Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Virtual Sex Offender

LetterThe following was sent via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Ron:
I am a "virtual sex offender". What is that?

That's when you are treated as a sex offender even though I've never been tried, convicted or even spoken to by the police.

Examples. When I move anywhere, the residents are warned about me. I moved in with a friend and a park was nearby and the police spoke to him about me. Try to keep friends and family when any event with children causes the police to speak with the participants.

I am followed and harassed almost wherever I go by, I presume, the nonprofits and community groups that the police keep commending for keeping down crime.

I repeat: I have never been convicted of anything. I'm what I call a virtual sex offender. Welcome to the new reality.

The only thing I can conclude is that they ran out of real sex offenders for their quota.


Mark said...

"Other parts of the package include creation of a registration system for
sex industry workers, to help prevent the movement of workers from
strip clubs to prostitution." As I have said in past comments, in the next few years, all of Amerika will be on some form of registry for EASY access to the state government under the guise of "PUBLIC SAFETY;" This is yet another article piece that buttresses my prediction.

getting closer to the street said...

The strippers in the clubs exploit them selves for money with county or state laws of exposer . When a women hits the streets for money in exchange for sex should face the same 25 year register for not being licensed to prostitute in public, that falls in the catagory if seen by a child IS CHILD ABUSE , promoting indecent exposer If the judge does not know them personaly for past arrests soliciting road side sex , obstructing traffic waiting for a male to pump up his new penial implant that was paid for with medicad federal money . What if the hooker is trans sexual - life time registry ?. We have to laugh, who owns the strip clubs the lady's of the bingo hall or the preists from the local parish's, or synogoge rabbi's ?. Where will the cops go to blow off tax earnings putting 20's in the panties of there favorit stripper . This people is legalized crime at it's finest , protected by a law called freedom of ART FORM .

dlc said...

This is the worlds oldest career. What is marriage? A legalized form of prostitution. They both get sex and both get money. This is legal and illegal in many countries. In the countries where it is legal it is because they have removed the religious viewpoint and looked at it with an un-biased view. Where it is illegal it is because of some form of religion. This is not my cup of tea and that is a personal choice. Keeping the children out of the mix is a great thing, but beyond that this is a way for the legal system to raise its revenue. There nose belongs out of what people do.

Scott said...

I would need more info to react to what u wrote. All I can do is assume since u left a lot of details out. You did something , or are believed to have done something and your community found out and it's a small town so everyone knows. Sounds unfortunate but not even close to the same thing. You could just move and be completely fine, try doing that as a "registered" sex offender and let us know how you feel then about your current situation. Don't get me wrong that's not a great situation you have there but things could be a lot worse. A true "virtual sex offender" would be a person that gets off the list only to be hounded by extortion sites; thus, continuing on virtually as a sex offender.

Eric Knight said...

Note how prostitutes THEMSELVES are not subject to the registry. Obviously, I'm not talking about the minors or prostitutes who can prove they were under active threat by a pimp, but I find it ironic that the adult SUPPLIER of "illegal" sexual activity is not subject to registration, but the END USER of such activity IS subject to 25 years of purgatory.

Cartercarter5 said...

I would have to agree with Scott. There has to be more to the story than is being told. Were you accused of a sex offense? I can't buy that just out of the blue the police started harassing you for being a sex offender unless there was some type of accusation made.

cartercarter5 said...

I was locked up in Ohio with a guy that had 10 18 month sentences ran consecutively for being with a prostitute he refused to pay because the sex was terrible. His charges were for gross sexual imposition.

Mark said...

Fascinating isn't it? I saw this but did not comment because of my above rant! So you can be a "hooker" getting $$$ for sex, but they go after the solicitor of sex. WHAT THE #$%^&K DOES THAT TELL US???????

Matt said...

There have been websites like Evil-Unveiled that have put the names, phone numbers and addresses of people accused online of
being pedophiles who have not committed a crime, thus putting them on a
type of private registry that could lead to harassment wherever they

Look up Jack McClellan. He was an admitted pedophile who got slapped with a restraining order in California to stay 20 yards away from any children in the entire State despite the fact that he had never broken a law and was not on any registry. His only crime was that he was naive (some might say dumb) enough to come out of the closet. I would say that he was the closest to a "virtual sex offender" that I've ever seen. I honestly don't know how he gets by but last I heard he was homeless since he was forced to move out of his parents home due to media harassment.

Ron said...

I don't know if there was an accusation made; they haven't talked to me, I have tried moving. Didn't work. This has continued for ten years. Believe me, they know how to make sure you are separated from family and friends.

Jason Sanders said...

Good for you Mr. Virtual sex offender whether you haven't been caught or just chatting to be chatting and getting some sexual thrill out of it than more power to you. While everything has its limits and one can be duped all this issue the sex offender goes thru I would not wish it on you or anyone else. Learn from these examples on here or simply go on with your virtual sex offending.

Joe said...

It HAS begun and now the registry MUST GO!
Here is you official chance to take your stand and take it down! 

The WAR Admin Team AND our Class Action Core Team are proud to announce that we will begin work this week on two law suits to be filed at the federal level this fall. That’s right – two of them!

The first is on behalf of registered sex offenders and the second on behalf of families and friends of registered sex offenders.

The challenges will be against SORNA and the impact to the registrant families, which has been verified and documented by researchers. Also, the public impact will be defined in an upcoming survey being developed with the assistance of Professor Crysanthi Leon of the University of Delaware.

Even though these laws were mandated at the Congressional level then enacted to varying degrees by the state legislatures, we will be asking the court to rule on “the law” thus removing the manner in which legislators have purported to keep children safe – punitive punishment for registrants and families. It is time to take the issue out of the state legislators hands and campaigns and place it firmly in front of the supreme courts.

The concept of filing based on the collateral damage experienced by those who seek to provide positive support at re-entry and thereafter will gather steam and provide a more assertive approach than is being used today.

Please consider this your invitation to visit our website where you will instantly see the announcement as well as the opportunity for participation. We have also listed some Frequently Asked Questions to help answer as many immediate questions as possible.

Join the ‘Movers and Shakers’ in these law suits.