Saturday, March 22, 2014

RUSSIA - Letter from Russia

The following was sent to us via email and has not been verified for validity.

Also, we are not an organization, just normal citizens of the US who are fed up with the draconian laws.

By Y.E.:
Hello dear representatives of the organization Sex Offender Issues,

Writing to you on behalf of a small group of Russian activists. We deal with the problem of pedophile hysteria in Russia, the situation in the Russian Federation is terrible, this is what we want to tell you about the situation in Russia. Pedophile hysteria in 2014 led to the elimination of most of the constitutional rights and freedoms in Russia, censorship on the Internet, there is terror against the LGBT community. There has been tremendous growth of neo-Nazi and ultra- orthodox religious organizations, Russia struck fascism. And this fascism in most cases spread through pedophile hysteria. On the years 2015-2016, the Russian government is preparing a program of introducing a system registry of sex offenders throughout the Russian Federation. And that's not all, are very likely to raise the age of consent for sex from 16 to 18 years. Also they are going to criminalize the possession of child pornography. They're going to put people in jail for possession of a photo - video materials that will even remotely resemble child pornography. Crime will be deposited and cartoon pictures, and even simple texts. Russia has already introduced laws which touched with the child under 12 years is equivalent to murder, and they are going to extend the age limit is 16-18 years of age. We conducted a study and found whence come all these neo-Nazi anti- constitutional laws. Most of these laws come from the neo-Nazi organizations that have already established the lobby in our government, these neo-Nazi organizations call themselves defenders of children and even parents' committees. Thus, neo-Nazis have captured almost the whole of Russia, they infiltrated all levels of government, as well as in the media. They invented this ideology on which 15 and even 17 year olds at the legislative level equate to 5-7 year old young children. Their ideology is based on the fact that any sex can be equated with serious crimes such as murder. We do not understand where the international community is looking ? United States, European Union, United Nations? Why are U.S. and European governments stubbornly refuse to notice how through pedophile hysteria worldwide spreading neo-Nazism ? Neo-Nazism is dangerous for the whole world, as countries such as the United States and Russia are nuclear powers. We Cchitaetsya for pedophile hysteria in the United States as well as in Russia there are neo-Nazi organizations and religious orthodoxy. We believe that the Nazis, neo-Nazis call themselves defenders need to expose children to the international community. Pedophile hysteria is a new form of fascism on the ground and it should be condemned by the whole world and is prohibited.

Sorry for not very good English.


From Russia said...

Also we have orthodox fascists. Yeah. Some people clearly stated themselves orthodox fascists.

From Russia said...

Also we have orthodox fascists. Yeah. Some people clearly stated themselves as orthodox fascists.

Mark said...

Once a world wide unified sex offender registration is in place and up an running, you better believe this will be used for much much more than a registered sex offender folks. Do not think I am a conspiracy loon, but facts that I have acquired over some time say otherwise. The unfortunate thing is sex offenders are the pawns (unwittingly), in this global scheme. After all, what is worse than those dirty, filthy pedophiles, and predators darkening the streets of our communities and are used to be the instigator of this global scheme to come very shortly.

getting closer to the street said...

Y.E. from Russia . Your english is more than fine to commnunicate your concerns . To clear the english language of misled words that have been the major cause of hysteria , and that is the word pedophile . The definision is pre puberty and that offends the offenders . With the laws put in place by the registry curators here in the united states the out come was a financial success untill the citizens saw the draconian direction it was taking . The other is sex offender, that word has escalated to include the accusations from women over the age 18 but not yet justified as from the offenses of women towards men and the equality of conviction are not in balance . Rape is another word of horror when not properly placed gives the impression of force violence and non respect but falls into term of law not of action .
The neo-nazi raising it's monsteress head of ignorance and violence is just an excuse for offensive aggression for recognition, and that is globely not excepteble .
The media here was also brought too silence with this administration until the past six months . The american public was awaken to a truth that it's too late . But seems to have been guided as a plan to revise past history .
The technology has removed all human rights completely with survailance every where , and with avast over population leaves to wonder if by design this was written in the master plan . PEACE .

george said...

there was also a documentary made by channel 4 on homophobia in russia,it was shocking the way they would entice a gay guy to meet up, and then surround him subjecting him to ridicule.It was lucky the camera man was there to force himself back into the room,god knows what they would have done without him there.
like mentioned bellow they have adopted the dogma and the sophistries of the west, to justify their barbaric actions in the name of saving the children.