Saturday, April 5, 2014

VA - Underage Virginia ‘sexting’ ring ensnares 100 teens, uncovers 1,000 pictures

Sexting Scandal
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A sprawling central Virginian “sexting” ring was busted up by authorities after pictures of naked 14- and 15-year-olds sprang up on Instagram, cops say.

The disturbing investigation revealed more than 1,000 pictures, some videos and more than 100 involved teens through six different counties who may not realize sharing such photos of underage kids can be a felony, police told the Central Virginian.

"Out of those thousand images, there are some of them that are not sexually explicit, but are what we would call inappropriate or provocative — in their underwear,” Major Donald A. Lowe, chief deputy of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, told the newspaper. “It looks like the majority will be sexually explicit.”

A mother tipped off authorities last month after she noticed some scandalous photos on her child’s Instagram profile. Once police started digging, they found two different Instagram accounts that allowed teens to access them only if they shared a nude photo or scantily clad photo of themselves first.

Officers then learned teens from Louisa, Fluvanna, Orange, Goochland, Albemarle and Hanover counties were sharing photos of themselves either on the site or by sexting each other, the newspaper reported.

About 23 cellphones have been seized as authorities look into the massive ring.

Photos of naked underage teens is child pornography, a felony criminal charge in the state that could even lead to lifelong registration as a sex offender if convicted.

Police are still in the early stages of investigation, and no arrests have been made.

I think if people thought for a minute and didn't do that, they'd save themselves a lot of grief … They're having fun but I can tell you colleges and universities, agencies who hire people, including us, look for those things and those are not going to be positive if they're found in a kids' past," Goochland Sheriff Jim Agnew told WWBT-TV.

Teens told the TV station sexting is a common occurrence — and parents said they put limits on their kid’s Internet access to prevent such pictures.

Lowe, the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said it starts with personal responsibility.

"We're trying to save these teens from themselves," he told the NBC affiliate.

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Mark said...

"We're trying to save these teens from themselves," he told the NBC affiliate." Nice. Mom and dad cannot do it so the state will do it - perfect.

Mark said...

You all that read this article KNOW where this is going - right? Shortly, there will be a plethora of new legislation. As I have stated before, there is a clandestine agenda to enact sex offender laws. You too will be caught up in this forthcoming ubiquitous tracking system very soon even if you have not been accused or committed a sexual offense. When the laws are enacted for this as the article speaks of, be advised and observe the amount of accolades, back-slapping, and all of the good guy speeches you will witness for these "covert" laws being activated.

Mark said...

"SPRINGFIELD - A petition filed with the Illinois Supreme Court by
17 prison reform advocates seeks to end a state policy that has forced
more than 1,000 sex offenders to serve their parole in prison because
they lack approved housing." In my view, this action is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cheaper than allowing prisoners out because the state is responsible for their conduct, housing, safety, check ins, and so forth. Under the guise of course, for public safety and the state not knowing what to do with sex offenders. Since the state has created this monster by legislative fiat, ensuring the demise of offenders for the sake of obtaining and receiving federal funds under the Edward Byrne act, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THE STATE AT ALL for creating this problem to begin with. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.

Matt said...

She couldn't think of a better name than "pedophile finder?" I guess Allison Allison gets that from her parents.

I know everyone hates tailgaters, they are annoying - but damn, do we really have to start calling them pedophiles now?

dlc said...

Now they finally found a way to identify those pesky child sex offenders and keep them away from the other children to make them safer.

dlc said...

Hey Hitler, psst, over here. One you did not think of! Lets lock everybody up to keep society safer, aka, under control!

getting closer to the street said...

I think "terrorist hi jacking emergency device" would be more effective . Kids know more about that from television and video games than carrying the shame of being pre pubic . Here' a thought what is the bus driver's options when a past offender is on his or her way to work . Will these bus driver defenders of chid protection carry firearms . Too much television .( I'm curious what Allisons middle name is ) . OH , ITS OK KIDS ITS JUST A PEDOPHILE , NOT A TERRORIST ATTACK . Are the new busses going to have metal detectors before entry . That seems to be a big problem , kids bringing guns to scool to shoot there class mates and teachers . Talk about paranoia . What really are the kids going to learn in school when their mentors are so hateful and frightend . Good luck to everyone .

Lance Mitaro said...

Today's Gen Xer adults are more breeders than they are actual, responsible parents. They want everything handed to them just like their parents did them with the sippy cups.

nathan rabalais said...

They would rather waste money on prosecuting then educating these kids

Ron said...

The ACLU is getting involved in this case. They said that it has become a first admen sent issue because teens have the right to take nude pics of themselves and send them too who they want. Here is a link to the article I read that at.!/newsDetail/25169010

daver999 said...

The Illinois ACLU will do nothing to help RSO's because it is not politically prudent. I was told this by one of their lawyers.

James said...

hey you got to think "money". That's money in their pockets. These teens won't go to jail. They'll be put on probation and added to the sex registry all in the name of public safety. So what else is wrong in the world.
Lets talk about smoking pot in Colorado while on vacation and coming home to another state and your company just happens to give you a random drug test. Of course you show positive for the drug but your in another state. ... So how do they know you didn't smoke pot in this state or that state? What's with these laws..