Saturday, August 2, 2014

FL - Seminole deputy (David Rodriguez) accused soliciting sex from teen girl on Facebook

David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez
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By Desiree Stennett

A Seminole County deputy was arrested Thursday after investigators accused him of soliciting sex from a 17-year-old girl through a series of Facebook messages.

David Rodriguez, a 28-year-old patrol deputy, recently received recognition from Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger for saving a man after a boating accident earlier this year.

Rodriguez now accused of using a computer to solicit sex from a child.

He and the girl both participated in martial arts tournaments. When they met, she was 6 and he was about 17. The two kept in touch over the years, his arrest report stated.

The girl told deputies that she and Rodriguez, who is married and has a newborn, started out with friendly text messages.

Eventually the two became Facebook friends and would send private messages back and forth.

After the girl's 17th birthday, the conversations became sexual, the report stated.

Rodriguez admitted to soliciting sex from the girl but said the two never actually met for sex.

"Rodriguez stated that he was going to keep trying to put off meeting with [the girl] for sex until she was 18 years old," the report stated. The detective "confronted Rodriguez that on several occasions that they arranged to meet for sex, it was [the girl] who had to cancel and Rodriguez did not respond."

The Facebook exchange was discovered because the girl's father saw the messages when she left her social-media profile open on a home computer.

The father did not confront his daughter because he was concerned she would not be cooperative.

When she was interviewed, the girl told officials she had a crush on Rodriguez for years and said when his child was born on July 9, she realized that Rodriguez was trying to take advantage of her.

She said she wanted the sexual conversations to stop but didn't know how to end the relationship.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is in the process of firing Rodriguez. He had been a patrol deputy since February 2010.

Rodriguez received a Life Saving Award in May from Eslinger. According to the Sheriff's Office, Rodriguez helped save a man who capsized his kayak.

According to investigators, Rodriguez admitted to the crime and turned himself into the Seminole County jail.

He was released late Thursday on $50,000 bail.


dlc said...

Law enforcement and church officials seem to have a fixation on sex crimes. What is wrong with this picture?

Fellow Registrant said...

This was a very interesting read and each point was well stated by Ms. Miller. Registrants' Constitutional Rights which all Americans hold dear are being violated on a daily basis. Ex Post Facto, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and especially Due Process. Those are just some of the rights which politicians and law enforcement take from Registrants. BOTH took an OATH to uphold and defend the Constution and they violate that oath every time they enact or enforce these laws and restrictions. No one holds them accountable and the mostly ignorant public goes on about their day. People don't realize that if you allow the authorities to take away the rights of one group, soon they'll come for yours. You can bet on it. Power is a pig that never gets fed enough.

Fellow Registrant said...

It is very comforting to us Registrants that RSOL is tirelessly working on our behalf to show the immensely ignorant general public that these unconstitutional laws are more of a harm than a help. No one is protected by them and the only purpose they serve is to provide free revenue to the state agencies that live on the prison industrial complex and the growing police state.

One thing that people, in general, do not realize is that Politicians don't care about children, period. Children are just another convenient thing to hide behind while they pander for votes and more power. If Politicians and our Governments cared for children there wouldn't be:
- BILLIONS of dollars sent to violent war-like countries who actively murder civilians (children included) with the US Govt's military aid,

- Billions stolen from the Food Stamp program, which primarily goes to children and their families, and re-allocated to millionaires who benefit from that very same Farm Bill on which Food Stamps reside.

- so many homeless children

- so many children thrown in Foster Homes where they are often abused, used as drug company guinea pigs, and murdered. A lot of former foster children (mostly boys) end up in jails or prisons due to the bad conditions they are raised in at a Foster home. Not all Foster Parents are bad. But, you can bet a great number are. The Govt doesn't check in on those children often at all. Out of sight, out of mind.

No other felons get the Registrant treatment. And statistics show in a MAJORITY of accredited studies that those other felons pose much more of a risk to children and are many more times likely to repeat their offenses. Politicians ignore this because the Registrant is an easy too to use for votes from an ignorant, brainwashed, mis-informed public.

Sex Offender Issues said...

Oh they care about children, exploiting them for their own personal gain.

OverSite said...

She's not a victim - she's an accuser. And chances are she's a false accuser.

HOST said...

I bet Mr. Rodriguez has an entirely new opinion of sex offender laws now.

Bill Barney said...

I 100% agree! This article provides a way out for registrants with money. Enough money to place a $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 Attorney binder and take a chance that a judge will agree with the argument. What about the majority of sex offenders who do not have that kind of money. What about those that are just struggling to get by. It does not seem fair to those with out the cash to buy there freedoms.
Every sex offender I know, including my self, is waiting for a savior. Some one to rise up and lead us to the full restoration of our God given supposed inalienable rights. However as I look around that savior is no where to by found. And why should he be around anywhere? I do not see any one standing up for there own rights, INCLUDING ME! If I do not value my rights enough to fight for them how can I expect any one else, including GOD, to fight for my rights. If my rights are not valuable enough for me to take a stand what right do I have to be angry at GOD or any one else for not standing up for me. The first step is to stand up for our rights. The first step is to show people how this law destroys the lives of children and persecutes them.
The second step is to use the studies that are on our side to educate people to the many facts that the registry does not work. There is no evidence to prove that any child was ever saved by the sex offender registry.
The next step is much harder. It is one I wrestle with daily. It is a choice that I face each time I half to register. Do I want to be free as a MONSTER or locked up as a patriot. If Nevada does not change there laws and continues with compliance to the Adam Walsh act I will choose to be locked up as a patriot. I will be ready to spend the rest of my life behind bars. I will not leave till the registry is abolished and my rights as an American are fully and completely restored. If they release me I simply will not register and I will find myself locked up again and again and again. This is what has to happen for GOD or any one else to care about the plight of sex offenders.

numba said...

A 17-year old is NOT a CHILD! Cop or not. Only in America.... and of all places in Florida, where they were charging a 13-year old as an adult (Cristian Fernandez, google him - since prosecuted and adjudicated as a minor, thank goodness, through no efforts of the State of Florida).
This hypocrisy is beyond absurd...

Jason Sanders said...

A lot of these registry requirements are "Burden Requirements" and if people on the registry " actually" had victims than that would be a different story all together. While some actually have and some haven't and are covered up in a since to make public aware that they are a threat to the community than the Registry might be of some merit. As any Registry that puts one in bondage (human or social) is way off base.
Government don't put the druggie, thief, murder, traffic violator, conspirator,
extortionist, or any other type of offender on any registry with stipulations like the one's they have now, these registry's are basically set up for the kids in mind that they want to protect. They couldn't care less about adults when it comes right down to it.
People make mistakes but when one passes law's where one can live because of a sex offense he did or did not do than that to me would be more of a deviant behavior thing and how does the registry help the offender in any type of correction when the public is aware of it.
If I sin, I sin and I confession my sin to God. If one has a sexual thought than that is a sexual thought. How does the Registry help one control that thought when it stigmatizes one with housing rules' and other rules, plus its harder for one to get a job.
The registry need's a complete clean up, none of it is God Centered its more fleshy wisdom that compounds others as there is no hope for them
according to the one's on the registry and according to American people they are outcast.

Jason Sanders said...

Ah a taste of there own medicine now I do hate to see anyone get as bad as a cop but it happens check out this site for mug shots of cops gone bad. It seems nature of the beast is even there for the one's that suppose to protect us.
but having a real victim is different than one having a fictitious one or being set up as they do in internet sex sting operations. So what's wrong with their badge, in the sight of real people its bad and all public should know it.

Jason Sanders said...

But in there zeal to protect kids.....well I think they were a bit overzealous with all this sex registry thing. It seems anybody with a sexual thought can qualify for the sex registry but one has to have some real victim I suppose or they can set one up on the internet. Yes there are real sex freaks in this world and those are the one's that need to be constraint. They have gone Mad with some of this stuff. They really don't want the sex offender cured or have them have any chance of life.... what a shame this world has come to...I wish God would destroy it right now as its so wicked and sex offender issue is bad enough. I guess the gay person doesn't even have to worry as they protect him and gay there some kind of pattern of sins of the flesh as the bible say growing in all this?