Saturday, June 7, 2014

FL - Sex Offender Shuffle Continues

Every day we're shufflin'!
Every day we're shufflin'!
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The colony of homeless sex offenders in Miami-Dade County is once again being moved… 100 yards to the east!

After several months of complaining that over 100 registrants were sent to live in his parking lot, the owner of Adolfo’s House Beauty Supply received the concession from local police, who evicted the approximately 133 registrants living transient at the corner of NW 71st Street and 36th Court on Wednesday night.

Registrants were told that they would no longer be able to stay there at night and would be subject to arrest for trespassing if they were found there the following night.

Yesterday morning, registrants began making frantic calls to their probation officers asking what to do. Most are on GPS monitoring devices and if they are not at that street corner, they would similarly be subject to arrest.

The Miami-Dade probation office’s solution was to move them one block over. 100 yards to the east, which is the street corner where they spent their night last night. Within the next 48 hours 133 registrants will be scrambling to get their drivers licenses updated, as required by law, to “transient at 71st and 35th” instead of “71st and 36th”, paying the $25 fee for the address change and jeopardizing their employment to get it done.

… until the Miami-Dade Sex Offender Shuffle moves them elsewhere.


Mark said...

The state of Amerika today. This has to be the sorriest situation ever, and a real joke for the ploticians in the state of Florida, and the Miami area - really.

Mark said...

"During the filming, an on-duty police officer arrives, and tells him
that he has been reported for doing something in his vehicle that he “should be doing in private.” That officer releases Burns after quickly concluding that he was only recording police." As I have said before, all it takes is one accusation (false as it may be), and it is over. Now the cops have placed Mr. Burns in an untenable situation, and if Burns can prove this accusation is a lie, get yourself a good civil rights/TORT lawyer and go for the gold.

Mark said...

"In 2007, the Oklahoma State Legislature
approved a new law that required all sex offenders be classified under a
three-tier system that placed offenders in a specific category
depending on the nature of the sex crime." If Oklahoma has complied with the Adam Walsh act, the state was then mandated to tier level all offenders listed on their registry. So this should be no surprise except for the fact that this has become such a news story in Oklahoma! I foresee a lot of back slapping like the state did something very special for sex offenders.

nathan rabalais said...

Like I've posted before they will keep moving these men and women so far out until there pretty much in the Everglades give it time it will happen

g4change said...

"I want to talk about how the "Home of the Brave" became the home of the stupid, vindictive, mean, and ridiculous."

BOOM!!! She. Is. Awesome.