Thursday, April 17, 2014

CO - Former Longmont officer (Christopher Martinchick) sentenced

Christopher Martinchick
Christopher Martinchick
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FORT COLLINS - A former Longmont police officer who admitted to the attempted sexual assault of a woman in Loveland was sentenced Tuesday to eight years of sex offender intensive supervised probation.

Christopher Martinchick, 43, also must register as a sex offender and was ordered to serve six months in jail on work release.

Martinchick pleaded guilty in 8th Judicial District Court in November 2013 to attempted sexual assault, a class 5 felony, and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, a misdemeanor.

Martinchick was arrested last July following a Larimer County Sheriff's Office investigation into a reported sexual assault that occurred in Loveland. The adult female victim told police that on two separate occasions, Martinchick engaged in sexual activity with her while she was sleeping and under the influence of a prescribed muscle relaxant.

Sexual images taken without the woman's consent while she was sleeping were found on computers and a cellphone that the sheriff's office searched as part of the investigation.

Conditions of the sex offender intensive supervised probation include that Martinchick must comply with any counseling or substance abuse treatment as recommended, have no contact with anyone under the age of 18 other than his own children, register as a sex offender and have no contact with the victim.

Martinchick must report for work release within 14 days. He will also serve two years supervised probation concurrent with the sex offender intensive supervised probation.


Jill Smith said...

This may be even worse than a knee-jerk reaction to a high profile crime. They get someone new who sees they don't have an ordinance like the surrounding cities. So they go ahead and implement one? Maybe we actually look at why. Do some investigating. At the very minimum, any cases where a convicted sex offender has reoffended in our city? Most likely not or the people would be out with pitchforks.

MileHighJoe said...

Is he serving time IN jail or not? I can't tell from this report.

dlc said...

Another member of law enforcement who can't keep his sex drive under control. Maybe law enforcement should have to submit to the Penile plethysmography test. They do it to sex offenders and the largest growing population of sex offenders seems to be law enforcement so law enforcement should be tested, in advance, so that many can be caught before they commit their crimes. That would then violate their constitutional rights and I guarantee the laws would quickly change, then.

Sex Offender Issues said...

hurting family said...

Six months jail work release he got plus put on registry .good glad they crackin down on corrupt cops too .im sure theres more out theee .just not been caught.just cause you a cop or work for govt shouldnt give you favor ..but i read a lot and see tgat alot are getting off scott free .some told they dont have to be on registry .taken off in 5yrs etc .while everyday citizens usa have to be in ten yrs 25 yrs to life .imprisoned own home its affected all the families .or they may be younger and not even married and cant have a relationship with anyone cause the restrictions applied .

Mark said...

"Six months jail work release he got plus put on registry. . ." The court KNEW what the registry will do to this guy Christopher Martinchick. If you just think for a moment, the registry will now appear as PART OF THE PUNISHMENT for his actions because again, the court, the District Attorney, and the defense lawyer KNOW what the registry will do to Mr. Martinchick.

Mark said...

Nothing for nothing, but it seems like Carl Payne has some deep underlying problems. I just do not know why the Louisville Metro Police did not try to help him and make him go to a professional before he has now hit the big time with these charges. Now this guy is going to be a real troubled man. So much for "TO PROTECT AND SERVE," even for their own. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Saying a guy like the Pillowcase Rapist should not be committed is horrible for PR reasons. I'm not saying I agree with civil commitment (certainly I don't agree with it if people in commitment aren't given treatment and aren't given a court hearing every so often to prove they're rehabilitated), but I'm perfectly fine with this guy being committed. Certainly not going to lose any sleep over this guy being committed.