Friday, February 7, 2014

UK - Introduction to the Female Paedophile

We have no doubt there are female pedophiles, but we are sick and tired of the media / politicians and organizations misusing the term. Just because someone commits a crime against a child that doesn't make them a pedophile, it makes them a child molester / child sexual abuser.

Video Description:
Michele Elliott of Kidscape talks about females and pedophilia. Although we like to think that children are always safe in the hands of women, female child sexual abuse is very common, very damaging and very hidden.

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Mark said...

"The lawsuit, originally filed in 2009, claims problems with SORTS “arose out of the belief that the imprisonment of those branded as sexually violent predators were so reviled that no one would notice nor care when tucked away.” well, well well, what a shocker -huh?

Susie said...

I actually know someone who works in SORTS, and they have personally told me that the program isn't really interested in helping the people there. They if they can show they are "working" with the inmates/clients that is all that is necessary. "It is a job security issue, not helping people pass the program." Their words, not mine.

Jill Smith said...

I read the link "one of 20 states." Wow, Texas has not had one of the "worst of the worst" reoffend in 10 years. Why is no one using this when they are advocating against sex offender laws.

"Over 10 years now, it’s really amazing that we haven’t had a new sexual
offense with the dangerous population that we are dealing with. We are
being very proactive,” said Allison Taylor, executive director of the
Office of Violent Sex Offender Management in Texas. “Knock on wood, I am
kind of amazed myself because of the population we deal with.”