Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TN - Sex offender bill to be heard this week

Rep. Billy Spivey
Rep. Billy Spivey
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By Billy Spivey

HB1860 (Video), the “community notification of sexual offenders” bill, will be heard this week before the Calendar and Rules Committee. If all goes well there, it will be scheduled for a vote on the House floor.

This important bit of legislation will allow for local communities to choose, if they desire, to adopt a notification program for residents with regard to the arrival or presence of certain sexual offenders. The bill gives full authority to the locals to decide whether or not they want to pursue a notification program, so it is not forcing anything on anyone while allowing for communities who are concerned about the safety of residents (and particularly children) to do this sort of thing if it is what they deem best. Please call your Representatives and Senators and urge them to NOT support HB1860 in the House, and SB2398 in the Senate.

Sheriff Blackwelder and Sandra Metcalf of Lincoln County have been incredibly helpful throughout the process of crafting and advancing this bill. There are also a great many good folks in Lincoln County who have been absolutely critical in getting this proposal “off the launchpad”, so to speak.

HB1860 is an excellent example of local participation and activity at the grassroots level being pursued to the point of making a real difference on a state level. Folks throughout the 92nd District have been very supportive of HB1860, but it has been the passionate participation of Lincoln County residents in particular that has been most responsible for getting HB1860 to where it is now. I am so thankful and honored to serve the people of Lincoln County and have the opportunity to champion this cause alongside them.


getting closer to the street said...

Once again, Governer Christie and as a father knows that this is nothing but a feel good law and not to pass it will cost him votes . There are laws in place for murders, and the Mark Lundsford family history is not that prefect . The level system is not an accurate and stil and undesided calculation . The bus stop law is a pass for a vote hopefuly grandfatherd with past offenders that will ease the panic of the public . So much has changed in 10 years that the Senate and Assembly along with Governer Christie with intellect and honesty explain the laws will not deter those not on the registry and responsible parenting should be first on the list . Life in prison may seem fair but not to the tax payers that will pass down the expense of incarceration to their grand children . If the State of N.J. would consider capitol punishment may futher satisfy the community safety board and State budget committee with real results .

Anonymous said...

There's nothing in the bill about a bus stop law-don't know what you're talking about there, closer to the street. Nk residency restrictions are being proposed.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say no residency laws are being proposed in my last post.