Friday, July 11, 2014

NE - Is registering as a sex offender inconvenient?

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By Dave Roberts

OMAHA - Local law officials said sex offenders are ducking the system because they want Douglas County to make registering more convenient, but the county said it's not going to cater to convicts.

Authorities said there are not many wealthy registered sex offenders in Douglas County. In fact, the exact opposite can be said for most. Most convicted criminals are living on fixed incomes and some are without a home; most are unable to buy a car.

When it takes a 13-mile cab ride to register as a sex offender, some choose to break the law and disappear, putting everyone else at risk.

There are nearly 755 sex offenders in Douglas County living nowhere near the place to register.

It's way too far out there. The buses don't go out there. I don't even know whose idea it was. It’s just a stupid place to put the registry to begin with,” said _____, a registered sex offender.

_____ admitted he made a bad mistake when he was 19.

I told a 14-year-old girl that if she did not come with me, I was going to rape her,” he said.

Now, for the rest of his life, _____ must register every three months as a sex offender. In order to do that, he must take a cab from downtown out west to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office on 156th Street and West Maple Road.

It cost me $40 round-trip,” said _____.

_____ said he didn’t show up to register one time because he had no money or way to get there.

County Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson is pushing for a downtown registration location.

It made sense that we would have a location that was accessible that our sex offenders would be able to go and register,” said Borgeson, who represents District 6.

State law requires the Douglas County sheriff to monitor the whereabouts of sex offenders. Right now, the only place sex offenders can register is at the Sheriff's Office, even though more than 75 percent of them live near downtown Omaha.

"We'd like to staff the second location downtown for the sex offender registration program, but we are not funded to do so,” said Chief Deputy Tom Wheeler.

Wheeler said it is certainly possible people are not registering because they can't make it to 156th Street and West Maple Road.

We have a handful each year that don't complete their verification process,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said the department is working on a pilot program where one day a week sex offenders could register downtown, likely at the courthouse. It will either happen in person with a deputy or using a video conference system.

We are in the beginning planning phases of those two, and we are working through them now,” he said.

_____ said one day a week at the courthouse or the jail would be helpful.

It would help out a lot for the offenders that don't have the money to go out there. It's a major inconvenience for offenders that can't do it financially,” said _____.

For Borgeson, and nearly everyone else, it's not about catering to sex offenders.

This isn't about making it easy for them. This isn't about accommodating sex offenders. It’s about having a safe community and knowing where sex offenders are located,” she said.

Wheeler said he hopes the downtown registration pilot program can start this fall. If more sex offenders chose to register downtown, the Sheriff's Office said it will consider some permanent changes.

Any sex offender in Nebraska who fails to register will be charged with a felony.


Mike said...

Another article about wanting to protect the community from monsters, but making it impossible for them to register so they can send the troops out to round them up!

Alex said...

I don't get how registration is not punishment, being forced to travel and pay fines without being punishment of a crime is 13th amendment violation.

Mark said...

Because ALL courts everywhere have decreed that sex offender registration is "CIVIL," "REGULATORY," and of course, "NON-PUNITIVE." That is why. I have always maintained, it is not the laws to be concerned about, it is the black robbed gods that alter lives, approve laws no matter how insidious they are, "social engineering at its best; most judges are so out of touch with reality it defies logic. They have power, comfort, luxurious court surrounding and are essentially treated like, and as gods, that is why. After 18+ years years in the legal world, this is no surprise to me. And after reading a deluge of sex offender registration cases from all over the United States, I am convinced there has been a national "judicial" conspiracy to uphold registration laws no matter how far the judge's "LEAP OF LOGIC" goes, and how "tortured" their logic becomes to uphold these laws. All but .01% of courts have made any head way. But, I cannot blame you for your comment about the 13th Amendment because legally, I see registration as a high form of enslavement, but case law as I have studied the 13th, may not support your supposition - Good luck Alex.

Mark said...

"When sentenced in the local cases in December 2010, Seese told Dauphin County Judge Bernard L. Coates Jr. the "addictive behavior" that drove him to be a peeping Tom went out of control following the death of his young son and his subsequent divorce." Now let us apply this same logic to the "Joe-Six Pack" guy, and see where this will go.

Mark said...

"Consequently, Trost said, police now have to allocate extra time and
resources -- through surveillance and record-checking -- to prove
residence at the unregistered address, which is especially burdensome if
the sex offenders moved out of town, Trost said."

"- Aww, too bad! Police, politicians and the
public are the ones who want these unconstitutional laws, so now you
should have to deal with it like those who are affected by the laws have
to." LOL!! And once again, KUDOS! KUDOS!

Jojo said...

So what does this mean for the SO population? Does this mean that people convicted prior to that date are exempt due to ex post facto?

Mark said...

And now you realize how the STATE game is played Mike! Because it is a game to keep offenders locked away at any cost because sex offenders are big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the state(s).

Happy, Joyous and Free said...

Mike, Exactly. In several states, it's three days (not business days) to update registration in case of moving, change of job, new vehicle, etc. So, God forbid that you lost your job on a Friday afternoon and Monday is a holiday in Virginia, unless you can drive to Richmond to get updated. For example, VA State Police state that it is the registrant's problem if the local police lose the records or don't transmit them properly. They actually recommend avoiding local/county police entirely. That being said, the VA State Police in many locations only take registrations on M/W/Fr (except Holiday's), and they can take a 2 hour lunch break. The sure thing is to drive all the way to Richmond, which is the only location open 24x7 for registration.

Changing to 3 business days has been proposed in the VA Legislation, but it never moves forward because it is political suicide. It is purposely hard because the State doesn't want anyone free.

getting closer to the street said...

When registering as anything it becomes a monster, advertising, and re adervertising some thing past it's time, and that also of conviction, becomes harmful to not only of those of time served, but whats left of this country . When the Mexican goverenment saw the direction and weekness and the mis-use of the word children they knew how and when to attack the united states from preveous passages of law passed , that we as Americans are now faceing with the downed borders and in-flux of children without parents , at the expence of all american citizens and the majority of them are of the "deserved" genoration, that will be inslaved, if any future is left to remain, with other mis-used words and those words are FREEDOM ! And INDEPENDENCE ! . End the registry after time served . We are all registerd from the day we are born and taxed even after we are dead .

getting closer to the street said...

The change of employment is the most intrusive . With back ground checks now as popular as they have ever been what was megans law thinking as that organazation was the original author of that so called law to protect children from a a job Site or place where children do not belong . The political suicide should have it's own colum of follow the money, and those of poltical and law inforcement getting caught breaking cyber sex offences and registration laws . Thats why civil commitment is using the release of who they think will reoffend out first . Very profitable for lawyers , appointed or hired they get paid win or lose . Again law using law to support law with false protection and that is not protection nor a game .

getting closer to the street said...

The Douglas county officials are not catering to convicted by plea offenders but have forgotten that their elected position is to protect and up hold the laws of registration . Not to rule by direct deposits bye monthly of your proclaimed life styles . My last comment to Douglas county officials . ( IS WHERE IS THE BEEF ) ? . And your honest opinion ; does this really protect the youths of your county or state . And good luck with illegal imagration infestation . Non registrants .

William said...

I got one story for you doubt it will floor you but... Me on probation, P.O. says go do day labor. No Problem think, wellll i'm transient mandatory registration every Monday come hell or high water. I'm offered a job that would not allow me to get to registration in time. I ( what I thought, and still do) did the right thing and went and registered avoiding a 3 year failure to register charge. My P.O's reaction? Turn around and cuff up! Yep due to my thinking of "avoid the felony, go and register" I received a probation violation. Would you like the story of the time I got in a fight with the writer of the WA sex offender registration law? That one's a dooozy!

William said...

that day that day only in Thurston county WA!

William said...

Change of employment? Like we can find actual meaningful employment!

Mark said...

You story is absolutely not uncommon William. Not at all. Now I will speak more forcibly. Most P.O.'S who have sexual offenders as clients are just plain assholes. If I were you, I would beat the desk, and file complaints against this turd because I have dealt with numerous cases as this one, and most of these floaters will get transferred out because the state does not want the publicity. That is if you have the testicular fortitude to defend yourself - do you????? If what you stated is true, you have every right to go after this bottom feeder. The key here is this P.O.'S "track record" while monitoring sex offenders under his watch. I will strongly suspect here, and take a small leap that this cow pie has a history of just this sort of behavior. To me, having dealt with several cases like yours in a Commonwealth state, we established a track record of these monkeys and we actually obtained relief. So I will ask you again: do you have the footballs to make yourself known????

Anonymous said...

I think that judges, politicians and Americans as a whole honestly have some odd rationale where they think registration is not punishment. I don't think judges and politicians are lying when they say registration isn't punishment- I think that's their honest belief.

William said...

moot point been off probe for 5 years

Mark said...

Just a small point: you should have stated this that it was five years ago.

William said...

Okay i got a recent tale then. I got banned from Facebook 2 months ago. I feel this is a violation of my freedom of speech! Do you have any ideas how we take on Zuckerberg?

Mark said...

Is there a state law prohibiting you from face book? If so, you may have a good legal challenge to being banned. If this banning was directly from face book by some "app," which I believe was the case, the app keyed onto your e-mail address and immediately went to a registration site, and retrieved your name and banned you. and then sent you the banning message. I would also assume that the state you reside in has demanded all of your e-mails accounts? This can be very difficult because face book is a "private" creation therefore, face book has more freedom to "regulate" its own site, rules, etc. There are several federal and state decisional law cases that found unconstitutional banning of face book. But this was because of state action, not a private entity. If your past conviction was for any underage action, this makes your fight even much more of a burden. I am sorry I do not have a better path for you to travel. The entire field of sex offender registration, banning of face book, residency restrictions is based solely upon a "CONCLUSIVE PRESUMPTION" that once convicted, you will not, and cannot stop your behavior thus, the ubiquitous paranoia, hysteria, societarian draconian laws, rules, regulations, and private entity rules.

Mike said...

When you have cops as your probation officers(registration being unsupervised probation), it's a recipe for unjust and unethical treatment. At least probation officers have to get permission from a judge before arrest. If you are a rso, you almost have a better chance being on court ordered probation.

Mike said...

I don't think anyone in their right mind wouldn't think its punishment. It is a form of unsupervised probation. Mental torture comes to mind

Tom said...

It's so funny how they want this draconian legislation in order to treat registrants like blacks, witches, jews, etc., were treated in the past. This reeks of fascism. My fellow citizens of the USA have really adopted and embraced the fascist police state in the interest of making them safer from all the boogeymen that the media and politicians lie to them about. This country is sinking lower and lower each year and will eventually collapse from the weight of its own citizen stupidity.

John Tynes said...

I love it every time they create one of these ridiculous exceptions to the rules the rest of us have to follow. I say bring on more of them. They help the public see just how stupid the whole system is.

Jason Sanders said...

i think we all know how this works.....