Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ME - Former Maine State Police chief (Andrew E. Demers) admitted sexual abuse of a child under 12-years-old and attempted suicide

Andrew E. Demers
Andrew E. Demers
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By Beth Brogan

NEW GLOUCESTER - Andrew E. Demers, a former chief of the Maine State Police, admitted to detectives that he had unlawful sexual contact with a young member of his family, according to Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce.

Joyce on Tuesday declined to discuss specifics of the alleged admission by Demers, 73, who was arrested Monday and charged with unlawful sexual contact with a person younger than 12 years old, a Class B felony. He was released on $5,000 cash bail.

Demers also attempted suicide before the investigation began about a week ago, for which he was hospitalized, Joyce said.

Detectives from the sheriff’s office, acting on a tip from a former employee of Demers’ at the Maine State Police, investigated reports of “an ongoing unlawful sexual contact situation,” Joyce said Monday.

Demers served 26 years with the Maine State Police and held the position of chief from 1987 to 1993, when he retired.

In 2003, Demers was the most decorated officer in state police history and was named a “Legendary Trooper,” the Sun Journal reported at the time

If convicted, Demers could serve up to 10 years in prison and face a maximum fine of $20,000.

Joyce said he is not aware of any past allegations of this nature against Demers.

The investigation into the allegations against Demers is closed, Joyce said Tuesday. Findings have been sent to the Cumberland County district attorney’s office.

Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson will be the prosecutor for the Demers case, spokeswoman Tamara Getchell said Tuesday.

An initial appearance for Demers in Cumberland County Superior Court has not yet been set.



Mark said...

"Local defense attorneys tell 10 Investigates that "there's no question [law enforcement] blurs the lines." OMG! What an absolute shocker this is! The thought of the police "blurring" lines! It isn't "blurring," it is down right against the law to fabricate evidence, do exactly what the so-criminals are doing; and as I have stated in past comments --THIS IS AMERIKA (spelled correctly). Now they the police, go to court, and "TESTI-LIE," and the prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges KNOW the police are lying, and it gets deeper as the cops now have to cover-up their legal faux pas over and over again. But of course, the police stand on the fact that they are "PROTECTING SOCIETY" FROM THOSE VICIOUS PREDATORS that stalk "OUR CHILDREN." In short, "for the good of "OUR" children. And because of this, everything is okay - go get em! These cops should be looked at under the federal criminal/civil RICO laws, and this case above SHOULD/MUST be in federal court for it to have legs. And this type of behavior by the police departments EVERYWHERE is not an uncommon tactic, behavior, and the way of police. One more reason why I got out of the legal business after years of watching these actors play out their roles.

Mark said...

The entire United States of AMERIKA state and federal governments are simply out of control, especially with respect to sex offender laws. It is apparent to me the hysteria just has not peaked as yet, and now you will get laws as this one described in this article. As I have said before elsewhere, THIS IS BANISHMENT BY LEGAL ENACTMENTS.

Anonymous said...

Mailing notifications to every person within a large radius, every time a sex offender moves, is going to cost a whole lot of tax money. I don't even know if the new $50 extortion fee for every ex offender will cover the whole cost of this.

DB said...

When are people going to wake up. All people want is more and more laws. When has a person really paid for his crime. As a sexual offender never. This is ridiculous, people are just encouraging more crime. I know of no other crime that causes so much pain for the offender and their family. The sad truth is a lot of people have never engaged in a criminal act with a child. But are punished forever. I see no good in this. People need to get more informed about what our so called law enforcement are really doing to people, it's all about the money.

DB said...

Mark, you got that right about the lying Law enforcement, wait a minute, they do not enforce the law they break the law, that is why they are hiding something. I was told that the police can break the law to up hold the law. Where is the justice in that. It's all an easy game to the police, lets see how many lives we can ruin so we can get more money to lie and lie again.

beancounter said...

The (up to) $50 notification fee may be imposed by counties / cities and is in addition to the $150 annual fee due to the State. Real the Bill.