or in the same hotel room. A total of three lawsuits were filed last year challenging the Cypress ordinance — two in federal court and one in state court.

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Research review II: Sexual predator controversies

Original Article

Following up on last week’s research review, here are some new articles from the ever-controversial practice niche of sexually violent predator cases:


Once a jury is empaneled to decide whether someone with a prior sex offense conviction is so dangerous to the public that he should be civilly detained, the verdict is a foregone conclusion. Dangerousness is presumed based on the prior conviction, rather than having to be proven.

Researchers Nicholas Scurich and Daniel Krauss confirmed this by giving jury-eligible citizens varying degrees of information in a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) case and asking them to vote. Some mock jurors were told only that the person had a prior conviction for a sex offense. Others were also given information that the person had a mental abnormality that made him likely to engage in future acts of sexual aggression.

It mattered not a whit. The mock jurors voted to civilly commit at the same rate, whether or not they had heard evidence of current dangerousness.

The mere fact that a respondent had been referred for an SVP proceeding was sufficient for a majority of participants to authorize commitment,’ the researchers found. “These findings raise concerns about whether the constitutionally required due process occurs in SVP commitment proceedings.”

No surprise, really. In this practice niche more than others, fear and hype often overshadow reason. Sex offenders are not the most appealing human beings, and no one wants to shoulder the responsibility of voting to release someone who could go out and rape or molest again.

Walking with the Devil: The Police Code of Silence: What Bad Cops Don't Want You to Know and Good Cops Won't Tell You

Paperback | Kindle

As if we didn't already know this? And these same folks are the people who are suppose to be held to a higher standard, but usually get a way with crime or slapped on the wrist!

Sex Crimes by police officers

About the book:
AS PEACE OFFICERS we willingly lay our lives on the line for each other and the public we serve. Yet, we walk away or turn our heads when we see another officer doing something that could end their career, their marriage, or their freedom. Because we don't rat on another peace officer. AS OFFICERS we have taken an oath to protect and serve the public and each other. Yet, the number of officers that commit suicide is much greater than the number of officers killed by felons. Some of those suicides are the result of being under investigation for crimes or unethical behavior. Behavior that other cops were aware of and never reported, and did nothing to stop, because we don't rat on other officers. AS DEPUTIES, we have sworn to protect those in our custody. Yet some of us will go to prison every year because of acts that could have, and should have, been stopped by other deputies because we don't rat on other deputies. AS TROOPERS, we have sworn to protect and serve by keeping our highways safe. Yet some of us will die in traffic accidents because we drive too fast for all the wrong reasons and some of us will be stopped, but not arrested, for drunk driving because we don't rat on other troopers. AS SPECIAL AGENTS, we have sworn to uphold the constitution. Yet some of us will go to prison this year because we did nothing when we saw other agents involved in criminal or unethical behavior because we don't rat on other agents. AS GUARDS, we protect each other against men and women convicted of the most heinous crimes. But we will ignore unethical or even criminal conduct of other guards. Because we don't rat on other guards. There is a code of silence in the criminal justice system that infects all levels, and the cost in lives destroyed or lost is enormous. It is not an infection we can cure, but it is an infection we can fight, by making a commitment to protect each other against ourselves as well as others.