Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AUSTRALIA - We don’t want consensual sex teens listed

Bill Byrne
Bill Byrne
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Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne said at this stage a public register was only theoretical, and he would reserve his judgment until he had the opportunity to review all information.

"I have seen commentary that's been put out by the LNP cabinet ministers and they seem to be equally divided, as I imagine the rest of the community would be, about such a matter," he said.

"There are reasonable concerns that the notion of vigilantism would rear its head; there have been examples of that in Queensland."
- Oh it will!  All you have to do is look at these examples.

"While I'm not defending the histories of those that are targeted, it does give me concern that the prospect of vigilantism exists."

He also raised concerns about people who were not a danger to the community being placed on a public registry.

One example of this could be underage teenagers having consensual sex, which is technically illegal.

"We don't want to have two 15-year-olds that have had what I consider to be a consensual relationship to end up on the sex offender register," he said.

"It could be a catch-all legislation that has ramifications well beyond the intention of the legislation."

"The bikie legislation was meant to target the criminal element of motorcycle gangs, and it has had a much broader effect than what was the intention of the legislation."

He maintained that the idea behind the justice system was to hold people accountable for their actions, but to also offer them a chance of rehabilitation.


cartercarter5 said...

I may be wrong here, but if something can have a negative consequence does that not make it punitive in nature. If the registry can be considered punitive for a juvenile then doesn't it stand that it is also punitive for an adult?

Lance Mitaro said...

Bottom line is that the registry is 110% political, yet lawmakers have the gall to call this train wreck a public safety" initiative. What it TRIES to prevent is statistically insignificant and only serves to pander and appease worrywart mothers that have had their fears exploited by the media.

It IS punitive for all that are made to register against their will. It increases the likelihood and probability for retaliation by association - harassment, physical harm, property damage, character assassination, defamation, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of opportunities and loss of wages, etc. It's actually a life ending impediment -- denied anything positive to look forwards to, denied hope and happiness. It will only get worse before it gets worse. What I find most disconcerting is that this treatment is normalized, if not glorified, in the eyes of the public

They claim that knowing where someone lives is "half the battle" or the "knowledge is power" platitude which is patently false. This is the lie that was pitched to sell Megan's Law. It's not proactive or preventative, it's anticipatory and reactionary. I cannot remember the last time an Amber Alert was issued in which someone was listed on the registry as the culprit, yet whenever some child goes missing, the cops round up and question the "usual suspects" - the people that are made to register.

Matt said...

What they would probably say is that the registry is not meant to punish the ex-offender but to keep children safe. Of course, this is a load of bullshit as we all know. For one, most sex-offenders are not predatory pedophiles, usually not even pedophiles; and two, there is no evidence that the registry helps keep anyone safe (if anything it puts lives at risk.)

We have a very primitive justice system that is highly punitive and cares very little for actual rehabilitation. The whole concept of "justice" is a perversion. Often I hear people say, even people against the sex offender registry, that people should be punished for their crimes.

Punished? Why? What is the point? Shouldn't we be concerned of rehabilitating and helping someone who committed an offense, not punishing them? I don't understand what the point of punishment is except to full-fill someone's sick lust for revenge. Therapy, rehabilitation and treating people with human respect is the best deterrent for violent behavior. Not locking them up in cages and treating them as animals.