Saturday, February 1, 2014

PA - Woman on Megan’s Law list, who never committed sex crime, breaks down (And hundreds more in the same situation?)

No sex crime but still must register as a sex offender?
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McKEES ROCKS - A woman on the Megan’s Law list, even though she never committed a sex crime, broke down while talking to Channel 11 Friday.

I am not a sex offender. I would never hurt a child,” said _____.

_____ was in tears as she was about to face a judge in McKees Rocks for failing to register as a sex offender. Police said she moved without notifying state police.

Four years ago, _____ was convicted of interference with custody of children. That crime falls under the newest version of Megan's Law, and _____ must register as a real sex offender.

Seventeen years of probation for not doing anything but trying to help a little boy that was in diaper and just a pair of socks?" _____ questioned the ramifications.

If she changes any information we have to record, she needs to notify us right away," said trooper Robin Mungo.

Although _____ feels singled out, there are hundreds in our area who never committed a sex crime yet they, too, are now registered as sex offenders.


sloan44 said...

OMG! Whats next, being labeled and having to register for looking a a kid, speaking to one?! This is going way out of control! How about every registrant (that can legally use a PC) along with family members of, follow Mr. Dennis Sobins idea and start a Idiot list!

dlc said...

I agree! Lets help Dennis Sobin with his idiot list. This labeling must stop!

g4change said...

This is what happens when you have slippery slopes. Eventually people slip and slide down them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Sanders said...

Kevin Carter I understand how you feel. I am sorry that my father did that. It's not right for him to do that. He is still my father and I love him with all my heart. he has done wrong I understand and he should be punished, but I honestly don't think hanging him would do the trick. You have to think about his family and how that would be for them. I would be sad if they hung him. On the other hand I think he should be punished. I think not getting to see me is some what of a punishment. I also think he should serve is time in jail, but I also think he needs mental help. jail won't get him the mental help he needs and neither will hanging him.
Mykenzie Shae Ridley his daughter.