Friday, February 14, 2014

CA - Anderson sex offender shoots intruder (Melanie Piette & Michael Felsch) in self defense

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ANDERSON - Shasta County deputies are seeking the last of three suspects in a shooting incident that left one man in critical condition. Investigators believe an Anderson resident shot an intruder in self-defense during an attempted robbery.

The incident started around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Deputies said a woman came to the home of _____, 56. _____, a convicted sex offender, told KRCR News Channel 7 how two intruders tried to rob him. "She pushed me back in [the house]. I realized she was involved in it, and she kept threatening me with a taser," he said. "They were robbing me. They were trying to strongarm me because I'm a registered sex offender."

The woman, later identified as 41-year-old Melanie Piette of Redding, came to _____’s door, posing as a utility worker. Piette told _____ she needed to inspect the gas lines.

Piette then allowed another suspect to enter the home, 38-year-old Michael Felsch of Redding.

Felsch reportedly had a weapon and made threats to harm the homeowner _____ unless he gave him money. Fearing for his safety, _____ grabbed a gun and shot Felsch several times in the torso.

The man and woman then ran out and drove to the nearby Win River Casino. There investigators said they met up with Daniel Zamora, 28 of Redding. Zamora drove Felsch to Mercy Medical Center and dropped him off.

"It's not for them to be my judge and jury," _____ said. "I've already been tried and did my 18 years."

Deputies said Zamora then left the GMC pickup at a Redding motel with the keys inside. The vehicle had previously been reported stolen.

As of Thursday afternoon, deputies were still looking for Melanie Piette. If you have information, call the Shasta County Major Crimes Unit at (530) 245-6135.


Mark said...

So I will ask this question once again to all who reads this comment: What good is yet another law? Does anyone have statistics that any, any law in the USA prohibits, or slows down, human behavior? If not, I conclude these type of "tear-jerkier" laws are just that, laws to make people "FEEL" good. The same goes for sex offender registries. Will anyone produce statistics that registration schemes prevent, slow down human behavior??

Mark said...

Privacy as we all once knew it is officially gone folks. Tool up and protect yourself. I do not advocate receiving child porn but what will happen if you send a photo via Google of your girlfriend, or your little one in a pool, or tub and so forth. VPN, anonymous surfing these days and very reasonable costs. It is to the point now you cannot go to a torrent site without some ramifications.

Mark Neil said...

Oh look, another woman gets away with destroying a man's life and making rape look like a legitimate cover story for "embarrassing" behavior. Next time a woman cries rape, we should all remember how trivially the accusation can be leveled, and know how inconsequential the courts view it.

NJ45143112 said...

A couple of things I learned while dealing with the federal "treatment" program:
1. Polygraphs are a regular part of "treatment"
2. Polygraphs only work if the subject is fearful. Unfortunately, being fearful and lying are two different things. If you are made fearful that the machine can actually read your mind, then you may be afraid of arrant thoughts or elements of your distant past that have no bearing but the machine might find out. There may also be moments of confusion when a question is not understood or a YES/NO answer may not be sufficient. All of these may cause a "significant" response
3. Legally, a polygraph test may not be used against you in court. However, the level and extent of your "treatment" and probation conditions may be affected. Why? Because while a subject is in "treatment," the polygraph is considered a tool of rehabilitation. That's right! Your 5th amendment rights just went straight out the window because the probation department was able to side-step the Constitution!
4. Some examples of questions that have nothing to do with "treatment" are: "have you traveled outside your zone without approval?" and "have you lied to your probation officer?" this proves beyond a doubt that the only reason for "treatment" is to have the chance to slap a polygraph on you!

Granted, there are those out there that may need to be kept in line but side-stepping the law to achieve a goal is not the way. It undermines the entire system! The ends do not justify the means!

Eric Knight said...

What is interesting is that the comments are more pissed off that the registrant owns a gun in the first place, but I have no doubt that if he didn't have his gun, he'd be seriously injured or, more probably, murdered.

Randy said...

Unfortunately, the only real way to get some people to understand any of this is to create a situation that causes them to have to register... An easy thing to set up...

g4change said...

Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6. I'm glad he was armed...he was inside his OWN home!!!!

nathan rabalais said...

I can't comment on the news page but I can here and I am very glad to see a lot of great comments on the article espically from one our own Jean as well and others also seems like more people are getting educated every day but we still have the brain dead idiots out there who are in educated as well

MichaelCNH said...

Huh. So, Cassandra Nickerson makes a false claim of rape against a man, which makes his life a living hell and destroys his reputation, then recants her story, saying she was embarrassed at having consensual sex with the guy, and gets a deferred jail sentence.

Yeah, that's totally fair.

No double standard here, folks. Move along. Nothing to see.

In a just world, Nickerson would have a sentence imposed on her as draconian as the punishment meted out to the man she targeted, and whose life will NEVER be the same following this false accusation.

Further, we'd all be able to go bomb her Facebook page with comments like "way to make yourself a victim" and "nice job furthering the cause of women that one time" and "thanks for giving rape culture yet another leg up in a world where everyone's already terrified of everything".

Not that I'm advocating that. It's wrong, it would be stooping to her level, and more important than that, I don't need this professional victim coming after ME.

Cassandra Augustine said...

Black and white for you all to see. I've been silent for the past year, now I'm going to be heard. I love finding myself on a sex offender blog, it's awesome! Bet you feel like an idiot now. Hospital reports, primary care reports, OB/GYN reports. When I had to get undressed for the exam, there was a piece of the wrapper stuck on me. The look on my dads face when he saw me in the ER.

Cassandra Augustine said...

His name was never released, ever.

getting closer to the street said...

Dear Amanda . Ms. Nickerson should register as a sex offender for the rest of her life , because she as many other females have offended and gotten away with it , has now reached its end . Women have commited murder , their children , their roommates , husbands boy friends , and if attractive enough have been offerd to pose in the buff or sex movies $$$$ . Your comment know the facts - ask that same question to Megans Law or AWA. And walk a mile in their shoes is even more reason she should be registerd as a sex offender . The statue of liberty in the Manhatten Harbor to your surprise does not wear hi heels .

Sex Offender Issues said...

We disagree. She is not a sex offender but a false accuser and should be punished as all who break the law or report false crimes.

samantha smith said...

I totally agree with Michael and Getting closer to the street. Sorry Amanda I dont see whats to defend when Ms. Nickerson clearly made a false statement thats even highlighted. She lied. And the poor man that couldnt been convicted due to her lies and deceipt is awful. Personally I dont think she should have to register as a sex offender but she should definitely have gotten a felony instead of a misdeamenor. Sick women like that take time away from real cases. Ms. Nickerson clearly needs lots of mental help for her issues. Lets pray she finds some and stops with her twisted games

getting closer to the street said...

What sex did she offend is my point , just to broaden the word sex offender and it's many mis-guided terms as equal rights of law that have been broken for a glass ceiling approach with false accusation . You are correct following the rule of false accuser , but the door Ms Nickerson has opened has offended the male population which is diffined by birth right of what sex one is when born . Male or female .
S.O.I Thanks for being here GCTTS .