Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FL - Senate panel votes to create absconder "strike force"

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This is just another politician trying to make a name for himself by exploiting registrants and fear. You have probation, parole and police officers who need to do their jobs, enforce the laws. You don't need another law to create yet another "strike force" to go after those who are not obeying the draconian and unconstitutional laws!


By Bill Cotterell

A Senate committee swiftly and unanimously approved legislation Monday to create a statewide "strike force" to hunt down sex offenders who don't register with police and submit to required supervision.

Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Jacksonville, said there are 746 registered sex offenders who have absconded from parole supervision or other law enforcement oversight.
- Woah, when did Mr. Bean start making laws?

"We just don't know where they are -- or, more importantly, where they are going to strike next," he told the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. The panel voted unanimously for his bill (SB 1416, PDF) that sets up the task force.
- Oh come on... Sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of all other ex-felons, but that doesn't stop politicians from fear-mongering now does it?

Attorney General Pam Bondi would chair the team, with Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey serving as vice-chairman. The heads of the Departments of Children and Families, Parole Commission and Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles would also serve on the task force.
- So what does Highway Safety and motor vehicles have to do with this?

Bondi would appoint two sheriffs, two police chiefs and one state attorney to the panel, formally known as the Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender Absconder Strike Force. It would have a $101,000 appropriation to start its four-year work.

The task force would coordinate efforts of city, county and state law enforcement agencies to locate absconding sex offenders, who are required to register with local police when they get out of prison. The state would work up lists of known absconders and maintain them with all police agencies.
- You already list absconders on the online sex offender hit-list, so why do you need another list?

Bean's bill now goes to the Senate Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Subcommittee, then to the full Appropriations Committee. A companion House measure (HB 1105) by Rep. Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach, is has cleared two committees and is pending in the House Judiciary Committee.


Mark said...

"We just don't know where they are -- or, more importantly, where they are going to strike next," Hey Mr. Beany, do you really think and believe if the 746 "missing" were registered, that some of them my "strike?" So your myopic assumption is that all 746 are ready to "strike." Maybe these 746 missing are/were just fed up trying to just live their lives in Florida without the "Beans" of the world trying to "STRIKE" a name for himself, at the expense of sex offenders. Here is an insight for you Mr. Bean, and I hope it will "STRIKE" at your heart of stone: Registering or not, if a person is going to commit a crime, sexual or otherwise, all of the Mr. Bean laws are not going to stop it. Let this small note "STRIKE" you at that stoney heart you carry sir.

Mark said...

Lauren Book: having been abused at the hands of a nanny has really filled you most of your life with such a weight of hate. Now you have your fame, now you have all the folks weep for you for your traumas with the nanny, now you have a reason to get up every day, now have thew community enabling you and your mental deficit, and ensure you make life miserable for those persons convicted of a sexual crime who never knew you, touched you, or even looked at you. The only thing you failed to do with these residency restriction laws so that those dirty pervs cannot get access to the playgrounds is install phasers at each corner of the playground to ensure those dirty pervs do not have access to the playground occupants.

Macintosh said...

Lauren Book is 'paying tribute' to the dedication of a park that's purpose is to force people to leave a neighborhood. Her trek is about healing and awareness? Hmmm ... so she's healing by kicking people out of their homes and banning those that she doesn't approve of? What does she do when she wants revenge?

Macintosh said...

Creating a 'strike force' to hunt people down for failing to fill out paperwork sounds like an extreme over reaction.

All three branches of the government are all playing the same word game. They refer to registry laws as just some kind of simple paperwork that needs to be filled out. No tricky questions just basic info that anyone could get about from a google search. Sounds harmless to anyone not on the list. At the same time, legislators and governors/mayors sell new registry laws, requirements, and restrictions as being tough on crime and punishing anyone who commits such a crime. It seems to be a race to see who can be toughest on crime. The only thing that stand in their way is the Constitution. As long as a select few say the registry is just a paperwork thing in a court, the rest of the officials are free to talk about how fast, harsh, and long they want to punish registrants. Because none of those officials will ever step into a courtroom and have to defend their actions. Even when the court is making a ruling about registry laws they never get to hear or see evidence that what the legislature was talking about when they passed a law was meant to be a punishment.

Mark said...

Macintosh: "Even when the court is making a ruling about registry laws they never get to hear or see evidence that what the legislature was talking about when they passed a law was meant to be a punishment." I respectfully have to disagree with you about this statement you have made Macintosh. The courts KNOW FULL WELL what the affects of registration is about and the "LEGISLATIVE INTENT," Surreptitious penal laws under the guise of so-called "CIVIL" legislation ignored by blind eyes, and upon very deaf ears Macintosh. I humbly know for what I speak of having been in the cesspool of the legal world for 18+ plus years. After researching registration laws, and their associated cases since 1995, and before, I have concluded - at least in my view, the great sex offender federal government, up to and including the state and federal courts - "THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY" against a hapless people caught up in human behaviors that have created a "FOLK DEVIL" mentality.

Mark said...


Macintosh said...

My real purpose was to point out the blatant absurdity of the registry being described as some harmless request for info. It's the Supreme Court that has time after time ruled that the registry is the equivalent of filling out simple paper work. They established that as long as any legislative branch is willing to play word games by classifying new registry laws as a 'civil' legislation then it's all perfectly legal. How such intelligent people can come to that conclusion is mind boggling, so when you call that system a cesspool it's hard to disagree. The LEVEL of hysteria is completely irrational (and disproportionate) and it feeds on itself. This isn't anything new. The drug war ushered in all sorts of civil liberty violations and has filled prisons and justified building new ones. Registry laws are a conspiracy of human nature. You're right about local, state, and federal courts adding to the contributing to the problem. One example is that courts don't even consider what legislators actually say in public about the registry being used as a punishment. As long as some legislative clerk puts a 'civil legislation' stamp on it then legislators are free to say whatever they please. Most courts know what the real legislative intent was, but the 'civil legislation' stamp and the Supreme Court says that's all OK. I wasn't suggesting that the courts are ignorant or unaware, but rather that they are able to turn a blind eye by never having to consider evidence of
the actual words of the legislators. As someone who's been in the legal field you know that winning a case has a lot to do with what evidence is allowed to be considered or banned. It's not the only reason registry laws keep passing (often unanimously) and don't get struck down.

hurting family said...

Its not stranger danger to worry about its people in own families who most of all do this .not strangers .so ti make public parks so sex offenders cant live and try to intigrate in society .you think banishing shunning and makeing sex offenders and their loved ones lepars to society .because what hapoened ti u ..so u cab get revennge of your pain .u think it does any good .while not giving a care for thos e people who made bad mistakes and took responisililty .but rest life .nobody carea about .bringing restoration .jobs .homes .life to live normal.so as if no reaffence no problems ..abiding by rules 10yrs .they should be able to get off registry .and be part their fanilirs life .or is it only your kids deserve that .former sex offenders and their families .would like a normal life.we cant do nothing caue the restrictiond .no sports .no school functions .no seeing our kidd graduate .or off to prom .or family picnics .vacations .fishing .etc .cause Society and these dracorain restrictions made it that way . Paul was a murderer in bible but he got changed and saved and given back what pain was caused and was given riht to live and live normal .today we have people whom put 750000 people on registry down as low can go .and people made to sleep in swampy infested mosquito areas .they are vigilantes they are families .who need their dads moms ib their growing up yrs .but society wont allow it .im glad Jesus came not to condemn but to save the lost .people wana say sex offenders cant change etc .i beg you difffer .ivr seen people who have and they arent about the past they are living and not out reaffeneding .wheres the help for families who may have a dad or momn on registry .who wants to be able to live normal as normal families do .our son going on 6 alnost 7yrs is without a father participation .hes innocent .cause tgis our family cant do nothing but be inprisoned own home cant have friends and cant feel happy or have fun just like any kid .

Anonymous said...

Everything for her is about revenge- it's not about safety. She and her daddy (who has about 10,000 different bribery convictions) helped write the banishment laws in South Florida. Then, when she and her daddy realized that forcing the sex offenders to be homeless under the Julia Tuttle causeway might make them more likely to reoffend, they brought in her daddy's Miami Homeless Trust and pretended like they were helping to solve the issue. Then, they got Miami-Dade to write some new ordinance that only banned RSOs from 97% of the county, rather than 99.8% of the county as the previous ordinance had. Then, once her daddy Ron Book realized that the new homes they had found for the offenders was in violation of Miami Dade's new ordinance, Ron Book forced them to move. (Even though the Miami Dade police were actually okay with the RSOs living there and stated that the police would let the sex offenders stay in the area even if they technically were in violation of the residency restrictions.) So now, a huge group of Miami Dade sex offenders are sleeping near the train tracks. The county commissioner (as does Miami mayor Marc Sarnoff, although Sarnoff is at the same time building pocket parks to prevent sex offenders from moving into Miami) in Miami Dade actually wants to revert to the state's 1000 foot residency standard, but he's afraid to do so because of Ron Book's lobbying.