Thursday, May 1, 2014

WA - Washington state police officer's (Donald Glunt) phone bill leads to child porn charges

Donald Glunt
Donald Glunt
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A peek at the phone records of a Washington state cop revealed more than 155 text messages between a teenage girl in Texas and photos of her naked body.

The copious texts listed on the phone bill of Officer Donald Glunt, 57, tipped off a sergeant and led to a meeting. He had been texting with a woman, Glunt told the sergeant, and called it a "lapse of judgment," according to court documents filed April 29.

That "woman" was actually a 16-year-old girl.

The officer had spent his entire law enforcement career at Lynden Police Department. He is also an expert on sexual predators and human trafficking and has taught classes on those subjects since 2011.

He resigned April 21 after the allegations surfaced, reported the Bellingham Herald.

In the meeting, the sergeant exchanged the phone for another - one without text messaging capabilities.

However, Glunt wanted to delete something first. The sergeant denied him the opportunity and then discovered the object of Glunt's affection: several nude photos of the teen.

The girl knew the officer as "Don from Washington," she told Texas investigators. He had recently texted her and said he was in trouble, she claimed. If the authorities called, she needed to lie about her age, he allegedly told her.

She let detectives download all the data from her cellphone, the documents said.

The two talked through texts and on an online role-playing game.

Glunt was arrested April 25 and charged with possession of child pornography.

The Washington State Patrol issued several search warrants for Glunt's work and personal property including phones, laptops and desktop computers. They found thousands of images of children that he claimed he collected for presentations on exploited kids.

Glunt told detectives he had deleted some photos from one of his laptops after his phone was taken away. He also said he used his laptop to look at porn and child modeling sites, the documents said.


Mark said...

"The task force was launched in January by President Obama, with a mandate
that within 90 days, the group should release steps for colleges to
take in response to sexual assault across the U.S, particularly in
colleges and universities." I bet the feds told the colleges if they do not comply with the mandate, they, the schools would lose lots and lots of federal funding $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who is going to break the law isn't going to be remotely worried about this ordinance. They'll just drive into the restricted area to commit the offense anyway. Like a guy who's going to risk molesting a child and going to prison for 20 years is going to be worried about going to prison for a month by violating this ordinance. It's almost akin to arguing that a group of bank robbers who are speeding 90 mph down the road in order to avoid being caught by police and going to prison for 15 years might consider slowing down their van in order to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

deathklok said...

Benicio del Toro... Isn't he that guy who portrays Dr. Gonzo in 'Fear and Loathing' that loads up Christina Ricci's character Lucy with all sorts of psychedelic drugs before statutory raping her? And I like Daniel Craig's character Jame's bond who shag's every babe he come's in contact with. Great Role Models! Maybe they can get Miley, Justin, Lindsay, and Charlie for their next PSA.