Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AL - New law forces Chilton. Co. sex offenders to leave pastor’s backyard

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Yeah, don't you know that ex-offenders who live near each other are just planning a mass molesting of children? (Being sarcastic)


By Kaitlin McCulley

CHILTON COUNTY (WIAT) - A man’s dream to rehabilitate convicted sex offenders is coming to an end.

Since 2010, 53 sex offenders released from prison have moved in to trailers in Ricky Martin’s backyard. The property is located at 40 County Road 374 in Chilton County. Of those 53 convicted offenders, 32 are convicted rapists and 21 have been convicted of molestation. 43 committed crimes against children.

Martin pastors Triumph Church, also on his property. Neighbors tell WIAT 42 they do not feel safe in their homes.

Debra Morrison lives next door to Martin and the sex offender camp in his backyard.

Usually when you go to grandma’s house and you want to go swing on the swing, usually that’s ok,” Morrison said. “But not here.”

Morrison’s young grandchildren are frequent visitors to her home.

When they come to Nana’s, they know that we’ve got to be with them at all times,” Morrison said. “And they’re scared. There’s always fear, even when we go to bed at night.”

Chilton County Chief Deputy District Attorney C.J. Robinson said neighbors will not have to feel that way much longer. A legislative bill was passed recently, requiring sex offenders in Chilton County to live at least 300 feet apart from each other. The seven remaining offenders living on Martin’s property must leave by July 1st.

This might be the only chance I ever have as a prosecutor to try to take steps on the front end,” Robinson said. “If there’s something I can do to keep a child from being victimized.”

Morrison is thankful her worst fears have not become a reality. She hopes soon, “Nana’s house,” will be a place of carefree fun.

WIAT 42 Reporter Kaitlin McCulley talked with Martin, but he declined to be recorded on camera for this report and would not answer questions on-the-record. His only comment regarding the sex offenders is this: “I hope they continue their relationship with Christ when they leave here.”


oncefallendotcom said...

The AP released a longer article in which CJ Robinson admits NONE of the registrants from the group home reoffended. He also had to admit as much before the state legislature.

getting closer to the street said...

The accountability of legislation and the governments success rate in America falls short with being honest with the people . This could be another Waco, but would defeat it's purpose at this time, with the invation of children looking for their fathers. Another government slip up to wonder if they even know what their fathers look like or really their father . With the count of 52 thousand as of 7/02/14 from 5/19/14 when the story first broke . Not to deviate from topic but now we know why the fema camps were built not for sex offenders but for mass's of illegal population . Why would anyone give up their children, unless they are fleeing for their life . If the $ 29 BILLION dollars going south every year of american currency in drug trade corruption may be reason enough to bomb those countries to take back the borders, and balance the population ratio once again . Every president has his war too bad it's going to be here this time, and could have been prevented 46 years ago when the Nixon administration formed the DEA . Sex offences ? When youths what to have sex with their teachers and someone older, is a real break down in the american society from
Parentel neglect caused by over taxzation with out representation, and the reckless release of computer technology thats still lineing the pockets of many at the expence of americans young and old .

getting closer to the street said...

Very sorry for the eviction from a place of worship and forgiveness .Repent for all in this unjust world , and forgive those who have tresspased against us . In the mean time pitch a tent in front of your local government offcials office if they are that quick to over ride their own laws of justice after time served . Let them be reminded of their laws of justice as they have to walk around you on their way to work or go where they have lunch and stair at them while they eat . But all in accordance with the laws not be in violation . Then reside on police property so they all where you are and stay in vision of survailince camaras to be safe from police brutaity .

getting closer to the street said...

Why did Kaitlin Mc Culley give the address of pastor Martin and not the grand mother liveing next door . The news company along with Ms McUlley will be held responsible for any acts of deaths or violence from vigilante terrorists when no crime was committed just fear of a comfort zone . The pastor may ask for hand written letters from his parissh signed and addressed to Ms. Morrison the neighbor of concern, with the return address of C.A.D. Attorney CJ Robinsons office .
I can understand completely my self being reduced to liveing in a high crime area with drugs prostitution and people being shot and stabed . The police only come out on 911 calls when the smoke clears and write reports for the news and not many crimes have been solved here for the fear of retalyation from gangs, and the politicians only come out for votes only in the day light . It does not compare to your sense of secuity but it does seem like the pastor has a handle on more of a future than a past for those finding peace then corruption .

getting closer to the street said...

If you follow more of Hitler you might be surprised that he was also addicted to drugs, and a friend of Henry Ford who designed the interior door panels to hold his pistol . But to get back to self defence after time served, the vigiante people of home facts are terrorists .
That will not show their face or identity . And that is a federal matter , and with that the Keene police department can be and will be conspirators of federal law . This is still the United States of America not the live free or die state , and if so the State Police of New Hampshire will have to explain within the constitution which is it ---LIVE FREE---OR DIE . Every citizen has the right to freedom after time served and that makes HOME FACTS in the State of New Hampshire by law a terrorist organazation .

Tom said...

The police in New Hampshire fully support and endorse what the vigilante terrorist group HomeFacts does. I was told when I registered that I would be on the State Police registry AND the Homefacts registry. A clear violation of the US Constitution in both regards. However, the ex-post facto law was altered when they created the registry and strengthened after 9/11. They said that Ex-Post Facto rights can be violated as long as it is in the interest of "public safety". Broad brush, anyone?
So, in effect, we ex-sex offenders in New Hampshire are twice violated and only a small group of people are fighting to have all that changed. New Hampshire will probably be one of the last states to do any kind of registry purge (as a handful of states are doing now) because they make over 1.5m a year ($50 each person).

Tom said...

The only people who know who the Homefacts perpetrators are, are the police themselves. Why else would they tell everyone that they will be on the Homefacts site as well? I have a sneaky suspicion that Homefacts is run by the police themselves. And the police of today are the biggest criminals in the country, and terrorists themselves. Trigger happy thugs hired for their lack of compassion and their tendency towards aggression.
The Adam Walsh Act, and Megan's Law, etc., were ONE incident (each) that were used to punish everyone who is a registrant. The government doesn't care about children at all. If they did, why are so many in NH and the US homeless?? Why do they use drones overseas full well knowing they will kill children in the process? Why do they steal Food Stamps and other assistance from children. No, these laws are for financial and political gain ONLY. "Politicians hide behind 3 things: the bible, the flag, and children!" - George Carlin

Tom said...

Also, the police themselves commit sex crimes regularly here in NH. There was a police chief up by Dartmouth college who was taking drunk female students, locking them up overnight, and refusing to let them go until they pose nude for his personal picture collection. It was on the news, there were lawsuits, and an attempt at prosecution. But, our FEMALE attorney general, Jane Young, publicly excused his behavior, lied about it saying it wasn't done in an official capacity (he was ON DUTY, for goodness sake!!), and there would be no charges filed. So much for caring about sex crimes! When a politician, a cop (or their family), or a politician does it, it gets covered up or a light slap on the wrist with no registration.
A cop raped a woman on his desk, was caught by the police chief, and just fired with no legal consequence. A cop's son committed a federal sex offense with a minor, but was allowed to continue working with children, given a short probation, and no registration.
This list goes on and on. Only poor, unconnected people end up on the wrong side of the court system. Cops, politicians, and their friends get a free pass.

Anonymous said...

Don't the politicians realize that residency restrictions are what causes the sex offender clustering in the first place? If sex offenders are banned from 90% of a state, they all have to cluster in the 10% where they can live. If you can believe it or not, Mark Klaas and John walsh above all people are both against residency requirements- and for that very reason. They reason that clustering sex offenders in the same neighborhoods will cause them to all plot together to attack a new victim.