Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is the opportunity?

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By James:
While their is good and bad in everything I have to question these internet sting operations. Most all sting operations I know of are done in public with something tangible, such as a bait car, underage alcohol purchasing, speeding, prostitution rings, murder for hire. etc.

I cannot think of any occasion that a sting operation is not done in the physical since.

None of these internet sting operations wouldn't happen in public and that's a fact.

Using an internet were one cannot see who's really on the other end of the screen doesn't give any advantage and to me that would seem to go against the police code of ethics.

If you really think about this one has to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and look at all this with common sense.

What is the opportunity?

Is this a real teenage gal or a fictitious gal posing as horny person in an adult chat room?

What's a teenage gal doing in an adult chat room?

Who entices who?

Who suggests meeting? Was it her or you or did you ask if she would like to meet you. Their is a difference.

These internet sting operations are cunning and the so called fictitious teenager will use everything to try to bring you down to her level.

Now suppose you suggested if she would like to meet you, I would image she would be soliciting herself if she said yes.

Now suppose you said that you had a condition before meeting that their was to be no sex.......... I would think the whole opportunity for the chat was for the purpose of having sex but since you can't have sex with a six foot officer than it has to be attempt.

I am just wondering what kind of ruse the police are doing all in the name of safety on an adult chat site when yahoo states one has to be 18 to participate.

I am not quite sure about other chat sites about age but from what yahoo states one has to be 18 and has to register which is a form of a contract stating the person's age.

I don't know about the rate of internet sting operations verses actual crimes involving real teens or kids but I do know that these sting operations are a cottage industry for police and they are making a lot of money with these so called cat and mouse games.

If anyone out there reads this could you please enlighten me on all this as I would love to know how the american citizen is getting duped by all this.Contact me at

I have wrote letters to my congressman and am getting ready to write the judge in my case as we all need to stand up and not let this go on deaf ears.

Stand up for your rights! Two things I think all people hate are liars and thief's........... and they are thief's when they take your rights away.


marc hunt said...

Be more attentive to your spell check and you will be more respected for what you say

Kathy Karaba said...

Your best bet for housing, and I'm sure there are exceptions, is NOT to live in a small town. You don't say what state you reside in, but every state has different residency laws. My next recommendation is not to try and rent an apartment in an apartment complex. You're best bet is probably renting a house. If you live in a medium size or large city, it's a lot easier to find a place. Check out the neighborhoods where a lot of sex offenders live. It's in those areas, usually not the toniest part of town, you'll find a landlord who will rent to you. Good luck and bless you for caring!

deathklok said...

Anon. Your comment
"...clustering sex offenders in the same areas will cause RSOs to plot together to get a new victim."

As ludicrous as it may seem this will be reviewed and re-reviewed a thousand times by Law Enforcement, the media, and politicians during the course of investigation of the two homeless registrants from Orange County Ca. accused of murdering four women.

I'm currently awaiting my new punishment for what those two fugnuts are accused of.

Kevin said...

Discrimination based on criminal background is totally legal. Those with a criminal background are not a protected class such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. I tried to fight that fight once (with written proof of the discrimination) and was told by lawyers and housing advocates that there was nothing I could do.
Best of luck to you!

Matt said...

I don't thing these online stings hardly ever catch a true pedophile. They rarely target pedophiles. They mostly target men who might have an interest in teens (and just about every male, if he were honest, would admit some attraction to teens.) The reason for this is because it's believable that a teen would be online looking for sex, but it's a lot less believable that a child would be. Sometimes however you'll have an officer posing as a parent with kids to lure pedophiles but mostly it's officers, or vigilantes even, posing as teens because that's better bait and they catch more fish.

NJ45143112 said...

The truly scary part of the law is a "sex crime...against a law enforcement officer..."

How on earth do you commit a crime against a law enforcement officer? They are too old to be molested and not even real people so they can't be harmed in any way (since they are posing). So, the question is: who is benefiting from this type of entrapment?
No actual crime has been committed...
A crime of intent is circumstantial at best...
The truth is that society has gotten so ramped up over the hype and lies that they believe anything law enforcement says! And the officers and legislators believe completely that they are hurting nobody and saving everybody!
Never once is there any concern for the individual who now has lost his liberty; whose friends and family will be irrevocably harmed; whose employer, creditors and others will lose profitability...
All because some arrogant SOB wants to play God and portray himself as a child. Yes, this may out somebody who may actually assault a child so there is some good but when you weigh that against the irrevocable harm done to society by those who are sworn to protect it, then the threats are reversed in my eyes! One person is persecuted for not harming anyone and another is commended for harming multiple people by violating his rights as a human being!
This is the country that we live in now...

NJ45143112 said...

The tastier the bait, the bigger the fish...
But, bait or not, unless an actual crime is committed then actual intent can't be proven...
Due process is not a thing of the past and should be in full force in any case of law. If it's thrown out because of simple beliefs and bias then the law is nothing more than terrorism...

Margaret said...

Can someone please inform me of who directed this video, or the series title? I am using this source in dissertation work and would like to reference it.

Kevin said...

The fact of the matter is that we, as a society, have always governed by the premise of "legislate now, ask questions later." It usually takes generations for society to come to their senses and open their eyes to instances of oppression against a class of people. It wasn't until 16 presidents after our country was founded that we actually confronted slavery and another 100 years after that did we begin to tackle the issues of discrimination. Another example is the war on drugs. It's been about a generation since that war began and although we are starting to realize it's not solving any problems and doing more harm than good, we've yet to make any significant changes. I'm sure it'll take a few more generations for us to make any progress, but the wheels are turning.
When it comes to the sex offender timeline, we're still in the first generation of that hysteria. Although progress is being made, I'm afraid it'll be a few more generations before we see anything substantial.

ccp081970 said...

Keep in mind that if his probation was extended do to the violation his probation officer can restrict the rental location.

I am trying to do an interstate compact tranfer to Oregon. Been denied twice because they said it was a high crime area and a kid living in another appartment.

In California, I have no restrictions where I live and can be around kids unsupervised, judge's orders.

Not that I want to.

Happy Joyous and Free said...

I agree with @Kathy's comment. Renting an apartment is difficult in a lot of places, as many have exclusions for felons/RSO's on the lease form. Some that don't just discriminate anyway. I've had mixed results renting rooms from people in the past. Never had a problem once I was renting (they like the money).

Use the state's website to see where RSO's are living as a way to start. You will also see where there aren't RSO's - and you can make a comparison against the residency laws so you can avoid areas from your search.

Small towns are not good choices. I live in a small city, and there are enough RSO's in the area because the county courthouse and jail are part of the city. The main probation office is in the city as well. Out here, the PO's sometimes try to help find places for RSO's to live because they keep track of apartments that do rent to RSO's.

NJ45143112 said...

Sieg Heil!

James said...

Kevin, marc, and all you guys. To be considered as attempt... can one actually attempt to have sex when there is no teenager involved? Now that's just common sense.
My original post was: What was the opportunity?
The opportunity was for the person to have sex with a teenage since their was no teenage gal and since a person asked for no sex...... which is the key point in the how operation.
You could tell that person on the line a wet dream story or a hardcore story about a fictitious encounter but in the end they want you to come and meet them.
No matter if you are weak and they entice you. they are trying to get your goat and wanting you to actually ask for sex.
So excuse me in am wronged but one has to actually commit a crime..... a thought crime is a thought if you actually carry that out. But if you ask to back out of that thought crime and they persuade you otherwise than you find out that they were conning you . I think that would be a no brainer and a legal issue.
Now if one assumed that they were talking to a teenage gal., than the assumed has to be proved that it was actually a teenage gal.
All in all they pull the wool over your eyes and any man is gullible in a situation like that...
Its a cat and mouse game and they want to win. The court systems have it all figured out. That's why they give plea deals, and that's why not many take this stuff to trail because the courts don't want the truth to come out to juries.
That would ruffle the courts feathers if they lost and you won.

Jade Davis said...

This is an excellent video. Dr. Eliott is one of the world's foremost experts on this subject.

Matt said...

Just because someone violently attacks a child's genitals does not mean that person is a pedophile. Usually this type of sadistic, violent abuse (such as raping a child with a thorny rose stem) is not done by a pedophile with some sexual or romantic attraction to a child but by a social loser who enjoys inflicting pain and power over those weaker than him or her. People who do this type of "evil" stuff are often addicted to drugs and alcohol and suffer from other mental illnesses like depression.

Yes female pedophiles exist but they are of a different breed than violent situational abusers. There is a difference between a female teacher who has a consensual relationships with a student (statutory rape) and a female who beats and tortures a child in her care and violently rapes her with painful objects. Pedophiles generally aren't motivated by any malice regardless of how horrible we think their crimes are.

getting closer to the street said...

Again over the pond, another British invation . Finally it's long over do . There are so many diffrent terminologies of the englsh language and most are so detrimental there's no turning back . But here Ms. Elliot uses words like feminism - we don't hear that in the States, or logical sense of history . The word pedaphile is used losely, and abuse . OK but not in context, with past pubic relationships of consent but under age ( in the UK it's 16 ) . The theory of humiliation at a young age from an older woman or man, may have contributed to sexual desire's, domination, or complete rejection . Also, Religious strictness in class - when the nuns would make your knuckels bleed being hit with a ruler or other disaplinary forms of teacher conduct, that when cought the
parents woud say you deserved it, and that was that . Even school atire and to submit for respect of your elders have long term effects, but manageable with time , it's life and life is always changing and with this we learn, except for the discriminating life time public registry .