Sunday, June 1, 2014

CA - California looking at purging sex offender list

Video Description:
The state of California is looking to remove some sex offenders from it's official list. The state says it will save millions of dollars by thinning the sheet of names to just the worst of the worst.

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sloan44 said...

It"s about time a state woke up and smelled the coffee. Now if others would wake up as well.

scholarly ambition said...

The registry does nothing to prevent crime. It does make it more difficult for offenders to find work, which makes it more dangerous for society if offenders are not working. Sex offender re offense rate is among the lowest of all other crimes. The mathematical probability that a sex offender reoffends is against it happening, not for it. This whole thing was portrayed as a way to protect the public and make the politicians look worthy. In truth, the other way to look at it is the offender has no motivation to change, or stop drinking or using drugs, etc. You might be the target of of their understandable anger of this Scarlet letter. It really is just a plain negative idea, period. People do recover, improve their character, make mistakes and have "life issues". Remember, the chances are that the former offender was abused as a child. This is a learned behavior, so it's one of your "brothers or sisters". We should steer in the direction of positive improvements, not using negative energy against people we know very little about.