Thursday, February 13, 2014

KY - Former trooper (Jerry Clanton) calls relationship with 15-year-old female teen a moral mistake

Jerry Clanton
Jerry Clanton
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By Valerie Chinn

LOUISVILLE (WDRB) - A moral mistake: that's what a former Kentucky State Trooper calls his relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

His alleged misdeeds include watching mixed martial arts fights on TV and sexual relations on duty. Former Kentucky State Trooper Jerry Clanton talks about his relationship with a 15-year-old girl that he says he thought was 18.

WDRB obtained a 175-page transcript of the Kentucky State Police Trial Board of Jerry Clanton. Last month, the board decided that he will not get his job back.

Clanton, who is married, says,"I made a moral mistake. And, I've gotten right with my family."

"I recognize that it is an embarrassment to the State Police. But I have not compromised myself in the fact that, in my mind, all I was doing was making a moral mistake."

He says, "I would never have gone over there. I would have never spoken to her, never texted her, never anything had I thought she was anything but 18."

On Jan. 3, at the trial board hearing, Capt. Matt Feltner, the KSP Commander of Legal Services, said, "You can't put a 15-year-old girl in a car, drive her up in the middle of nowhere and have sex with her. I mean that doesn't have to be written out somewhere to know it's completely wrong and outside the lines."

Clanton was 33-years-old at the time, and says he met the teen through former State Trooper Stratford Young. Clanton says he would use his police cruiser to shuttle Young to the teen's home, which is about a mile-and-a-half away from Young's house.

Clanton says, "I believe one or two times he was drinking prior. Another time, you know, he was obviously married and he had -- he told me to pick him up. And I don't know if he didn't want his wife to see him drive off or... I'm not sure."

Clanton says Young had a relationship with the teen first, but later he started a relationship with her.

He says they would watch UFC fights on TV at her house last summer while on duty. He outlines four encounters with the girl that include sexual relations while he was in uniform on the trunk of his police cruiser, off the side of a road.

Clanton says, "I didn't intend on having sex with her."

Clanton and Young had been with KSP since 2010 before they were fired in September.

A Brandenburg officer and a Breckinridge County Sheriff's deputy who have resigned are also believed to have had an inappropriate relationship with the same girl. Both have declined to comment.

Investigators say the teen is angry about what happened and says she wants people to go to jail. Her father tells WDRB he's very upset that nothing has been done in the case.

It would be up to a grand jury to decide if the four former officers face criminal charges.

Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney Thomas Wine has two of his prosecutors handling the case.

Clanton denied our request for an on-camera interview. Young could not be reached for comment.

No grand jury date has been set.


Reality Bites said...

Some advice: don't worry about being on the registry. It's not a punishment. It's just some minor paperwork. It's not even you so don't even bother with the paperwork. You're innocent and you know that and that's all that matters.

Sarcasm said...

State Rep. Smiddy, you're thinking too narrow and missing all kinds of loopholes. Your ban should include any place that sells candy, cookies, helium balloons, ice cream, or popcorn. Feel free to add more. Then ban places that play music, especially pop music, oh, and concert halls too. Add gyms, playgrounds, soccer fields, trails, forests, fields, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, hills, roads, parking lots, theaters, and malls (any stores). Again, feel free to add here too. Then give all of those areas a modest 100 foot buffer. If you can't put the entire state off limits then you just aren't taking this seriously!

Sex Offender Issues said...

Hell just be simpler, you can't leave your home, and if children are around, then you have to leave!

Mark said...

"Clanton, who is married, says,"I made a moral mistake. And, I've gotten right with my family." So all those who investigate, arrest, prosecute and then judge from the bench are "moral." So having an affair with a 15 year old is in reality immoral conduct, not against the law or both. So, the reality is, the so-called "moral," are going after those who are immoral. And he said, no one is good, all have sinned and come short of the glory of good and man's righteousness is but filthy rags.

Mark said...

"Fear monger much? Come on, what's next? An
ex-offender cannot attend a restaurant because kids may be there, or a
grocery story?" YEP, already their are library bans, parks, swimming pools, rest homes, and more to come with dummy "moral" legislators in business. I would like to be a fly on the wall to listen to the train of logic these vipers use to come up with regulations such as this one proposed. Try going to Disney World these days and see what a person gets!! Maybe national parks, or the Grand Tetons mountains soon?

g4change said...

Awesome analysis of these two-faced dirt bags!!!

g4change said...

Hate me all you want, but I'M GLAD THIS GUY'S LIFE IS MISERABLE!!! This needs to happen to more and more people so that the REALITY of this garbage can finally set in!!! Register nobody, or register EVERYBODY!!!!!