Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CA - Sex offenders should not be allowed in parks or beaches

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." - Jesus
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In 2012 a law was passed that prohibited registered sex offenders from entering areas where children would likely be present. This in includes parks, playgrounds and beaches. However, according to ABC News the law was overturned in an appeals court in January 2014 because it was said to violate California’s state law.

It is clear the state of California and its cities are not doing all they can to protect the families and children of California by leaving them vulnerable to dangerous criminals.
- Most sexual crimes occur at the victims own home and by their own family, not at a park, playground or beach. If you wanted to protect the children then you'd watch your own family! Ex-offenders also pay taxes on these places and have just as much a right to be there as you do. If they cannot visit these places then they should not have to pay taxes on them!

In May 2012, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas released a statement explaining the conditions of the law that would be put into effect within 30 days. Under this law, if a sex offender entered one of these restricted areas, they would have been charged with a misdemeanor, facing six months of jail time and/or a $500 fine for each separate facility entered. Santa Ana was one of the first cities to pass their new ordinance laws and since then dozens of cities have followed.

However, now with the overturn of this law, registered sex offenders will be allowed in areas with a high population of children. Sex offenders have committed heinous acts and they should not be allowed into parks or beaches.
- So why don't you be a parent and watch your kids?  And not all "sex offenders" have committed "heinous" acts, so stop lumping them all into one group!

Many Americans will argue that there are different types of sex offenders and different degrees of their offenses.
- You are right there.

There are seemingly light hearted stories such as a 21-year-old man getting caught having sex with his underage girlfriend or the drunken person who urinated in public. However according to the law they may still have to register as a sex offender.

These individuals are the severe minority of sex offenders. According to list of offenders that provided by Megan’s Law, most offenders are the ones who have a sick and extremely dangerous attraction to little children.
- That is simply not true.  True pedophiles account for 10% or less of all the ex-offenders in this country.

Although it is obvious some offenders are more severe and violent than others, all restrictions should be the same whether it is putting their address and picture online or preventing them from entering certain areas if it means protection for the children.
- So then why don't we also treat all other ex-felons the same as well?  Put them all on an online hit-list so everybody who lives around them can know their past sins?  What sins have you committed you wouldn't want the world to know about?

Megan’s Law was started after 7-year-old Megan Kanka was raped and brutally murdered by her neighbor.
- True and we already have laws for murderers, so why do we need more laws named after dead children?

The purpose of the law was to provide an awareness to parents,” Megan Kanka’s mother said. “We never said it was going to stop them from reoffending or wandering to another town.”
- And banning someone from a park or beach won't stop them from committing a crime at a park or beach, if that is their intention!

Although Megan’s Law was not necessarily intended to put restrictions on these offenders other than providing a map of their residences, allowing the sex offenders into tempting areas such as parks or beaches is simply not worth the risk involved.
- You are assuming children are "tempting" to all ex-offenders which is simply BS!

Allowing a registered sex offender to go to a park or the beach is similar, although more severe, to bringing an alcoholic to a bar. For a sex offender, the temptation would be a young child in a bathing suit at the beach. There is an undeniable temptation that arises within these individuals. If it can be avoided then it should be avoided at all costs meaning that the law needs to be put back into effect immediately.
- What a load of BS!  To some this may be true, but you are putting all ex-offenders into one group!


sloan44 said...

It just blows me away at how parents, and I'm sure many well educated, actually believe that the distance in feet of one's residence will prevent a crime from occurring. Well educated but such Idiot's!

helen knight said...

Why not a case to case on sex offenders , Last I check the killers of Adam Walsh and Megan Kanka were arrested and charged and killed or are in jail for these crimes . I understand making people pay for their crimes but many on the list are paying the crimes of others who have hurt people they don't even know because we've decided a one for all, all for one thinking . The SEX OFFENDER ( the bogie man ) Yes there are many out there , But we've gone to far