Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

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Hughes was the first cop to question me about a mexican illegal trying to break a beer bottle to hurt me. After answering about 20 bullshit questions as Hughes' attempted to stonewall me and aggravate the situation, I asked him why he wasn't arresting Alberto Gonzalez.

He had apparently run a make on me and found Deputy Pete Turner's comment about me not respecting authority and decided to teach me a lesson. (I had a run in with Turner a couple years previous.) Hughes turned the incident completely around and had me convicted of battery. A conviction that Hughes and the entire department knew would follow me around the rest of my life. Even though all evidence and testimony indicated I was acting in self defense in preventing Gonzalez from breaking that bottle.

Unfortunately for Hughes, however, one of his fellow officers must not have liked how he railroaded me. Cops like Hughes are bad for business. He or she must have known about Hughes' sex tape because it was confiscated and used to convict him of an incestuous relationship with a 17 year old female relative (daughter? MY GOD!).

Deputy Turner also found himself on the business end of the LORD's wrath. Several teenage girls came forth about him propositioning them, which resulted in his being fired from the Elko County Sheriff's Dept. In fact, it was learned during the investigation that Turner began wooing his current girlfriend when she was only 15.

I defy anybody to show me where the DA and "judge" C*nt Kidner proved their case against me. Read about my "trial" at