Saturday, February 1, 2014

In memory of all the ex-offenders, family members & children who have been murdered due to the online sex offender hit-list!

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Mark said...

"David Berenson, the prison agency’s director of Sex Offender Services, said housing for released sex offenders is “a huge problem in every state. Researchers are looking into it..." Hey Dave, just what the hell is there to research? No one wants sex offenders residing in their territory. You know, like pack animals protecting their area by spraying it with scent. No residence, no life. Then the police go around and pinch these non address offenders and send them back to jail! So that is fact, Research? You got to be kidding? Who is going to fund housing for sex offenders? Who is willing to give any ex-con sex offender any shot? Just like hysteria that every, and ALL sex offenders will commit sex crimes over and over. Effective laws? Hey Dave, do have a clue how long it takes "effective laws" to be read, studied, then maybe passed and or vetoed by the gods of the state? This article is absolutely incredible. I have to end here because I can on for another with this insane logic!!!

suetiggers said...

People just do not realize how these things happen..when there's a hysteria like there's been in the U.S. using a very small number of heinous cases with violent crimes of children, the "perfect" storm of drama-driven media, overly zealous prosecutors and unscrupulous politicians all helped set the stage for false accusations It happened to my mentally ill son in Baltimore. He was the perfect scapegoat because of his appearance and illness. The child grew up, admitted her lie and why she did it to an ex homicide commander and now head of a national voice-testing machine company. She lied, she said because she was jealous that my son was in love with her older sister who was a drug addict/prostitute and the child wanted to get him away from her. She overheard her grandmother and another woman say they didn't like my son's looks and they suspected him of being a child molester. There was no evidence. It was, as the lawyers say, a "he said-she said" case. She said later she changed her story over and over again. She said if it had gone to trial she would have told the truth because she was afraid it would and didn't want to. This nightmare continues because my sons case has not been overturned. The girl grew up and gave a strong deposition, The Baltimore States attorney wasn't interested. When my son was in the news every day, the States Attorneys office was very interested. Since the truth came out, nothing. In the meantime, my son, who never had more than a traffic ticket on his record, lives every day in fear.