Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NCMEC - Hope Is Why We're Here (Misleading Video)

This video is misleading. This organization DOES NOT make children any safer from criminals, they only come in after the fact to help find the person dead or alive. That is a big difference!

They say they help prevent and solve crimes. How is that exactly?

If someone is intent on sexually abusing, kidnapping or even murdering someone, nothing they do will prevent that.

They say the FBI reports that 500,000 reports are made of missing children each year. Sounds like one of those magical Goldilock numbers to us, but we could be wrong.

Then they show the case of Jacon Wetterling, who was kidnapped, but a crime they did not solve.

Also they show the Adam Walsh act, which is another crime they did not prevent, and it was never proven Adam was sexually abused or who murdered him, but that didn't stop John Walsh from pushing the Adam Walsh act to put ex-sex offenders on a public list, which also doesn't prevent crime. And what about the fact that he dated Reve when she was underage? If they had sex then, then John Walsh committed a sexual crime.

They should be putting out educational material, online and in schools, that is what may prevent a crime, but hey, who are we?


Lance Mitaro said...

Wow. Just about all of the profession victims and fear profiteers are represented in one video! Actually, this is most likely a presentation video created to show congress for more funding. You see! Look at all the good we're doing! We cherry picked a couple success stories and lets get all warm and fuzzy. It's kinda like that guilt-tripping video where they show those abused dogs in cages with the sad faces that are purported to be euthanized soon unless you save them, I'm sure you've seen it. "Our need is immediate and dire, please act today to make a real difference... you may be there only hope."

For all the "good" the NCMEC claims to achieve, they will always be a focus group and well spring for advocating more legislation against sex offenders. They go out of the way to distort the public's factual knowledge and perception of sex offenders. What they want the public to remain ignorant about is, the probability that the next sex offense case will be perpetrated by someone who is not a registered sex offender is sky high.

We'd have enough money to fix our roads and decaying bridges in America if we didn't waste billions each year on funding the NCMEC, each state's version of Megan's Law and the AWA. But hey, as long as we have some fleeting psychological comfort in knowing where someone lives, it's money well spent, right?

Matt said...

Even if we were to believe Ottis Toole's "confession" the reason he said he kidnapped Adam was because he wanted him for a son, never did he say he raped or sexually assaulted Adam. John Walsh repeatedly calls Toole a pedophile despite the fact that he had no history of targeting children. By his own admittance Toole was a homosexual whose preference was for adult men and all of his victims were adults excluding the very weak case that he killed Adam.

I love it how they start off with all these high-profile rare cases of people who kidnap and murder children. Most missing children are runaways or they kidnapped by one of their parents in a custody dispute.

Mark said...

So much for the flu I suffered with! BRAINWASHING is a very simple technique. Not surprised at this piece of video either. And as for the comment of Lance Mitro, and Matt, KUDOS, right on.

yellowroselady said...

I, personally, believe O'Toole was a way to close the case, in a nutshell. They were getting close to the anniversary and wanted closure, nothing more, no evidence. Just another accusation and the rest is history.

Lance Mitaro said...

That is exactly the way it went down. The police dropped the ball and were just trying to save face with this "convenient" announcement that Otis was the perp after all. And we all know how Mr. Walsh can cry those fake tears on cue. Also, the timing of the AWA of 2006 is suspect because it coincidentally" coincided with the 25th anniversary of Adam's death. Again, this in my opinion, was just a personal gift to Mr. Walsh for errors the police made 24 years ago (at the time) for the botched investigation.

getting closer to the street said...

Mr. Walsh has learned to be an actor , those tears on demand actors get paid extra for that . But if the tears are real they are of guilt . An opinion of searching for the real answer only he knows . I think there was a ransom involved . It was not random . Extortion was never ruled out . Mr. Walsh was involved with building a community in florida and had access to large sums of money . He would not be the first this has happen too . Frank Sinatra- Ernie Kovak- Charles Linberg , and to further Otis O Toole was homeless with nowhere to sleep or eat . There also was a family member also by his side and confessed he did not murder his son . Follow the money . Its now a corporation an industry for the protection of missing and exploited children . So where does SORNA fit in with this program . The question that should be answerd is what is his responsibility for the deaths and assualts of inocent families from the sex offender registry .