Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Renee:
I am a wife of an ex-sex offender. I married my husband when he was on parole. I am telling you this life tale because this is what we are currently going through. My husband was convicted of a crime a lot of people (he, myself, his p.o's, his family) believe he didn't commit. He was accused of "lewd & lascivious acts". He went through 4 yrs of prison (getting raped several times while in jail) & 5 yrs of parole (4.5 of those were spent on the streets).

When my husband went on parole, he was staying in hotels spending over $300 a week to stay & working a part time job which he eventually lost because of parole. At the time he ran out of money, the manager of one of the hotels he was staying at let him stay in the parking lot instead of on the streets until he was kicked out of the parking lot by the police. I wasn't married to him at this time & I felt helpless because I couldn't help him. At that time his parole officer advised him to stay on the streets with the now growing group of guys who were also subjected to the streets. During this time he was going through different p.o's & ended up with one that didn't like sex offenders because of what happened to her when she was little.

He had her for 3 yrs & she made her group go through a living hell. She had so much restrictions on them, & they weren't wanting to go "back in" that they didn't go anywhere or do anything. When the group finally got a new p.o., they were soooo messed up in the head because of her that the new p.o. was flabbergasted at how bad she screwed with these guys heads. On top of that there was ridicule by the media & police. At one point the police were giving them ultimatums & parole wasn't budging. So they had nowhere to sleep. That was eventually resolved.

To this day there are still guys out living on the streets (in their cars, behind dumpsters, under overpasses, & anywhere else they can find that would hide them) & to this day my husband is still in fear of going places he wasn't allowed to while on parole.

To anyone who is reading this, the REAL SEX OFFENDERS are in your families. You just don't want to report them because they are "family". They are the REPEAT OFFENDERS that should be locked up for life in prison. They are also the victims of childhoods stolen at the hands of their offenders & are completing the circle of this that was given to them.

What society has done with these people is "judging the book by its cover" before reading the whole story. Think about what all these laws are going to do before they are voted in to place.


Mark said...

"What society has done with these people is "judging the book by its cover" before reading the whole story. Think about what all these laws are going to do before they are voted in to place." AND, THIS IS AMERICA. THANK YOU MEDIA, PROSECUTORS, POLICE, COURTS, AND STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS FOR YOUR HEALTHY, AND ROBUST CONTRIBUTION TO THIS DYNAMIC. YOUR ALL VERY PROUD AREN'T YOU ALL?

cartercarter5 said...

Thank You for this post. If you head over to SOSEN.ORG there is a story on the front page about FEAR.
I am sorry to hear your husband had it as bad as he did in prison. I have been fortunate in so many ways that other ex-offenders haven't, and I thank God everyday that I never went through some of the stuff I heard about others suffering. I did 7 1/2 years on the inside and 5 years on paper. I was fortunate enough to have two POs that were not so hard on me. Treatment on the other hand was a difficult time.
I have been free and clear for 6 years, except for the registry, and I still won't go into certain places. I vote, and of course the polling place is in a middle school. I fought to get put on the mail-in ballot list so I wouldn't have to go onto the school grounds. I have a hard time going into anyplace where there will likely be a lot of kids. I purposely shop really late at night. I hardly go outside in my own yard because my neighborhood has exploded with children over the past two years. I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Sex Offender Issues said...

SOSEN article: http://sosen.org/2014/03/18/the-fear-doesnt-stop.html