Tuesday, February 4, 2014

PA - Ignorance (User story)

The following was sent to us via the TELL US YOUR STORY form and posted with the users permission.

NEVER let authorities search your home, car or belongings, even if you are innocent and have nothing to hide! Make them get a warrant!  Never accept a plea deal, especially if you didn't do the "crime," nor believe what police tell you.  Contact a lawyer and talk with them now!

NOTE: We are not legal experts, just offering our personal advice.

By Scott:
Not knowing my rights because I had never been in trouble, two years ago I was approached by a LT with the Delaware county police department that combats child pornography. When he and his partner at the time approached me, I freaked out because I know I did not look up any pictures of that sort. I did ask for a lawyer but that just pissed them off and I was threaten and warned. Once I agreed they searched my house after threatening me to allow them to search my home. 5 months later they come find me I had moved back to Kansas where I was from because I lost my job and couldn't find a new one. I had no choice so I updated my unemployment info. I did not have a number or name or anything else to contact directly. I started a new job and got a new apt in Kansas and three weeks later I had the FBI coming in and taking me to the city jail and waited 27 days for PA to come take me back. After fighting for 5-6 months I was forced into a deal by my public defender. He told me that he saw everything and they had a marked pic which was the very pic they showed me and I admitted that I downloaded but the person was not under 18 and it wasn't even a sexual pic it was maybe an erotic pic but not a sex pic. They assured me that it was. They being my PD and the DA. I was told I could go to prison for 8yrs per pic and that I needed to take this deal or I would go away for a long time. After I took the deal and after the time allowed to appeal this case I was given my discovery and was never shown the evidence even though I was told they would show me proof. After the fact I found that they sent this pic to the FBI and it came back as not child porn as I stated in the first place and they knew this two months before they applied to the court for a warrant. The int'l warrant was given under false information to the judge plus I sat in jail for an addition 5-6 months waiting to get out of jail and to be transferred back to Kansas. I was also marked as a fugitive even though they didn't have to look for me because I was working and living in the open and I left all of my info with friends which info they had been given during the int'l contact. Now even though my compact agreement from PA says I am not a sex offender and that I did not have to go through treatment and all that. Being that probation for PA made me sign paper work for probation in PA just in case the transfer didn't go through I would be setup with them. I am forced to register and go through treatment. Which my probation officer and place I am going through treatment with agree I do not belong in are forced through the agreement to keep me in. Now I can't even get a lawyer to look at because I am told I took a deal so I am screwed.


dlc said...

Since these senators are so fond of taking the rights of sex offenders away, lets introduce a bill to take their right to bear arms away. We all know that if your a politician you are crazy and therefore should not own a gun.

Chance_X74 said...

The proposed law would restrict registrants from county fairs, not state fairs; they are two different things. The authors commentary is accurate. What doesn't make sense is why state legislators would restrict one and not the other. However, it's likely it would just wind up next on the list for the next session. They have to look like they are doing something so I guess they spread it out.

Anonymous said...

In order to make things simplier for ex-offenders, can't they just pass a law making it illegal for RSOs to go outside? You know, there are so many restrictions on where ex offenders can go it's almost illegal for ex offenders to go outside already. Just making it illegal for ex offenders would make the laws simplier and not that much more strict- it gets kind of confusing to keep track of where you can go and where you can't, and some counties in Illinois may have extra restrictions. Yeah, since most sex abuse occurs inside the house (not outside at fairs), banning RSOs from going outside would do little to prevent recividism

Anonymous said...

Since it's a state legislature (not a county government), I'd have thought it would be more likely they'd pass a law banning RSOs from state fairs and not county fairs than the opposite way around. Little strange.