Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WI - City Committee Considers Social Media For Sex Offender Notification

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By Patrick Nelson

Green Bay - Amid concern over how residents are notified about sex offenders potentially moving into their neighborhoods, Green Bay's protection and welfare committee now considers a new option, social media.

This past summer _____, a convicted sex offender, planned to move into an east Green Bay neighborhood. The people who work and live there say they had no idea, until it was reported in the media. Alderman Jerry Wiezbieskie says that has to change.

"Neighbors didn't know about it, neighborhood associations didn't know about it and nobody had an idea of what was going on," said Wiezbiskie.

Wiezbieskie asked the Protection and Welfare Committee to develop a way to better notify residents about where sex offenders are looking to live. The aldermen discussed using email, or having community police officers deliver notices. In the end, the committee voted to use the police department's social media pages.

"There's no perfect way to contact the entire neighborhood, it is just, I feel the most cost effective at this point," said Green Bay Alderman Jesse Brunette. "My motion was for a six month trial period, so I'm fully aware that it's not a perfect policy, but at least we get the conversation started."

As city leaders try to put this new notification process in place, the city's legal department says they're concerned that the city may run into some trouble with the state.

"The state laws have a notification system already in place and so if the city wants to pass a notification law it can not conflict with what the state has created and I think this conflicts with the state's law, so it will be preempted by state law," said Green Bay Assistant City Attorney Kail Decker.

The city's police and legal departments will draft the new notification policy. Then, it will have to be voted through at committee and city council before it can go into effect.

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Mark said...

“My office agreed to this settlement only because of our continued
ability to confirm the sex offender’s place of residence by in-person verification,” he said. “As always, my office continues to have the authority and responsibility to follow up with the convicted sex offender, in the event my office has reason to believe that the sex offender has moved or provided false information.” Oh BALONEY! This is the standard CYA, PR rhetoric because the police bullies with spurious moral attitudes believing they are doing God and country a favor got caught. This office cannot even admit they were wrong! Typical of government arrogance at its best This is the mindset of America. WHY did they get caught? Because this sex offender had the testicular courage to stand up against the state government KUDOS - KUDOS JAMES DOE! You also read where this suit NEVER MADE IT INTO COURT!!! I wonder why!!! LOL!