Friday, July 4, 2014

AUSTRALIA - Dangerous Sex Offender Act under review

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West Australia's Attorney General says the government is currently reviewing the state's Dangerous Sex Offenders act.

It follows the removal of serial rapist _____ from a small wheatbelt town amid fears of vigilante attacks.

_____, 41, was released from prison last week by the WA Supreme Court on a strict supervision order that includes curfews and electronic monitoring.

Corrective services commissioner James McMahon said _____ was relocated from his property because the situation had destabilised.

'I've moved him for his own safety,' Mr McMahon said.

'The situation has become untenable in that location for all ... parties concerned.

'But the No.1 priority for my department and for the police department is the safety of the community.'

_____ was handed an indefinite detention order in October 2008 after spending most of his adult life in prison.

His release from prison last week sparked an outcry from talkback callers and politicians.

_____ had five episodes of serious sexual offending, starting in 1987 when he was 15.

The victims were generally adult women, but five offences in 1994 were committed against a nine-year-old girl.

It was reported in The West Australian newspaper on Thursday that the Wheatbelt town's residents were given no warning about _____ moving in, and some female residents had begun arming themselves for protection or fled town.

WA opposition police spokeswoman Michelle Roberts said relocating _____ to another location only shifted the problem.

'It seems to me just really unfair to take him out of one community and inflict him on another,' Ms Roberts said.

'If he presents any kind of danger to the community, to children, to women ... the place for him is in a secure facility.'


NJ45143112 said...

It might be safe to say that any idiot knows that the registries don't work...
The problem is that the idiots are the ones who support the idea of registries...

Really, when somebody has been arrested, spit on, fined, incarcerated and basically left for dead, what is the chance that they are going to re-offend when the "crime" was basically a stupid mistake in the first place?!

Sieg Hiel!

getting closer to the street said...

Concerned your child is chatting with a sex offender ? Did the Ohio PD. Mean registerd sex offender or non registerd sex offender . This is not productive or honest procedure of an accreditted police agency that double dips at the tax payers expence for false protection . The police should act in a more profesional manor and arrive on time when called for shots fired, and stop seeking for more revenue when the technology is available to anyone . Keep parenting and monitoring their children with the parents . If the parents did'nt have to pay so much for your cell teck snooping, overtime and retirements they may have more quality time raising their family . Besides it might be a cop on the pay roll being protected by the Ohio PD. ( WHEN DOES THE TRUST BEGIN ) ? . When the parents are held responsible for their youths actions with uncontroled cyber techonolgy .

Mark said...

"The problem is, these programs are extremely expensive, and funds are
already limited. So until we can find a way to change the system,
Michele says, for now, the responsibility lies on the parents." At risk of sounding cynical, and flip, has anyone noticed that the "SYSTEM" is a machine? A machine that takes years, if not decades to change. But as long as parents feel "comfort," then all is well. If in fact parents are still teaching their children about "stranger danger," then the true issue is ignorance, fear, terror, and an almost innate inability to freely discuss these issue with their children. I would also be confident in articulating that almost 99% of the American populace has no clue, or understanding of the four types of pedophilia behavior, or what constitutes the three types of rape behavior, or even what "hebrephilic behavior is. With this said, this type of ignorance is emblematic of world history for so many other dynamics. Oh, I have to stop here because I am about to fall off the world because it is so flat.

Tom said...

Because only a handful of people over the decades went after children online, they will punish EVERYONE on the registry for it. This is another clear constitutional violation of the bill of rights. But, who cares, right? It's only us dangerous and horrible people on the registry! Who gives a hoot about their rights.

Welcome to the new Nazi Germany! Sieg Heil, America! There was a study done by a professor from Brown University in Rhode Island, I believe, that identified 14 characteristics of Fascist countries today and in the past. We have all 14. Every single one. Fascism = corporate control of government and all media which enforces totalitarianism by subjecting it's citizens to rigid, draconian laws. Sound familiar? Today, Sex Offenders. Tomorrow, everyone. Don't believe me? Look at how they weaseled the blanket spying of all Americans into public policy.

James said...

The registry is no more effective than telling the world" the sky is falling". Human sexually has been around for centuries. Is the registry the latest list of "(public stoning's) or a panic attack for the public or just a gossip list. I would think its a list of the lowest class of people of mankind but unfortunately I am one of them. To me its just a list of how cruel government can be. I didn't sign up for a lifetime on the registry and I don't think anyone did. The registry is just a way government spreads fear and panic to the public. It sure doesn't help those that were deceived into all of this by some internet sting operation or the guy that had too many beers and peed in public and got caught on candid camera.