Friday, May 30, 2014

TX - Council member proposes new ordinance to place signs at sex offenders homes

Signs in offenders yards
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By Daniela Fierro

LAREDO (KGNS) - A city leader is proposing an idea to put signs in the yards of local sex offenders, to identify where they live.

Enter your county on the state sex offenders registry and it'll show you the names and addresses of all the people on that list.

But according to Councilman for District 1, Mike Garza, it's not enough and local families need more protection.

He also hopes a new ordinance will provide that.

Arturo Calabaza is a father of two, he is concerned about the possibility of a sex offender living in his neighborhood.

That could be a reality with a new proposal made by Councilman Garza.

He wants to place signs on the sex offender's property, but there are some legal issues.

Currently sex offenders have to register either with the county of Laredo Police Department.

Webb County probation officer Robbie Adams has to keep track of 60 local sex offenders.

But not all the cases have the same requirements.

The Department of Public Safety Registry shows 198 registered sex offenders in Webb county alone.

And with this new plan, Councilman Garza is hoping more people will be aware.

Garza says he got the idea from a community in Florida.

But for Arturo, the proposal hits close to home, and hopes it becomes a reality.


dlc said...

What is wrong with this councilman? Has he been drinking the media and lawmakers Koolaide? This just makes the sex offenders targets and they don't get the chance to rejoin society.

Sex Offender Issues said...


nathan rabalais said...

The words of Carlos Mencia "Deedee"

Redeemed1 said...

To me this councilman just claimed that his constituents are stupid and/or lazy. Can't you see people saying "Well geez I'm too stupid..I need the government to do everything for me...I don't know how to search the internet." That is absurb! Next thing we'll here is that it is too hard for people to get the instruments to harass us. They'll make sure to have makeshift bombs and guns next to the "signs." We can't make it too hard to harass these unwanted people...

Sorry this so dripping from sarcasm...

rob said...

how can the government force you to display a message you don't agree with on your private property?

Thoughtasweak said...

95% of crimes reported are perpetrated by someone not on the registry, and 93% of those are people we trust with our children. Putting signs in people's yards does nothing to prevent crimes from occurring, if so Floriduh would have NO sex crimes in their state, but as all states show, sex crimes still occur.

How can we prevent sex crimes from happening. Educating the public the warning signs and whom are more likely to offend against their children, and teaching children (age appropriate) what is good touch/bad touch, good secrets/bad secrets. We also need to offer prevention treatment without fear of incarceration for those who seek help.