Sunday, March 9, 2014

FL - More Sex Sting Backlash

Video Description:
Visit these sites to learn more about how the Internet Crimes Against Children task forces are more concerned about Federal funding than they are about protecting children.

Details the shoddy accounting practices of the Polk County Sheriff's Office when it come to grant expenditures and most alarmingly points out how they failed to investigate Cybertips involving real children, real victims for up to 30 days!!!

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Mark said...

This article is just no surprise to me. I have become very aware over the years of the FBI, state police department(s), and even local (city) detectives breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold to "catch" bad guys and not blink an eye about it, but rather the back slapping becomes so loud one has to wear ear muffs to block the noise level. This dynamic has also spilled into other areas if crime fighting, and not just to "catch a predator." My observation is the fact that police etc. become so involved in making the big kill (to further careers and so forth), they actually lose the ability to see the bright line they step over (and/or do not care), and rationalize their law bending, breaking, violation(s), and make a display of those they apprehend to let all know this was for the good of society, and lest we forget, " FOR THE CHILDREN," almost everyone turns a blind eye to this type of governmental police corruption. And generally, the higher up you go, the taller your boots better be when you realize the "higher-ups" actually sanction this type of conduct, unless of course, they get exposed, then it becomes every man for himself - for the good of the community of course. So, in short, you actually have the so-called moral fiber, breaking and bending laws to catch the so-called "immoral." What a "merry-go-round."