Friday, February 28, 2014

GA - Rep. Sam Moore back tracks on his controversial bill


Anonymous said...

Since Suffolk County was facing all kinds of problems due to its residency restriction (ie offender homelessness and non-compliance with the registry), the county decided to get lazy, stop enforcing the registry itself and give up the registry to "Parents for Megan's Law." Of course, the county could have solved its problem instantly if it gave up the residency law. I don't get why the state of New York doesn't step in here and just tell these counties that the SOR is not to be handled by private firms. I've seen some suggestions that Suffolk County should have a less biased group like the American Treatment for Sexual Abusers handle the registry, but I just think the county needs to enforce the registry- this is not for a private organization to do. This is akin to privatizing prisons.

Frank said...

(Slippery Slope Continued) Sorry, I accidentally hit send button before finishing! ...would coalesce to burn my small empire to the ground!
I started looking ("innocently") at adult images on the web around 2003. It quickly escalated to short videos (as my connection speed increased). The "hit" was intensified by the audio (sound) in the videos. I found more and more "hard core" stuff which at first was a bit overwhelming but by repeated exposure became the "new normal". Somewhere around 2005 I started to masturbate to the videos. Then the "kick" took on a new level with the discovery of the "adult" chatroom. Being able to type reasonably fast I discovered that I could "creatively" share my desires with other like-minded individuals for a more interactive experience. I feel inside me the feelings of ("is this going to far? Is this cheating on my wife?") At the time I rationalized how this was "ok", though deep inside I knew it was not ok.

The "creme de la creme" for me was discovering the webcam. My chatroom experiences were getting a bit "old" and one day someone tipped me off that I could communicate using a webcam. Ironically my parents had just purchased me one so they could see their grandchildren over the internet

Sex Offender Issues said...

We are not sure if this is all, the person seems to have cut it off at the above point.

Frank said...

Apologize: there seems to be some character max that prevents me from finishing my I can do is submit piece by piece.

I will try to one can see, things were accelerating. The webcam opened the door to even more "thrill" with cyber sex (both voyeurism and exhibitionism). Whether one believes it was compulsive or addictive, the bottom line is that the thrill and the "return" investment of time and energy were very compelling for me. I started spending 6 hrs or more at a time with a buildup of pics/videos/chats and webcam. On a fateful day in early 2009, I stepped across a line. I'm not sure why to this day. Was it stupidity? Naivete? A guy trying to be a kid again?

I communicated with a woman who I initially assumed was an adult. She revealed her age to be in her mid-teens. I ignored my sensibilities and simply "went with the flow". I had gotten to a point where I didn't care who watched me in the sexual act. If they accepted a webcam request, then they had made the choice and I wasn't responsible...except I was. I was looking for appreciation for someone to build my self esteem by telling me how "hot" I was, etc.

Frank said...

(The Slippery Slope continued) I never meant to "hurt" anyone, certainly not a child!! Thankfully, I was not actually damaging a "real" child, but playing right into the hands of a "sting" operation. The person posing as the underage female was a skilled FBI agent.

Let me say that I am completely wrong in doing what I did. Whether it was stupidity, naivete, wishful thinking that I was in "fantasyland", I was doing something real and hurtful. I was also destroying the foundation of integrity that I had created in my life as a father, husband, son and employee through all my behaviors on the internet. In a certain sense I am glad that I was "rescued" out of my bubble of escaping from my problems. I have been clean of porn/chatting and webcams since being arrested in early 2009.

I was rescued by my "higher power" first through a 12 Step support group, then, through private therapy, then through state "correctional" mandatory therapy, polygraphs and the like. I ultimately became a Christian through a slow process of asking questions, reading and studying the Word of God (Bible).

Frank said...

Slippery Slope Continued:
I also have been blessed by loving and supportive people who especially my Christian mentor and friend who identifies with my past struggles. I have been blessed by having been led to a new and loving wife; the courage to step out in faith and find work despite the rejections of employers, not dwelling on the past but living in the present. Though society wishes to label us the way they do, they are sinners just as we are. They deserve our forgiveness as we theirs. The survivors of sexual abuse have to ultimately forgive us and themselves for their own healing. It is between them and their Creator. No SOR, public burning at the stake, witch-hunts or the like will ever give anyone the true sense of redemption and true peace that they are looking for. It may give temporary peace (like drugs or alcohol), but only God can truly transform the human heart.

getting closer to the street said...

With the low residivism rate , does not really call for a panic or even a bid . The state should step in , too much freedom with private industry will call for real panic and state protection for it self and those of time served with frivoless law suits of improper monitoring , twenty four hours 7 days a week 365 days a year . But it does seem like a real waste of money when those that will remain hunted for profit from a multi million dollar non profit organazation for those that register . Neither county was lazy but nassau was the first to see the injustice of megans law and the awa for all fairness for the protection of children . But did notice the pattern of juveniles groomed from divorce and entitlement that left a parent or parents not responsible for their parenting . and now are going to let their freedom of improper dress and vulgar language and new laws prevail . That are saying , Don't dare to challange us we will have you arrested and jailed for life . If its not noticed the laws now from megans law prevents any employment for prevention ? Yes the pevention of hireing legal council to challange a for profit that refuses housing and employment and now self defence and the protection of there famiy . Again megans law and the awa are responsible for the deaths and attemted murder of those on the registry . Even other countries can't beleive this sly ploy injustice we are the laughing stock of the world afraid of it own shadow .

getting closer to the street said...

What did you mean go a head and let them bid and win , and all you good citizens will soon regret it . Most want to move on but can't from being refused jobs and housing . Report address how & where ? . All those good citizens need to understand the advice of paid counsel to plea ? . Kaitlyn Hunt a child at 18 from Fla told the lawyer and the judge to take your plea I 'm not . She did her time just released , has to where a tracking device for three years and led N Y's gay parade . Would you include her as a good citizen of regret . Or is there a sexist divide with the growing rate of on going laws for profit protected by non profit and not for profit oganazations $$$$ .

Mark said...

"This type of usage from a "private" firm is only a prelude for things to come in Stasi enforcement of everyone soon. So go ahead, and let them bid, and win. All of you good citizens will soon regret it." Apparently, you do not kinow how to read. The good citizens who will accept this bid, and then monitor sexual offenders, and this will spread to the other citizens in time whyen this "monitoring" is in place. Thus, "STASI."

getting closer to the street said...

Thanks for the reply but thought monitoring was in place with NSA and anyone that owned a smart phone . The Stasi inforcement known for state security service or the GDR . Dissolved the 3rd of October 1990 . My interpretation was correct with the slighting of words . All you good citizens - not all the good citizens .

J. Townsend said...

Frank, you know this could of been a worse but its therapy for me reading your story...So you were deceived also by law enforcement.
Now your a sex offender and I should be scared of you but I'm not.
In fact I'm a sex offender myself but you know and this is for all those sex offenders out there.
There are two ways to look at this and there is good and bad in everything. Now if I didn't have my little faith in God I wouldn't of gotten out of my trouble but you see with man it is impossible with God all things are possible.
Sure they put me thru those classes for a while but I didn't have any victim unless you call the police officer the victim. See Satan makes you believe a lie and will do everything to deceive you and I got caught up in all this and it appears you did also.. I don't hold any grudge against you and people shouldn't either. See you have to look at all this as Sin.
God works in mysteries ways and if this was a way to say hey wait a minute your getting off tract. and your losing it than it was good for you and getting right with God and starting to get with God's program is a much better deal.
You see Government doesn't want to get with God's program. Sure they will make American citizen's believe that they are God fearing but they are basically a bunch of hypocrites with these law's that put all of us in bondage.
Now I am struggling with my own problems but with God by your side to guide you who can be against you. So with this experience behind you although I assume you still have this bondage to carry but with God's help he will make it all right.

Mark said...

Oh, no problem. We both are on the same side, and written words can be mixed up at times! Be well.