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Sex Offender Myths (User Submitted)

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By NF:
Gentlemen and Ladies,

Are you aware that the majority of everything you have heard and read relating to sex offenders in general came from propaganda, misinformation, misconceptions, false facts, false evidence, media exploitations, legends, folklore, lies and myths. The intent was to make the general public (you) and our lawmakers and congress believe that which was not true as being the truth. With the intent of making things appear to be much, much worse than it truly ever was.

And why? To get more votes, to get more special programs, to get more donations and to get more funding (MONEY).

Sex offenders are a multi billion dollar per year business. This false information and false facts have caused fear, hate, anger and a rush to judgement and this is just want the Sex offender industry wants.

People wake up and smell the coffee.

For examples The so called (Stranger Danger) It was never any sex offender jumping out from the bushes, the true fact is that 95 percent of the time it was a family member and not jumping out from behind some bushes in the park or near the schoolyard its was in the victim's home and over 50 percent of the time the age of the attacker was between 11 and 17 years of age. Or How about the so called 100,000 missing and unaccounted for an out of compliant sex offenders running amuck molesting, raping, and killing our children (it was proved years ago that this number came out of the head of a person there never was 100,000 missing sex offenders at all it was to get persons in fear and then to donate money to their website , or that sex offenders are the most of criminals to repeat their crime when in fact they are the least of all criminals to repeat their crime. The truly dangerous sex offender to a society is termed a PREDATOR and they are only 3 percent of all sex offenders.

Don't believe it? Think all this is false information, see for yourselves.

Just GOOGLE "sex offender truth and myths" on your computers and read the hundreds of websites both governments as well as private and along with press releases there that show all the truth along with the who, what, when where, and why. I hate to say it but for money much more than ever then for for public safety you all have been brainwashed. I myself hate to be lied to How about you?

Motives may be good or bad but what is truly and only important is that the truth and only the truth is used to make Laws, Rules and Regulations Because how are we the people ,the lawmakers and congress suppose to make things proper,justified,reasonable, and fair when the facts are not the truth. Bottom line is WE CAN'T and WE DON'T.

TN - Residents discuss sex offender concerns in town hall meeting

Town hall meeting
Original Article


By Shumuriel Ratliff

LINCOLN COUNTY (WAFF) - Residents in Lincoln County TN have some concerns about sex offenders living in their neighborhoods. They were able to speak to law enforcement Thursday night in a town hall meeting about stricter laws.

At least 30 people attended the town hall meeting at the Bellview Community Center. People who attended the meeting said they want the laws tightened so they can have better knowledge when a sex offender is living in their neighborhood.

Officials with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and State Representative Billy Spivey were also in attendance. Residents said the biggest issue for them is not knowing when a sex offender is living near them. Some of them don't have computers so they can't look at the online sex offender registry as it's updated, and the area is so rural, they may not be aware.

Deputies said there are 63 sex offenders in the county as of 2 weeks ago. Residents like April Webb said they want the laws changed so that they and their children can feel safer.

"I want to know and I think that I have the right to know and those laws are tricky right now and I want to see those changed so that we as mothers and fathers and grandparents we know what are around our children," she said.

Spivey said this is a perfect example of how the voice of the people is still what drives government.

"This is an idea originated out of the community that very well could become law this year."

Spivey said they will take the community's ideas and concerns and have it drafted into a form that helps address the issues the residents are having.

CA - Former LAX police officer (Michael Wayne Staunton) convicted of on-duty sexual assault sentenced to 4 years in prison

To protect and serve?Original Article


By Brian Sumers

A former Los Angeles International Airport police officer convicted in November of sexually assaulting a passenger while he was on duty at a security checkpoint was sentenced Thursday to four years in state prison.

Michael Wayne Staunton, 56, also must register as a sex offender for life. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury found him guilty of sexual battery by restraint, assault by a peace officer and false imprisonment by fraud.

Prosecutors said Staunton, a member of the Los Angeles World Airports police force, was stationed at a security checkpoint at an LAX terminal on April 12, 2011, when he assaulted a 25-year-old woman.

According to prosecutors, Staunton — assigned to the Terminal 1 checkpoint — found the woman sitting on a nearby bench waiting for a friend. He then approached the woman and made a comment of a sexual nature before asking her to follow him.

Prosecutors said Staunton used a security card to bring the woman into a storage area and then sexually assaulted her. When he was finished, according to the District Attorney’s Office, he led the woman back to the gate area.

The woman told her friends about the incident and then made a report to a different law enforcement agency — the Los Angeles Police Department.

Los Angeles World Airports police patrol LAX, as well as L.A./Ontario International Airport and Van Nuys Airport.

Sgt. Belinda Nettles of Airport Police said Staunton is no longer part of the force but she had no further comment.

CA - Former deputy (Earl William Klapperich) sentenced to 3 years, 8 months for soliciting minor

Earl William Klapperich
Earl William Klapperich
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OROVILLE - A former Butte County sheriff's deputy was sentenced today to three years, eight months in state prison on two counts including soliciting a minor for sex.

Butte County Superior Court Judge James Reilley handed down the middle-term sentence on defendant Earl William Klapperich, 28.

On Aug. 1, a jury convicted the defendant of felony counts of meeting a minor for lewd purposes and possessing material depicting sexual conduct of a minor. Two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor were dismissed during the trial.

Klapperich was off duty when he was arrested entering the parking lot of a Chico restaurant May 11, 2012. In the hours prior to the arrest, the defendant and a supposed 14-year-old girl exchanged explicit text messages and ultimately arranged to meet there.

The "girl" was district attorney's Lt. Juan Diaz, who posed as a teenager Klapperich encountered during an April 2012 call. The Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney's Office investigated the deputy after receiving a complaint about how Klapperich handled the call with two girls, ages 14 and 16, reported as runaways.

Klapperich told investigators in a post-arrest interview he intended to only counsel the girl. He claimed he masturbated before meeting the girl to prevent his body from having an involuntary reaction.

During the trial, Klapperich testified he panicked during the interview because he didn't want his fellow deputies and others to know he is gay. He said he believed the text message were from fellow deputies pranking him, but he didn't report it because he didn't want them to get fired.

Klapperich told the jury he had no intention of committing a sexual act with the teen because of his orientation. However, he also admitted he has been with women before, including his wife.

The media count applies to two photos on Klapperich's iPhone. The images were of a young woman who testified she and Klapperich had a 2-1/2-year relationship including sex starting when she was 15 and the defendant was 21.

Klapperich testified the relationship started after she turned 18.

The defendant had originally been scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 28, but Judge Reilley ordered a diagnostic and evaluation in state prison.

During Wednesday's sentencing, deputy district attorney Stacy Edwards said the prosecution sought the upper-term sentence while the Probation Department recommended a middle term in a pre-sentencing report.

Outside of court, Edwards said Klapperich's history, including testimony about uncharged conduct, indicated a predatory pattern the defendant has had since being a young adult.

Defense attorney Benjaman Adams asked the judge to place Klapperich on probation and to give the defendant a chance to comply with court orders. He said the defendant was willing to complete sexual offender treatment and had a stable home environment waiting for him.

"At least give him an opportunity," Adams said.

Edwards countered that, based on pre-sentencing reports, Klapperich didn't believe he did anything wrong. She argued a defendant has to be forthright and honest to successfully complete the sexual offender program and probation.

Outside of court, Adams said the defense stood by the argument that law enforcement personnel set Klapperich up with the text messages. He said the prosecution had placed too much weight on items that don't concern public safety, such as having a young girlfriend as a young man in his teens and early 20s.

Adams said Klapperich wanted a second chance and was willing to undergo treatment. While pre-sentencing statements didn't contain express statements of remorse, Adams said Klapperich has been remorseful in private conversations with him.

Judge Reilley denied the probation request, in part, because Klapperich was an active participant and hadn't accepted responsibility. In passing sentence, the judge noted Klapperich's lack of a prior record, but said the former deputy showed no remorse and that law enforcement personnel should be held to a higher standard.

Klapperich was given 325 days of custody credits. He could become eligible for release after 507 days, in May 2015. He will be required to register as a sex offender.

TN - Fired Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy (Willie Marshay Greer) charged with rape

Willie Marshay Greer
Willie Marshay Greer
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By Beth Burger

A Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputy has been terminated after handcuffing a woman and forcing her to perform oral sex on him while he was on duty in Harrison.

Deputy Willie Marshay Greer, 33, was fired Thursday afternoon and charged with aggravated rape and official misconduct.

Greer reportedly stopped a woman for speeding on Birchwood Pike just after 1 a.m. After running her information through a database, the woman had open warrants for her arrest, according to the arrest report.

I could let you go, but you’d owe me,” the woman said Greer told her.

The woman told authorities that she didn’t want to get into trouble so she followed Greer in her own vehicle to 11300 block of Thatch Road. He told her they “need to talk about this.”

She was handcuffed again before he exposed himself and forced her to perform the sex act.

When finished, Greer offered the woman a fruit punch drink from a Wendy’s cup. Detectives were able to verify the woman’s story by interviewing employees at the Highway 58 location who said Greer came in the day before for a meal.

When Greer was interviewed by detectives, he said admitted to receiving oral sex on duty but said it was consensual. Greer himself brought up the drink cup during the interview, but investigators never asked about it. He claimed that he lost it after the encounter. He also claimed that he never performed a records check on the woman until after the incident.

Greer was a probationary employee at the department for three months. He worked as a patrol deputy on the east side of the county.

Sheriff Jim Hammond said a routine background check was conducted on Greer before he was hired.

There was nothing to indicate this might happen,” Hammond said during a news conference.

He previously worked as a campus officer at Chattanooga State Community College.

As of Thursday evening, Greer’s bond was set at $50,000. His next court date is set for Jan. 14 before Hamilton County Sessions Court Judge Lila Statom.