Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WV - State Police Receive Grant for Sex Offender Mapping Project

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By Ciara Brown and Taniya Wright

WEST VIRGINIA - West Virginia State Police have received a $30,000 grant from the WV Technical Assistance Broad Band Grant Program, to develop a Law Enforcement Sex Offender Mapping Program.

State police say this grant will enable them to create a mapping system for registered sex offenders in the state. This will enable troopers a quick method to identify all sex offenders within a given region by making inquires to the mapping system.

Under the current operations, troopers would have to manually search sex offender files on detachments, which are maintained in an alphabetical order. State police say this is a time-consuming effort to identify sex offenders within a given area.

Troopers say this new mapping system will save vital time in instances of child abductions, as one of the first investigative leads conducted is to locate convicted sex offenders within a given area of the abduction.

This mapping system will have the capabilities to search for sex offenders within a given radius of a particular address. Officials say this program will provide troopers with more information that is available on similar public mapping systems.

West Virginia State Police has partnered with West Virginia University through the WV Cyber Crime Cooperative to develop this program. State police say they hope to have a working product available by July 2014.

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