Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TX - Mart May Pass First-Ever Sex Offender Ordinance

Sex offender residency zones
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By Matt Howerton

City Council members in Mart will be voting on a new sex offender ordinance Monday night. The town has never adopted a sex offender ordinance before and if passed, this would be the city’s first ever.

The proposed law comes on the heels of a sex offender registration in town. In April residents’ living near the city’s elementary and high schools were notified via postcard that a registered sex offender was residing in the area.

Since Mart currently has no sex offender ordinance whatsoever, the offender only has to comply with state law, which states that a sex offender can’t live within 500 feet of places where children commonly gather only if he or she is on parole or probation.

Offenders can live wherever they want if they aren’t on parole or probation and there is no city ordinance in place.

Since April, council members have been under the gun to adopt a sex offender ordinance.

I was bombarded with emails and phone calls and that's what made me realize we needed to do something about this pretty quickly," Mart Mayor Pro-tem Henry Witt said.

I was just as appalled as some of the other members of the city council.”

Witt and other city council members have since drafted a sex offender ordinance for Mart that states registered sex offenders with violations against children 16 and under cannot live within 1000 feet of where children commonly gather.

If passed however, current sex offenders living near child safety zones like schools or parks would be grandfathered into the ordinance and wouldn’t be forced to relocate.

But new offenders coming into the city could be fined each day they live in a prohibited child safety zone.

Mart’s city council meeting starts at 6:30 pm Monday night.


Mark said...

I do not blame the men at all. One slight mistake in judgment, a perceived "wrong" move, a word, or a pat on a shoulder, a smile or grin or even a perception of paying a little more attention to a student can mean a catastrophic result. And as I have stated in a previous comment, a male teacher will be at the mercy of the perceptual limitations of many others who have been brain washed with paranoia, and hysteria to ensure a man/person are marginalized, and looked upon with objectification, even if a very small allegation may surface. And even if a male teacher is totally cleared, he will NEVER be able to remove any doubt from the brainwashed.

Mark said...

So if a man married with children decide to go to Italy for a vacation, does anyone really believe the married man will be allowed to go?? And the heartache at airports, and customs, and maybe TSA agents because Joe Doe is on some list even before boarding an international flight????? Not to mention what could happen in another country when the man de-planes with his family. anti-human trafficking laws? So every person who goes abroad is now a suspected "human trafficker? There is more than meets the eye with this piece of legislation.

nathan rabalais said...

Looks like the people from Texas voices will be busy with this one

NJ45143112 said...

Nothing like a dose of uninformed idiocy to start the morning!
I'm given to wonder what the Euro community thinks of this nonsense. They don't seem nearly as paranoid and far more interested in human rights than the U.S.
I also have to wonder if this new legislation assumes that everyone labeled as an "offender" is considered to be a child rapist. It certainly looks that way!
Pass what legislation you want guys, it won't do any good since the people that are going to commit this crimes ARE NOT REGISTERED!!!

Tyrant said...

“Sex offenders around the world are now able to cross borders and oceans to carry out their nefarious activity under the cloak of anonymity and disappear before a child is able or willing to reveal the crime.”

Meanwhile in Washington, our president does unconstitutional laws like, starting wars without Congress approval, without a hint of anonymity and faces no punishment for their crimes.
Nor has to answer anyone's questioning as they believe they did "right". I know this is a stupid point, but the fact remains and the label Sex offenders as people trying to cross boarders trying to carry out heinous acts.
Never does it seem like, oh I don't know, their fleeing the country that stigmatizes them and they want away from it?
Or even say, They just want to live in peace, and these people use fear tactics again to say such b.s. like, "Their crossing boarders to continue their abuse, under the guise of travel."
And most people already know that other countries have lower age consent laws. What, is the United States going to tell other countries to be more like them? A failed democracy? And a long-gone republic? We're the country made fun of other countries for our stupidity, this is almost common knowledge now. We're playing "catch-up" with the rest of the world now in our scholastics. Let's not be fooled by this.

getting closer to the street said...

It's time for megans law to get their hands dirty instead of pushing political sales of an international law to save the world . Congress has it's hand out with anything megans law has to sell . This will mean more contributions from other country's to pay for the FEAR , that is of course from the sex offender registry , that every offender on the list is a killer of children 7 yrs olds or violent . When other country's under stand that megans law is actualy a woman that is unstable and needs a mental evaluation before any more laws are passed in this country let alone anyother country . This woman is in denial , with facts of not telling the real truth, and lying to the public using media propaganda with twist , and not takeing responsiblity for her registry that has taken the lives of past offenders and their families with no past offences .
Now it's time for her to go to the mexican border and prove herself . As May 19th 2014 the borders have been breeched by youths without parents an attack with amnesty in mind . The youths yes still children are being held at military bases because they have been caught crossing into the united states and said they were sent by their mothers to look for their fathers . If megans law Laura Ahearn is to prevent possible abuse in America and other country's and keep congress in the green THEN SHOW THE WORLD WHO YOU REALLY ARE and personally go down there and do your stuff . Hands on . A real humanitarian for the protection of children .