Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MI - Candidate Endorsement

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By Chad:
As a group, sex offenders and their loved ones have had a hard time organizing a political group. While some groups have been formed and have affected positive change, the reality is that a law maker doesn't really want the group’s endorsement for election or re-election for obvious reasons. Perhaps the time has come then that we begin to get creative.

If being endorsed by a collective group of Sex Offenders for re-election would surely do more harm than good, then let us start publicly endorsing the candidates that we really want to lose. In Michigan, State Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) is a perfect example of someone whose main purpose seems to be to introduce sex offender legislation.

I would love for a collective, organized group to announce their endorsement of him for re-election. I believe it would be the most effective way in getting people to not vote for him. While it sounds counter-intuitive to take that approach, it would certainly be more effective than supporting the candidate running against him publicly.

As a basis of our endorsement, we acknowledge his active participation in the law making process and trust that if elected, he has the wherewithal to get other lawmakers to go along with him.


Sex Offender Issues said...

Sounds like a good idea but it could also backfire, maybe?

therealityofitall said...

Please, I am open to any thoughts as to why it might not work. SO please leave any comments pros or cons in the comments.

Michael said...

Clever idea. But you need a credible reason why sex offender groups would endorse someone who is obviously their enemy. The basis you mention doesn't seem credible to me.

ericangevine said...

One reason that it could backfire is that many voters grasp only part of every news bite. An endorsement by a group of sex offenders could easily be seen as an endorsement by those who wish to further punish us.
Another reason is that it would surely draw undue attention to the group doing the endorsing, giving more undue publicity to the group, or worse, to individual citizens within the group.

I say don't take the chance.