Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Juvy sex offender crying out

Video Description:
No where to turn, at wits end with life, crying out for help before it may be too late.

Video Description:
I was charged at 15. I am now 30. my whole life ive been punished for a mistake I made when I was 15. it will never end till I die. so I am ready to die. besides, for to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord....at least I hope.


Mark said...

"In Bristol County Mass. nearly forty high school and middle school students have been investigated for sexting since 2010." Why am I not surprised with Massachusetts. There is a 1-5 chance you will be apprehended in Massachusetts for dropping a gum wrapper on the street. There is a 1-5 chance that you will be apprehended in Massachusetts for reporting about skewed statistics in Massachusetts.

anonymous said...

I have no idea what the real percent of middle school sexters is. With that being said, they can all end up as sex offenders for creating porn of themselves.