Thursday, February 20, 2014

TX - Detention Officer (John Timothy Spears) Charged With Improper Sex With Inmate

John Timothy Spears
John Timothy Spears
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By Paul J. Gately

WACO - A man who was employed as a detention officer at the Jack Harwell Detention Center was in county jail Wednesday after he was arrested for having an improper sexual relationship with an inmate.

John Timothy Spears, 27, was listed on the McLennan County Jail roster as being held facing a charge of having improper sexual activity with a person in custody and was awaiting arraignment and bond.

McLennan County Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon told News 10 Spears was arrested Tuesday after deputies obtained a warrant for him on the charge.

Cawthon said deputies believed Spears, who had just resigned his position at Harwell, was about to flee the county so investigators expedited the warrant so he could be taken into custody before he disappeared.

Spears is just the latest of several former detention officers at the facility who have faced similar charges, Cawthon said.

The Harwell facility is operated by a private company that oversees its own employees and Spears was not employed by McLennan County, Cawthon said.

Spears is the fourth correctional officer arrested since 2011 on an improper relationship charge.

Regina Antoinette Edwards, 44, Dorothy Pennington, 22, and Whitney Fleming, 27, all have been arrested on similar charges stemming from improper relationships in McLennan County detention facilities.

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Anonymous said...

Everybody already got pissed off at Walker a few weeks ago for congratulating a sex offender for getting a job in one of his speeches. I hate Scott Walker myself, but what is so bad about congratulating an ex offender for succeeding in rebuilding his life? People, sadly, would all think Walker is super soft on sex offenders if he didn't fire the guy.