Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Walking with the Devil: The Police Code of Silence: What Bad Cops Don't Want You to Know and Good Cops Won't Tell You

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As if we didn't already know this? And these same folks are the people who are suppose to be held to a higher standard, but usually get a way with crime or slapped on the wrist!

Sex Crimes by police officers

About the book:
AS PEACE OFFICERS we willingly lay our lives on the line for each other and the public we serve. Yet, we walk away or turn our heads when we see another officer doing something that could end their career, their marriage, or their freedom. Because we don't rat on another peace officer. AS OFFICERS we have taken an oath to protect and serve the public and each other. Yet, the number of officers that commit suicide is much greater than the number of officers killed by felons. Some of those suicides are the result of being under investigation for crimes or unethical behavior. Behavior that other cops were aware of and never reported, and did nothing to stop, because we don't rat on other officers. AS DEPUTIES, we have sworn to protect those in our custody. Yet some of us will go to prison every year because of acts that could have, and should have, been stopped by other deputies because we don't rat on other deputies. AS TROOPERS, we have sworn to protect and serve by keeping our highways safe. Yet some of us will die in traffic accidents because we drive too fast for all the wrong reasons and some of us will be stopped, but not arrested, for drunk driving because we don't rat on other troopers. AS SPECIAL AGENTS, we have sworn to uphold the constitution. Yet some of us will go to prison this year because we did nothing when we saw other agents involved in criminal or unethical behavior because we don't rat on other agents. AS GUARDS, we protect each other against men and women convicted of the most heinous crimes. But we will ignore unethical or even criminal conduct of other guards. Because we don't rat on other guards. There is a code of silence in the criminal justice system that infects all levels, and the cost in lives destroyed or lost is enormous. It is not an infection we can cure, but it is an infection we can fight, by making a commitment to protect each other against ourselves as well as others.