Thursday, April 24, 2014

SC - Ruling in favor of registered sex offender raises questions

Off the sex offender registry
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By Greg Suskin

Marjorie Carroll believes that once someone is on the sex offender register, that person should be listed there for life.

They're not going to change," Carroll said. "You have to protect the children."
- You need to stop believing everything you read. Not all ex-offenders have harmed children and anybody can change, if they want to.

However, a South Carolina sex offender won a major court battle Wednesday that will remove his name and picture from the life-long public registry. The state Supreme Court ruled in favor of _____ of Florence, who argued the registry wasn't equitable.

The decision raises questions for many about the online sex offender registry, who should be listed there, and for how long.

There are 235 names and pictures on the registry in Rock Hill alone. On Wednesday, Channel 9 spoke to a Rock Hill man, who's on that list and didn't want to be identified.

"Everyone wants to be forgiven," he said. "No one wants to be reminded of their past all your life."

He spent 10 years in prison for having sex with a minor. He told Channel 9 he's not that person anymore, and shouldn't be listed as a sex offender now.

"I believe God is a God of second chances, and I believe everybody else should have a second chance," he said.

Currently, anyone on the registry is there for life, unless their conviction is overturned, or if they are pardoned.

Many offenders are listed, even though they are not considered sexual predators. Some are there for having sex with minors, when they were teens themselves. Other cases involve people charged with indecent exposure.

16th circuit solicitor Kevin Brackett said for some of those cases, a change could make sense.

"I don't know that there shouldn't be some mechanism for people that have been sort of caught in the web of the registry, that are not truly sexual predators," Brackett said.

However, he also said the registry is an important tool for public safety.

"Clearly I think the public interest is very strong in alerting the public to individuals who are repeat or sexually violent predators," he said.

Shirley James of York said she feels like some of the people listed on the registry don't belong there.

"That happened to a friend of mine, even though the case wasn't right, and it ruined his life," she said.

A spokesman for the South Carolina Attorney General's office said they are reviewing the Supreme Court's ruling, and have 10 days to appeal it.


Mark said...

Just one more example of sex offender OBJECTIFICATION and the resulting law to displace many and the excuse used is others coming to reside when they were not covicted of a crime in Chilton County.

Matt said...

Who the hell is Marjorie Carroll? The article gives no description, other than her name, of who this person is or why her opinion even matters.

I had to search her name on google and I wonder if she is the associate professor at West Port military academy who has her Ph.D in clinical psychology? That would be ironic. A clinical psychologist who believes people don't change.

"hey doc, I have this porn addiction. I was hoping you could help me over come it."

"Oh no, sorry. Nothing I can do. You're not going to change. I studied psychology for 8 years. Trust me, people never change."

Assuming it is her, how the fuck did she get a ph.d.

deathklok said...

That's funny...My primary thought after reading the first lines was "Who the HELL is Marjorie Carroll?" Probably just another ignoramus on the street. Unfortunately these are the most common sound bites that the media selects for print on this subject. Repeated enough it become truth I guess. Too bad research and science doesn't outweigh the common myths.

Mark said...

That is correct folks! Yet another buffoon who has OBJECTIFIED sexual offenders and any/all rehab, assistance they may be able to receive by grouping every single offender into one package because of her bias, hate, ignorance and most likely her life-long history of cynicism, man-hating, and just plain misery of life. Ms. Carroll, I am happy you made that statement and have been quoted by the media. You both work hand-in-hand to utterly destroy any free form of thinking for the communities, and both you and the media continue the barrage the public with such mind control, thought arrangement for the sake of "self," and media ratings. You both are a cancer to the world as many have followed in your foot steps

deathklok said...

I doubt these guys choose to live in a complex of this nature. I'm sure most would rather be with their family or relatives, but since residency restrictions force these guys away from their support this is what happens. So now instead of having a roof over their head and a place to shower they'll be forced to live in tents in outlying areas. Probably still in groups or encampments, but without running water or toilets.

“It’s one of those things where we’re not going way overboard with the punishment,” Robinson said. yeah...whatever.

NJ45143112 said...

It would seem that the attorneys for these cities only studied "law of convenience" or "least resistance" instead of actually doing any solid research...
Somebody should audit the California Bar Association for producing a hoard of legal morons!
On the other hand, there is some pleasure is knowing that they also produced Ms. Belluci...
In your face, Guys!

Mark said...

'Registrants are prohibited from loitering anywhere on the grounds or
within 300 feet of schools, parks, day care centers, public libraries,
school bus stops, playgrounds and any location that holds classes or
group activities for children.' Oh dear Lord, how many sex offenders hang around schools and playgrounds for God's sake? One in ten thousand maybe? “State law allowed us to put the ordinance in place,” Linn said." I think they better re-think this statement because the California Supreme Court just upheld a recent California Appellate Court holding that the city (Orange), did not have statutory authority to override the state legislature on residency restrictions. I am afraid that MANY city lawyers are political, than good soldid lawyers from a law school, and it shows when you read insipid, stupid, inane laws such as this one passed.

anonymous said...

Residency restrictions are what causes sex offender clusters in the first place. Once RSOs are banned from 90% of the state, they obviously have to cluster in the 10% where they're still allowed to live. If Alabama is afraid of sex offenders clustering together because then they'll begin to plot with each other to harm women and children, then they should abolish residency restrictions.

mike said...

Also the author of this article, Mr. Greg Suskin, did not do all his research homework. He states, "Currently, anyone on the registry is their for life, unless their conviction is overturned, or if they are pardoned."

Only 50/50 true. Yes if your conviction is overturned by a Judge you come off the registry. If you apply for and receive a Pardon from the State Pardon Board in Columbia, SC you only come off the registry IF the Pardon you receive states "NOT GUILTY" on the Pardon. That is according to SC State Law.

IF your Pardon does not say "NOT GUILTY" the only thing the Pardon does for you is remove your "STREET ADDRESS" from the registry and restore your civil rights and absolve you of the "Legal Consequences" of the Crime and the Conviction. You still have to register every six months and YOUR PICTURE is still on line. It's great to have your address off the registry but it would be better to be off the registry all together.

There for, because of the picture still there, prospective employers still consider you a "reputational risk" to their companies and will not hire you.

I know all this because I received a Pardon in SC some years ago. The Pardon states I was Pardoned for having been and appearing to be and will be a law-abiding citizen. Unfortunately my Pardon does not state "NOT GUILTY" so I am still stuck on the registry for life.

Mr. Greg Suskin needs to investigate his information a little better regarding South Carolina S.O. Pardons.