Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FL - Homeless camp found on private property in Fort Myers

Homeless ex-offender camp in Fort Myers Florida
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We knew this would happen. Any time the fire gets hot the police, politicians and others scramble to move the offenders out of site again. You can mark our words, another homeless camp will pop up. Florida has been playing the sex offender shuffle for years now.


By Laura Roberts

FORT MYERS - A homeless camp full of sex offenders was found on private property in a Fort Myers neighborhood. Now, they are being told to leave.

The sex offenders were found living in the woods off Veronica S. Shoemaker.

Police say at least six people were living in the woods. Their tents are still up, but authorities say they can't stay.

The property is private. Therefore, the owner asked police to give them trespass notices.

Authorities did just that on Wednesday – giving them until Tuesday to leave.

In the meantime, Animal Services was called to take in two dogs they say were malnourished and in distress.

We were told they have been living there for months. Some of them are registered sex offenders in an area close to parks and homes.

"The sense of having a sex offender there creates a higher level of awareness and a high level of concern for the residents," said Captain Jim Mulligan with the Fort Myers Police Department.

The Homeless Coalition is working with police to try and find somewhere else for these people to go.

Police say if the group is not off the property by Tuesday, they could be arrested.

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