Friday, May 16, 2014

DC - Pentagon punished nearly 500 for sexual harassment

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. military fired or disciplined nearly 500 workers for sexual harassment in a 12-month period, and nearly 13 percent of the complaints filed involved repeat offenders, according to new data.

The Pentagon on Thursday released its first formal report on sexual harassment amid months of criticism from Congress over how the department handles sexual assaults and related crimes.

According to the report, there were 1,366 reports of sexual harassment filed in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, involving 496 offenders across the services and National Guard. Officials acknowledged that much like sexual assault complaints, incidents of sexual harassment are vastly underreported, and they said there will be a concerted effort to increase reporting.

Sexual harassment involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is tied to a person's ongoing employment or interferes with the person's work.

The report reveals that in the vast majority of the cases the victim was a young, lower-ranking woman and the offender a senior enlisted male service member, often in the same unit. The most frequent location of the harassment was a military base.

More than half of the complaints involved crude or offensive behavior, and another 40 percent were described as unwanted sexual attention. Most involved verbal behavior.

Nearly 60 percent of the complaints were substantiated and the punishments ranged from court martial and firing to pay cuts, rank demotions, letters of reprimand, and other administrative actions.

The report noted the link between sexual harassment and sexual assaults, saying that surveys have indicated that up to 30 percent of the women and 19 percent of the men who said they had been assaulted reported that the offenders had sexually harassed them before and/or after the attacks took place.

The report also said that the military services are aware of the large number of repeat offenders and "are taking appropriate action."

Officials said they hope to use the data to begin to resolve any problems with department policy or programs.

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CharlesHiggins said...

First they came for the sex offenders, I did not object because I was not a sex offender. Then they registered the gun owners and I did not object because I was not a gun owner. Then they wanted to register the violent felons, but I did not object because I was not a violent felon. Then they came for me, and nobody was left to object.

The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

sloan44 said...

So right Charles. This registry and violation of rights has gone to far. Some may feel I'm wrong but it's about time all registrant advocate groups possible propose a peaceful protest in D.C. followed by family members of registrants that are hurt by these unjust laws. I feel with the proper amount of funding, donations and willpower this is feasible. At one time they came for the homosexuals, the first sex offender registry was started for them in 1946, and they were put in mental institutions until 1969. But they did something, protest. And now they are marrying and starting loving families through adoption. It would be a struggle but well worth it.

elaine said...

Let me know if anyone wana protest in tenn...cant travel far .washington dc is too far to travel .we need people from our states .then to washington dc .our loved ones who on registry and us are in danger every day of vigilantee .harassment .bullying.loseing jobs homes .liberty to just move be normal families doing normal every day things .school .family outings .beach pool concerts .easter. christms halloween activities .going to church functions ..etc .and theirs no due process .no firgiveness no network support from govt .they jusy want total control as you stated they done this to the jewish people .label took away rights .they had to fight for their freedom .then homosexuals .now sex offenders .lots of rso on registry commited offence 10to 30yrs ago ..they have not reaffended and deserve to be reevaluated to see if they got a mind set to molest yrs later .you will find thst most dont and hadnt reaffended .they want to give back .thry are remoreceful .regrets .and .only ask for sec chance to prove they not same person..but all u see is punishment forever.i know a pastor who killed a lady .he sliced her neck .guess where hes at today .after jail hes free livig pastoring.not on no registry .i know drunk driver whom killed a baby and fiance .guess what he is in jail 8yrs but two yrs only parole hell be out .no registry !i know people who beaten woman 30something yrs .and guess what never got in trouble why cause he part of govt .so tell me whats right whats wrong .put everyone on it for their past or forgive them give them chance .stop putting it all on rso and their families who faceing same pain imprisonment .abandonment .isolation .harrasment .no jobs no home .vigilantee cause the public shame list .you poloticians want and care nothong about .we pay taxes and i have never got in trouble with law .but cause our loved one whose on registry you make us lepars .you make us sec class citizens .our children dont matter to u will be on your conscience someday if our family evrr gets vigilantee cause the list and or our son getsso overwhelmed with this registry unconstitutional stuff that one day him not being able to live normal be able to have his father whom he loves and looks up to not been there his life cause of registry punishment that he decided to take his life .i fear for our son growing up in this world .i pray thst registry will end one day .so we can be families and start a future .without fear .every rso should get their families to voice out and petition the registry be abolished cause its unconstitutional restrictions placed on us all ..get aclu involved .speak up for our families .they may not care about rso but they may care if the families let them know what they go thru evetyday and way its affected them .

Anonymous said...

This has been proposed every year in NY for about the last 5 years. It always passes the senate overwhelmingly but never can get past the house. Let's see if it does any better this time.